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Good eats


Somewhere in my parent reading I came across an article that said, having snacks for kids in the car could be a bad thing. Every time the child gets in the car they’ll expect food, not necessarily fast food but even just a cup of goldfish or something. This is personally true for me, as a child I knew if I went on a car ride I was guaranteed a fast food meal. I don’t want my daughter to grow up with a bad habit like that. Which brings me to this Friday’s blog, Good eats!

Sometimes I find it hard to have a healthy snack for my daughter, I run out of ideas on what to serve her. Really I have a heard time feeding myself! Let alone another person everyday. During the holidays & every changing season,  magazines come out with creative little snacks for kids to eat.  Now with other sites like Pinterest looking up new cool food ideas is helpful! I’m not a creative person when it comes to cooking, the only holiday snacking I participate in is Halloween. I like to make “mummy hot dog wraps” and whatever else I find that’s easy to whip up. A friend of mine recently posted a picture on her Facebook with a cute little “Octopus'” she made for her niece and nephews. This is definitely something my daughter would love! She loves pasta and hotdogs! Just cut the hotdogs to size, stick  uncooked spaghetti in the hotdog and boil together! If you don’t give your child hotdogs but love the idea, a tufu dog would work just as good! I know I didn’t want Emery eating hotdogs until she was two but when summer came around that idea went right out the window.

My favorite snack to give Emery is cucumber slices. She loves cucumber, its something I know she will eat for sure, even when she’s going through a stage where she’s not eating at all. Usually I’ll cut off the skin or cut it so every other space is cucumber and skin so she wont choke, and I don’t add salt or anything else to it. This is  good everyday snack food for us. Black olives is another little finger food she loves. She puts them on her fingers and eats them off. I don’t give her those often because they are salty but its a nice little treat when she does get them.

During summer theres berries & melons added to the mix. My grandma laughs at me because I always take off Emery’s shirt before she eats a messy food like strawberries. Shes young enough where I don’t think its weird for her to have her shirt off and it saves it from stains. It may be crazy but I have thrown away lots of clothes due to stains. Her and I can’t keep a shirt clean for anything!
Last year, right before her first birthday we found out she was a little anemic, possibly from the breast milk or just not enough iron in her diet. The Dr. suggested onions. I thought what baby is going to want an onion? It’s kinda pungent in taste, this coming from a person who loves onions. But I did it, I gave her an onion and she ate it! Shes been an onion lover ever since! Luckily for me Emery will at least try everything once. Her anemia went away and I still give her onions with her food and as a snack. Shes little and doesn’t know any better, and how people often don’t like onions. I don’t want someone elses influence on not liking onions to affect her thoughts on it. It’s bound to happen because kids and adults often give a sour face when they see her chowing down on it like an apple. Anything that comes from the ground, tree or vine is healthy for the body and has some kind of power in them. Raisens is another food high in iron, along with other minerals and vitamins.

It may take up to 10 times befor a child likes a food so keep trying and get a positive environment around them! Praise them for trying new foods and even if its something you don’t like let your child try it out. Just don’t give them a new food before bed incase there’s some sort of allergic reaction. Good luck with your picky eaters and Good eats!

Being gentle


I’ve discovered that I’ve become somewhat of a parent magazine hoarder. I save them for their good advice, craft ideas, meals & tips. My favorites are Parenting & American Baby, you can find my little stash inner mixed with the tattoo magazines in a big wicker box. I need to go through them and start tabbing what it was I actually saved the whole magazine for. I bring this up because, in an issue of the Parenting Magazine it talks about how children really don’t become gentle until the age of 2.

Emery, my sweet little girly girl who carries her baby dolls by their leg & throws them down for nap surely is gentle. This little mention has always been in the back of my head, gentle til 2? I now know what they mean, while Emery is loving & extra sweet to her own little dolls she doesn’t quite understand what “gentle” means. Theres been additions to the family with 2 little cousins & Emery loves them dearly. Though she doesn’t understand why she can’t put the blanket over their faces like she does with her babies, or how hugging them doesn’t mean crushing them when she’s laying over their bodies reaching in for a hug. I feel bad because she means the best and its evident in the forehead kisses she gives them,  but I feel like im on high alert when they are around.

A few weeks ago we got Emery a little kitten. My mom has cats and I’ve never seen Emery act crazy or wild with them. With this little kitten she holds him with his bottom high in the air and his head narrowing escaping objects on the ground. I think he dreams of being back in his cage at the pet store. I do think she’s gotten better with him, I just tell her to hold him like a baby & to hold his booty and she does. If its bad and I see the cat is looking at me for help I’ll have to abort and just say, “let go of kitty” and she does. It’s all just a process I guess, & its one more think I have to watch for with her. But in the years to come growing up with an animal and having the responsibilities of feeding it will turn out good.

