Brushing teeth


Lately I have been having a hard time brushing my daughters top teeth. All the other teeth and tongue she willingly lets me brush and will brush herself but that top row of teeth didn’t seem to be getting the same kinda of treatment. I didn’t want brushing your teeth time to become a bad experience, there’s nothing worst than  not having brushed teeth! & that’s exactly the road we were headed. I would have to almost have her in some kinda of headlock while I brushed the one neglected row. We would take turns brushing so that she could do it herself and I could make sure it was done right.
Finally I decided not to fight and try to use a wet wash cloth with toothpaste. It worked! I brushed all her teeth front and back top to bottom with no problem! I wasn’t sure if it was the best thing but I couldn’t go without my daughter brushing! I talked to my mom about my problem I was having and she suggested using an electric toothbrush. She thought the only problem we might have been the bristles hitting her gums and how they might be sensitive since her teeth weren’t getting brushed correctly or because of the irritation. For 3 dollars I was willing to try it! That day we headed to the store and purchased a Diego & Dora electric toothbrush. Emery loves the characters so she was pretty excited to try it out. After her bath I turned it on and she was taken back at first with the noise and how it moved. I wasn’t sure she would let me but this moving loud thing in her mouth but she did and before i knew it that impossible top row of teeth was getting cleaned! She didn’t want to stop brushing so I let her go at it for a while.
Our next little hill to concur is spitting out the toothpaste. I’ve shown her how to spit into a little towel when her mouth it full but before I put the towel up to her mouth she swallows!
That was this weeks big issue, glad it’s solved for the most part. Tell me how the experience had been for you!


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  1. Sam is such a stinker about this. He used to have no problem with it, but all of a sudden he absolutely hates it. i have to practically pin him down and hold his arms down to do it. I hate that its such a negative experience but he needs to have clean teeth.

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