The beginning


I’m a first time mom, learning everything the hard way. I have a 1 1/2 yr. daughter (Emery), who challenges me everyday. I’ve never loved anyone or anything more than I love her. After saying that, there are times this child challenges my every nerve!

My experiences seem amusing to some of my friends. They have asked me to write about everything, in hopes to brighten their day & to help other mothers out there with their little ones. So please feel free to comment, suggest stories, ask about anything you like! Lets all help each other to get these kids through another year (and to save our sanity).
Every friday will be a new post of the weeks triumphs, struggles, laughs & how I handled it all. Through out the week I will update with little stories. These are our adventures.



About mommylaughs

I started blogging my Daughter's stories & our adventures together. Now, I'm a proud parent of two little kids. We laugh, we cry, we learn together and share our life & our adventures. Follow us around The Golden State of California. Eureka! We've found adventure & a life time of memories to go along with it! FOLLOW US ON YouTube - Taking California

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    • I know Sam has got to have some pretty funny stories & i’m sure we have stories you can relate to & we can help each other with some adive or things to try!
      this site was with you in mind!

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