For now its telling Emery to be gentle constantly and what she’s doing wrong and celebrating her corrections. Soon she’ll get there, for the cats sake I hope.

Teaching baby to be multilingual


The first five years of a child’s development are the most important. Right now my 22 month old daughter picks everything up in a heart beat. The words and actions she does amazes me. Often she will say something that I didn’t even know she had learned. I’ve never talked as much as I do now, I talk to Emery about everything that’s going on and what we are doing. It’s important to use as many words as you can and explain your actions so that they understand and pick them up, after all its important to remember that they are learning your language (primary for us is English), for the first time and all the do’s and dont’s. At my daughters age she’s able to say a lot of new words she just hears for the first time, I love that she is putting words together into sentences. While I avoided saying or having her hear the word “no” for a long time, she now knows it and uses it to express herself. Even when its defiant I cant help but like the fact she knows what she wants.

When  Emery was 6 months old I started to teach  her American Sign Langauge as another way to communicate when she couldn’t say a certain word. I read somewhere that the “terrible two’s” is due to the fact that the child is frustrated and can’t communicate what they’re saying or want to say. I picked up Signing Illustrated to teach myself and my daughter. This book was easy to learn from, its describes the actions and easy ways to remember them. Currently Emery knows about 30 signs before the age of 2, and those are just basic ones. She’s able to pick them up just after a few times of me teaching her. I’m able to either just sign her what im telling her and she knows what the sign is and will say it aloud or I will say the sign as I sign it. A few words she says sound the same, this is one example where signing comes into play. I ask her a few times what she’s trying to say in sign (if I think its something she knows or is trying to say). Another way to make it fun for a child is to buy a dvd. Theres a lot of sign dvd’s out there that make it fun to learn. Emery loves to sign, there’s time she just starts signing and I realize she telling me emotions or when she’s using the restroom she’ll ask me, “more” in sign if she should pee more. It makes me happy to see her using the tools I’ve given her to use.

In addition to learning English and ASL we are teaching her a few things in Spanish. My husband and I are both Mexican with family members that speak spanish. Not only for this reason would we like Emery to learn the language but why not have her  learn as much as she can now while its fun, easy and can benefit her later in life if we use the words she learns now. We purchased a Spanish DVD that’s easy to learn with, I was able to pick up a few words while I cleaned up around the house. Before this movie I taught Emery keys and lights, I didn’t know many spanish words before having her, but thanks to baby books & dvd’s I can teach her the english version (once she knows it well) and then try to switch it on her telling her, “in spanish apple (say it in english then sign it) is manzana”.

Theres nothing wrong with bettering yourself and your child by learning as much as you can. If you feel like 3 languages is too many then just teaching your child your primary langauge the best you can is awesome. Manors is a huge thing for me, I grew up having to speak correctly and having to use manors with everything. Just remember like anything else saying things over and over is key.



I used to be against cartoons, and I didn’t want my child growing up watching cartoons all the time. While I still don’t want her fastened to the T.V., im not opposed to her watching cartoons spread out during the day (2 cartoons in the morning and 2 cartoons at night). She only watches Nick Jr., Disney Junior or Sprout because I recently read on, that fast paced shows such as Spongebob, don’t allow them to follow along and comprehend with  whats going on. They become “glued” to the actions and not the story behind the actions. That was my fear with cartoons, I didn’t want Emery to become a zombie stuck to the t.v. and have it rotting her brain. I’m not knocking Spongebob, I love him, He’s just not right for my daughter right now and the things I want her brain to retain.

Emery is 21 months (nearly 2) and has her favorite cartoons. She follows along with the story and claps, repeats what Dora The Explorer says & dances along. Theres been times im impressed with what she’s doing and really paying attention. She knows characters names and enjoys seeing the animals (such as Diego & Little Einsteins). Even when she’s playing with other toys and not actively looking at the television screen, if the characters tell audience to say something she will. I’ve noticed this with conversations with me and her father, she’ll just jump into what we are talking about, Time to learn Pig Latin.

Currently my husband and I have bought her a Spanish learning DVD & a counting 1-20 DVD. This is the age where kids pick up everything thrown their way, with a bit of help. It’s all about repetition, Emery often says things out of the blue that I’ve been teaching her but never heard her say or she will remember something I taught her and use it. Days like that amaze me. I’m not trying to raise a genius, I just want her to use all of her brain and learn now while its easy. Dvd’s should never replace a parent or guardians naturel way of teaching and care. It’s just something to be aware of when you let your child watch television.