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Fourth Of July 2012


Fourth of July usually insist of going to Grandma’s house and cooking up some BBQ, eating juicy fruit and spending time with the whole family. I always get worried about those crazy fireworks that go off like a strobe light, loud booms and the fun flares that spark everywhere. I might be paranoid but I’m not willing to settle for burns.
Two weeks ago Emery got a glow stick for her birthday. She loved it! As my husband and I sat in her room in the dark watching her go crazy with the light it dawned on us, this was going to be our thing for Fourth Of July.  A safe fun alternative. I don’t expect the whole family to be on board with the idea but for my 2-year-old its the right idea for us.
In our town a lot of people head to the local High School, find a spot on the grass and watch the fire works go off. This year I think Emery is old enough to enjoy it with the help of cotton balls in her ears.  We’ll be with Family and friends as we celebrate our Freedoms being in America and remember all the sacrifices that have come along with it.

The Official start to Summer.


Summer officially kicked off June 20th this year, for me it starts in the beginning of  June when the weather in Central California gets in the high double digits and children get out of school.
While waiting for the Dr. to call Emery into the room I picked up Parent , It’s a free magazine with good information on safety, toys and fun things for children to do that live in the area. One article the got my attention about Summer safety, It’s under the “Even Faster Facts” (4). It talks about hot car seats in the summer and how the metal buckles can burn little ones. Soon enough we all experience this! They had a great tip that I plan on using right away! The suggested covering the car seat with a towel or sheet, or even to buy a reflective car seat cover that will keep the seat cooler. I already looked online and found a cheap reflective car seat cover from It’s a little space looking but worth it I think! Just the other day Emery was saying the seat was hot for her. I just apologized and wrapped her dress around the buckle & tried to have the seat flap touch her legs instead of the metal. That’s a 2 year expressing herself, I thought about the other children that couldn’t speak yet and burn themselves and the new baby on the way who will be 5 months when it turns summer next year.

One more car tip I learned the hard way last year, DO NOT throw your keys over the seat and close your door. Let me explain as I bow my head in complete shame, last year when it was just me and my daughter I would have the routine of putting her in her car seat then throwing my car keys over the seat so they would land on the passenger seat. Then go around the truck sit down pick up the keys and drive off. It was just one less thing to hold on too (& as mothers we all know how much crap we have to bring everywhere we go!). Well one summer day I did what I had been doing for months except on this day Emery had grabbed my keys and locked the doors with automatic button. I didn’t hear the doors lock but I grabbed them out of her hands and threw them over the seat. Right when I slammed her door shut I realized what had happened. I could have DIED, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. It’s something I don’t talk about and don’t like my family bringing up but I feel its one of this horrible mistakes a parent makes and another person may learn from. At that moment I knew I had no spares, no cell phone (it too was in the front seat) the house was locked, my husband was over seas thousands of miles away, my sister who was staying with me was out-of-town. Again, I could have DIED, there was my 1 yr old in a locked hot car waiting for me to turn on the a.c. full blast. To make a long story short the cops had to come and break the front driver window. Just that alone scared the crap out of me, she was already sitting forward and I was terrified the glass could get her eyes. After I got her out of the car after 20 min (I think) she was completely fine and I cried like a baby as a held her in the house with the a.c and fan blowing in her face. It was the worst thing ever, nothing could top that, not even my husband going crazy at me over the whole thing. Thank god Emery was fine just super red but it was one of those things I wont let happen again!!
Summer poses lots of threats from – burning car seat buckles, dehydration, heat exhaustion,  sun burns, pool safety (drains in pools and hot tubs another quick tip in the article), drowning (kids can drown in an inch of water so watch out!) … the list could really go on. Make sure to have them use sun screen, drink plenty of water & I always wet the top of Emery’s head. Honestly I’m not too sure what it does besides feeling cooler because the sun is beating down on it but its something my mom would make me do as a kid.

Fathers Day 2012


Father’s Day for me is always harder than Mother’s Day. I know what gift & things the men in my life-like and want but I feel like Father’s Day is a time to embrace the kids and have them make something special. Emery only being 2 can’t really make anything cute yet. Maybe I do too many sentimental things through out the year, I run out of ideas when this day come around. With grandparents I feel like I really can’t afford to wait to show them love.

