Songs for your loved one


As I sit here tired and breathing like im in labor, I can’t help to think back to my pregnancy with Emery and the new challenges of today. When Emery was a tiny little baby in my arms I would sing her a song I made up. It was nothing I planned but it came out as I tried soothing her to sleep. I still sing it to her when im being loving with her or trying to get her to calm down when shes sick. Since that moment there’s been lots of songs that I’ve sung to her, our little songs. Before she was here I created a playlist with easy going music – Fiona Apple, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sade & Coldplay to name a few artist.

I think its special to have songs your child relates to or that comforts them while growing up. Two songs I’ve dedicated to her is Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns N’ Roses and Wild Thing because shes my wild child. So when things of these songs I wonder what songs will this new baby have? Is there anything else out there or have I used the best songs for my first? I know I think this way now because I dont know what to expect but as it happened with Emery a song will come to my heart and one already out there will play a tune just perfect for him/her.

Until then I wont press the issue and feel the need to have “our song”. I’ll just try to relax until baby is here and have one on one time with my little wild child Emery.


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