Being gentle


I’ve discovered that I’ve become somewhat of a parent magazine hoarder. I save them for their good advice, craft ideas, meals & tips. My favorites are Parenting & American Baby, you can find my little stash inner mixed with the tattoo magazines in a big wicker box. I need to go through them and start tabbing what it was I actually saved the whole magazine for. I bring this up because, in an issue of the Parenting Magazine it talks about how children really don’t become gentle until the age of 2.

Emery, my sweet little girly girl who carries her baby dolls by their leg & throws them down for nap surely is gentle. This little mention has always been in the back of my head, gentle til 2? I now know what they mean, while Emery is loving & extra sweet to her own little dolls she doesn’t quite understand what “gentle” means. Theres been additions to the family with 2 little cousins & Emery loves them dearly. Though she doesn’t understand why she can’t put the blanket over their faces like she does with her babies, or how hugging them doesn’t mean crushing them when she’s laying over their bodies reaching in for a hug. I feel bad because she means the best and its evident in the forehead kisses she gives them,  but I feel like im on high alert when they are around.

A few weeks ago we got Emery a little kitten. My mom has cats and I’ve never seen Emery act crazy or wild with them. With this little kitten she holds him with his bottom high in the air and his head narrowing escaping objects on the ground. I think he dreams of being back in his cage at the pet store. I do think she’s gotten better with him, I just tell her to hold him like a baby & to hold his booty and she does. If its bad and I see the cat is looking at me for help I’ll have to abort and just say, “let go of kitty” and she does. It’s all just a process I guess, & its one more think I have to watch for with her. But in the years to come growing up with an animal and having the responsibilities of feeding it will turn out good.

For now its telling Emery to be gentle constantly and what she’s doing wrong and celebrating her corrections. Soon she’ll get there, for the cats sake I hope.


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