Potty Training


There is no certain time to start potty training, every child and parent have their own moment when they think its time to get out of the diaper and into underwear.
I heard a story of a mother potty training her children when they were a few months old. Seems kinda crazy and right now an impossible scenario for me. I use to think whats so hard about it? Just sit them down every 15 minutes. Thus my story begins.

My good friend would text me asking how my potty training was going with Emery. A nightmare, for the both of us! Everytime I had to pee she would come into the bathroom with me, so that she could see that I went potty in the toilet. She was really into it, a little too into it. It became a problem everytime I used the restroom she would cry and say she had to go pee pee. I would sit her on the toilet and …. nothing. As I sat with her waiting for her to drop anything into the toilet, she would be touching everything on and around the toilet, including the plunger (disgusting). I even had to move the toilet paper off the spool because she would just spin it and want to wipe for no reason. A typical bathroom moment with us sounded a little like this, “Emery no!, Emery stop touching things, stop spinning around!, don’t get that! just behave please!”. I was starting to think maybe I should have gotten her, her own personal toilet instead of just a seat on top of the toilet. I thought that just a top cushion seat on the toilet would be a better transition for her but it became a headache. Maybe its just me losing my patience. Suddenly my idea of sitting on the toilet every 15 minutes was out the window, I didn’t want the experience to be bad and deter her from wanting to use the restroom. As I washed her hands for the 10th time that day, I wondered if this was all just a plot to wet her hands and dry them herself.

It hasn’t all been a defeat, there have been some victories, she pee pees in the toilet and once in a while if I catch her before the act she will poop in the toilet. She does tell me after she poops, that’s nice but not exactly what I want but on the bright side, she knows what it is. To make it more fun I came up with a bathroom song, “Pee pee in the toilet!” Or which ever she’s making at the moment. She knows the song but doesn’t go poop yet in the toilet by herself or tell me when she has to. She does the typical  baby thing and hides after she goes in her diaper,  things like that drive me crazy. Overall I guess I just need to sit her down every half hour or so and continue what im doing. We’re slowly making progress but at least we are moving in the right direction. With every trickle & blop is a big dance showing her she did a great job. I dance and give high fives & make phone calls to grandparents. It’s a whole production for her to feel like she’s doing an awesome job and wants to go more.


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