Fourth Of July 2012


Fourth of July usually insist of going to Grandma’s house and cooking up some BBQ, eating juicy fruit and spending time with the whole family. I always get worried about those crazy fireworks that go off like a strobe light, loud booms and the fun flares that spark everywhere. I might be paranoid but I’m not willing to settle for burns.
Two weeks ago Emery got a glow stick for her birthday. She loved it! As my husband and I sat in her room in the dark watching her go crazy with the light it dawned on us, this was going to be our thing for Fourth Of July.  A safe fun alternative. I don’t expect the whole family to be on board with the idea but for my 2-year-old its the right idea for us.
In our town a lot of people head to the local High School, find a spot on the grass and watch the fire works go off. This year I think Emery is old enough to enjoy it with the help of cotton balls in her ears.  We’ll be with Family and friends as we celebrate our Freedoms being in America and remember all the sacrifices that have come along with it.


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