The Official start to Summer.


Summer officially kicked off June 20th this year, for me it starts in the beginning of  June when the weather in Central California gets in the high double digits and children get out of school.
While waiting for the Dr. to call Emery into the room I picked up Parent , It’s a free magazine with good information on safety, toys and fun things for children to do that live in the area. One article the got my attention about Summer safety, It’s under the “Even Faster Facts” (4). It talks about hot car seats in the summer and how the metal buckles can burn little ones. Soon enough we all experience this! They had a great tip that I plan on using right away! The suggested covering the car seat with a towel or sheet, or even to buy a reflective car seat cover that will keep the seat cooler. I already looked online and found a cheap reflective car seat cover from It’s a little space looking but worth it I think! Just the other day Emery was saying the seat was hot for her. I just apologized and wrapped her dress around the buckle & tried to have the seat flap touch her legs instead of the metal. That’s a 2 year expressing herself, I thought about the other children that couldn’t speak yet and burn themselves and the new baby on the way who will be 5 months when it turns summer next year.

One more car tip I learned the hard way last year, DO NOT throw your keys over the seat and close your door. Let me explain as I bow my head in complete shame, last year when it was just me and my daughter I would have the routine of putting her in her car seat then throwing my car keys over the seat so they would land on the passenger seat. Then go around the truck sit down pick up the keys and drive off. It was just one less thing to hold on too (& as mothers we all know how much crap we have to bring everywhere we go!). Well one summer day I did what I had been doing for months except on this day Emery had grabbed my keys and locked the doors with automatic button. I didn’t hear the doors lock but I grabbed them out of her hands and threw them over the seat. Right when I slammed her door shut I realized what had happened. I could have DIED, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. It’s something I don’t talk about and don’t like my family bringing up but I feel its one of this horrible mistakes a parent makes and another person may learn from. At that moment I knew I had no spares, no cell phone (it too was in the front seat) the house was locked, my husband was over seas thousands of miles away, my sister who was staying with me was out-of-town. Again, I could have DIED, there was my 1 yr old in a locked hot car waiting for me to turn on the a.c. full blast. To make a long story short the cops had to come and break the front driver window. Just that alone scared the crap out of me, she was already sitting forward and I was terrified the glass could get her eyes. After I got her out of the car after 20 min (I think) she was completely fine and I cried like a baby as a held her in the house with the a.c and fan blowing in her face. It was the worst thing ever, nothing could top that, not even my husband going crazy at me over the whole thing. Thank god Emery was fine just super red but it was one of those things I wont let happen again!!
Summer poses lots of threats from – burning car seat buckles, dehydration, heat exhaustion,  sun burns, pool safety (drains in pools and hot tubs another quick tip in the article), drowning (kids can drown in an inch of water so watch out!) … the list could really go on. Make sure to have them use sun screen, drink plenty of water & I always wet the top of Emery’s head. Honestly I’m not too sure what it does besides feeling cooler because the sun is beating down on it but its something my mom would make me do as a kid.


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