Fathers Day 2012


Father’s Day for me is always harder than Mother’s Day. I know what gift & things the men in my life-like and want but I feel like Father’s Day is a time to embrace the kids and have them make something special. Emery only being 2 can’t really make anything cute yet. Maybe I do too many sentimental things through out the year, I run out of ideas when this day come around. With grandparents I feel like I really can’t afford to wait to show them love.

For Emery’s Papa (her great-grandfather who lives in town) I decided to just skip something from her and go with something he would like. He’s into home movies of himself & grandchildren when they were younger. Only problem is there all on VHS so I’m getting together with some family members and turning those old VHS’ into DVD’s! Since Father’s Day snuck  up on me he wont be getting this present for another 3 weeks. Oh well, a gift worth waiting for. Her Papa is easier in some ways to think of gifts, he has so many grandchildren and a few great-grandchildren that a photo on a cup or plate would be just as amazing to him.

For Emery’s Father … well I have no idea. He bought himself a gift a month ago in lieu of the actual day and gift from me. Still I can’t let the day go by with out something special! All my ideas seem too girly, maybe we’ll just be extra sweet that day and praise him to the point of sickness.


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