For Emery’s Papa (her great-grandfather who lives in town) I decided to just skip something from her and go with something he would like. He’s into home movies of himself & grandchildren when they were younger. Only problem is there all on VHS so I’m getting together with some family members and turning those old VHS’ into DVD’s! Since Father’s Day snuck  up on me he wont be getting this present for another 3 weeks. Oh well, a gift worth waiting for. Her Papa is easier in some ways to think of gifts, he has so many grandchildren and a few great-grandchildren that a photo on a cup or plate would be just as amazing to him.

For Emery’s Father … well I have no idea. He bought himself a gift a month ago in lieu of the actual day and gift from me. Still I can’t let the day go by with out something special! All my ideas seem too girly, maybe we’ll just be extra sweet that day and praise him to the point of sickness.

Emery’s 2nd Birthday


You may or may not have noticed I didn’t post friday. I’ve been on a complete over load! My husband and I have been planning our daughters birthday for the past 3 months (crazy I know) and now with my pregnancy I’ve been sick and sluggish. Friday was the day before her big birthday party and everything was getting done. This my husbands first birthday with us. Last year we gave Emery a birthday a month in advance before he was deployed so he could share the day with us. Last year on her actual birthday party my sister and her boyfriend helped me decorate and plan everything for her, they were such a huge help! It was my first time planning a kid’s birthday party so I kept it pretty simple but I think it turned out good.

This yeah we researched Yo Gabba Gabba birthday items, gifts, decorations and drinks online for months and Friday was the day to get everything started so any chance I felt half way decent I got up to help clean up the house. I would put something away and my little shadow would be right there to make a mess again. I had to just lock her room for a few days to insure the house and her room would stay clean.

The biggest thing we wanted to do was make our daughters birthday cake this year. We decided to try to make fondant and have her cake be Toodee from the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba the theme of her party. The color was perfect but it was still sticky that my husband had to keep adding sugar and by the end of it all he wasnt able to roll it out. He didn’t get to bed till 5am that night trying to work with the fondant. We decided just to frost the cake with the frosting we had and surprisingly everyone loved it! If I knew we were going that route I would have bought confetti cake. That was the biggest hiccup we had.

I decorated her gifts in Brobee and Muno faces and made Dazzleberry Lemonade for the kids with wacky straws. We all listened to Yo Gabba Gabba cd’s, it was a big hit with the kids. The kept wanting to see the T.V. thinking the show was on. I also made her a head ban and a pink tutu before she changed into her swim suit.

Everything else was a huge hit! Lots of people came from all over California to celebrate Emery’s day with her. She had a blast! Em was in her element when everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her and she blew out the candles. Couldn’t have asked for more 🙂
After it was all over me and my husband felt a huge weight off our shoulder and were able to relax.



Brushing teeth


Lately I have been having a hard time brushing my daughters top teeth. All the other teeth and tongue she willingly lets me brush and will brush herself but that top row of teeth didn’t seem to be getting the same kinda of treatment. I didn’t want brushing your teeth time to become a bad experience, there’s nothing worst than  not having brushed teeth! & that’s exactly the road we were headed. I would have to almost have her in some kinda of headlock while I brushed the one neglected row. We would take turns brushing so that she could do it herself and I could make sure it was done right.
Finally I decided not to fight and try to use a wet wash cloth with toothpaste. It worked! I brushed all her teeth front and back top to bottom with no problem! I wasn’t sure if it was the best thing but I couldn’t go without my daughter brushing! I talked to my mom about my problem I was having and she suggested using an electric toothbrush. She thought the only problem we might have been the bristles hitting her gums and how they might be sensitive since her teeth weren’t getting brushed correctly or because of the irritation. For 3 dollars I was willing to try it! That day we headed to the store and purchased a Diego & Dora electric toothbrush. Emery loves the characters so she was pretty excited to try it out. After her bath I turned it on and she was taken back at first with the noise and how it moved. I wasn’t sure she would let me but this moving loud thing in her mouth but she did and before i knew it that impossible top row of teeth was getting cleaned! She didn’t want to stop brushing so I let her go at it for a while.
Our next little hill to concur is spitting out the toothpaste. I’ve shown her how to spit into a little towel when her mouth it full but before I put the towel up to her mouth she swallows!
That was this weeks big issue, glad it’s solved for the most part. Tell me how the experience had been for you!