Emery’s 2nd Birthday


You may or may not have noticed I didn’t post friday. I’ve been on a complete over load! My husband and I have been planning our daughters birthday for the past 3 months (crazy I know) and now with my pregnancy I’ve been sick and sluggish. Friday was the day before her big birthday party and everything was getting done. This my husbands first birthday with us. Last year we gave Emery a birthday a month in advance before he was deployed so he could share the day with us. Last year on her actual birthday party my sister and her boyfriend helped me decorate and plan everything for her, they were such a huge help! It was my first time planning a kid’s birthday party so I kept it pretty simple but I think it turned out good.

This yeah we researched Yo Gabba Gabba birthday items, gifts, decorations and drinks online for months and Friday was the day to get everything started so any chance I felt half way decent I got up to help clean up the house. I would put something away and my little shadow would be right there to make a mess again. I had to just lock her room for a few days to insure the house and her room would stay clean.

The biggest thing we wanted to do was make our daughters birthday cake this year. We decided to try to make fondant and have her cake be Toodee from the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba the theme of her party. The color was perfect but it was still sticky that my husband had to keep adding sugar and by the end of it all he wasnt able to roll it out. He didn’t get to bed till 5am that night trying to work with the fondant. We decided just to frost the cake with the frosting we had and surprisingly everyone loved it! If I knew we were going that route I would have bought confetti cake. That was the biggest hiccup we had.

I decorated her gifts in Brobee and Muno faces and made Dazzleberry Lemonade for the kids with wacky straws. We all listened to Yo Gabba Gabba cd’s, it was a big hit with the kids. The kept wanting to see the T.V. thinking the show was on. I also made her a head ban and a pink tutu before she changed into her swim suit.

Everything else was a huge hit! Lots of people came from all over California to celebrate Emery’s day with her. She had a blast! Em was in her element when everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her and she blew out the candles. Couldn’t have asked for more 🙂
After it was all over me and my husband felt a huge weight off our shoulder and were able to relax.




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