I used to be against cartoons, and I didn’t want my child growing up watching cartoons all the time. While I still don’t want her fastened to the T.V., im not opposed to her watching cartoons spread out during the day (2 cartoons in the morning and 2 cartoons at night). She only watches Nick Jr., Disney Junior or Sprout because I recently read on, that fast paced shows such as Spongebob, don’t allow them to follow along and comprehend with  whats going on. They become “glued” to the actions and not the story behind the actions. That was my fear with cartoons, I didn’t want Emery to become a zombie stuck to the t.v. and have it rotting her brain. I’m not knocking Spongebob, I love him, He’s just not right for my daughter right now and the things I want her brain to retain.

Emery is 21 months (nearly 2) and has her favorite cartoons. She follows along with the story and claps, repeats what Dora The Explorer says & dances along. Theres been times im impressed with what she’s doing and really paying attention. She knows characters names and enjoys seeing the animals (such as Diego & Little Einsteins). Even when she’s playing with other toys and not actively looking at the television screen, if the characters tell audience to say something she will. I’ve noticed this with conversations with me and her father, she’ll just jump into what we are talking about, Time to learn Pig Latin.

Currently my husband and I have bought her a Spanish learning DVD & a counting 1-20 DVD. This is the age where kids pick up everything thrown their way, with a bit of help. It’s all about repetition, Emery often says things out of the blue that I’ve been teaching her but never heard her say or she will remember something I taught her and use it. Days like that amaze me. I’m not trying to raise a genius, I just want her to use all of her brain and learn now while its easy. Dvd’s should never replace a parent or guardians naturel way of teaching and care. It’s just something to be aware of when you let your child watch television.


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