Mothers Day 2012


Growing up I always thought, the  “#1 Mom” shirt or sweaters sold everywhere were typical and lame. A huge bulls eye for anyone looking of a mom who has lost all of her fashion sense. Now that I’m a mom …. I want one! One day it’s my dream for Emery to buy me a shirt declaring what I have always suspected, indeed I am THE #1 Mom. Until she’s old enough to buy me one, make me pictures or bring home art from school, I must rely on my Husbands gifts from her to me. I don’t dread them but cheesy would be cute.

Mother’s Day in the States isn’t until May 13th this year, so this blog is just a few days ahead and nearly a week a way as I type this out. Usually I tend to struggle with a Mother’s Day gift for my mother and grandmother. I try to go with something not too expensive, something that isn’t a little trinket to takes up space and looks unthoughtful. This year I’ve thought of the perfect solution! Emery! what Grandmother and Great Grandmother wouldn’t want a special something from their little girl. I get to divert back to drawing pictures as a token of love (some what). I decided to have Emery & I make soap from a kit we got at Michaels.  & to tie the gift together I’m tracing out her little  hand on felt for an ornament and cutting the center out and putting a photo of her. I’m making 3 so I can have one of her little hand too. This way its a gift we put time into, something they can use & a little ornament for them to keep always as she grows older.

1. cut your clear soap for the individual molds

2. melt & add fragrance and your color of dye

3. put your colored soap into desired mold TIP – wait just a second for it to cool down so it doesn’t warp the plastic

4. after 30 minutes take the mold out and use the cookie cutters to cut out the shapes

5. places colored shapes in desired mold and repeat steps 1. & 2. now with the white soap, pouring it on top of colored cut outs

6. after another 30 minutes TA DA! you’ve got yourself home-made soap

It wasn’t to hard but since it was my first time I asked my husband to give me a helping hand. He had a hard time taking the soap out of its molds. I’m glad he was around because without him I don’t think I would have ever gotten them out! Overall it was a fun easy project. Some molds came out with imperfections, we just scraped the excess soap off of the colored shapes to make them perfect.

With anything please remember safety first! Please keep hot items and sharp object always out of a childs reach!  When I say my 23 month daughter helped make soap I don’t actually mean that, she was just awake and in the room.


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