Recently I’ve gotten back into scrapbooking. It was something I did as a child with my brother and step mother. After a certain age I just didn’t keep it up. My sister-in-law has scrapbooks for her sons and when I got pregnant with Emery I decided to start a book for her. I kept baby shower ribbons, cute little trinkets from baby bags, ribbon from my diaper cake a friend made and our bracelets from the Hospital. My husband started a pool on who could guess our daughters weight, length and birthday. It’s something cute to look back on and see who guessed correctly. The hardest part I’ve discovered is not having the room to fit everything into the book! I’ve taken and developed way too many photos. I can’t have six pages of, “Emery’s first trip to the Zoo”. Only the best of the best make it into her book and even some of those photos that I love end up in the family photo albums. I should probably re-name them, “Emery’s not so fancy photo album’s – featuring a few guest appearances from other people in the family”.

The best thing to do, if you want to start a scrapbook for your little one or just for yourself, is to stock up when Michaels has there amazing sales. You can always find a coupon in the Sunday paper for 40% off on regular priced items. My favorite tool is the paper-cutter. For the life of me I can not cut a straight line. There are kindergarteners who can cut straighter than I do. The paper-cutter gives me straight lines every time. Also gotta love my stickers! They really make the pages come to life. Theres no such thing as too many stickers (although I may have enough Halloween and Christmas to last her a few years). If there’s anything I’ve bought that’s taking up space, it’s my box of stamps. I really don’t use them at all. I have markers made for my stamps, so that you can color it as you want, and when you stamp it on the page its not just one solid color but a colorful picture. The only problem is, all my paper is colorful and decorative. Not really ideal for stamps. My stamps have become a bad purchase. You’ll find your own style and maybe able to use the stamps and embossing better than I have. When purchasing your started kit often there will be things you didn’t realize you needed or wanted until you’re sitting at the table and no way to glue your picture on the page. Making a list before heading to the store is a good idea. visualize what you may need get going, like scissors, glue or tape, paper, pens, construction paper and of course your book.

          Recently I’ve become a member of the Cricut family. It’s an amazing machine that really can do anything. I know I wont use it to its full potential, it’s just that crazy. But it’s really making my scrapbook look professional. Instead of having to hand write everything, I can just print out the letters and tape them on the page. My scrapbooks are mostly misspelled words and doodles. I can’t deny they have personality they are quiet embarrassing to look back on. Either way, the best part about it, is that there is no right or wrong way. Both my misspelled mess and Emery’s organized way have character. It’s all about the memories while you create the books and saving the treasures inside.

One day I hope to have Emery help me with her book when she’s ready to take over.  For now, I’m having fun decorating it my way with her coming by every so often to see what new pages I’ve created. When I develope her photos, I started printing out 1 or 2 pictures just for her to have and do what she wants with them. This gives me a few more minutes to work on her book while she’s playing with her photos & scrap pieces of paper I don’t need. As a mother I feel like I can never have too many things capturing her “littleness”. The things she says, her favorite shows or how much she has grown. I like to think I could never forget all these little things, but truthfully there has been a few things that have slipped my memory. If it wasnt for me capturing it on a video camera I wouldn’t remember her little quirks early on.

Dont feel overwhelmed when you get started or feel like you don’t have everything all at once. It takes time to figure out how you want your book to look and nobody buys everything all at once. It’s becoming a small tradition for me and my cousin to get together every wednesday evening and scrap. We share ideas and have two different styles. Having company makes it that much more fun and it’s nice to swap ideas. It’s important to have fun with it, save scribble drawings, cut outs of hands and anything else precious to you. They grow so fast, you don’t want to miss out on your once in a lifetime chance to get it all now.


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