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Pregnancy symptoms


Not every women whose pregnant gets sick, I on the other had am one of those unlucky females who gets every symptom out there. Pregnancy brings along things people usually don’t talk about. Either they themselves didn’t experience the crazy symptoms so they don’t know anything about it. My mom had six kids other than myself and I can’t remember her having a hard time with any of them during her pregnancies. Shes a trooper anyways and wouldn’t let it stop her from cleaning but I can’t help to think, how did I get so lucky to experience every symptom in the book!

The only other person I’ve seen have a hard time was my step mom. My brother thought she was going to die, I was much older about to enter High School but even I thought some thing was really wrong with her. She looked miserable and wasnt able to hold her saliva. She had a spit bucket she

I feel bad I’ve let several Friday’s past with out a new blog posting. I struggle getting anything done, this morning I decided to sit down and type it all out while my little one sleeps. So let me explain for those who haven’t been pregnant, who don’t get any symptoms or those who just don’t know about the often forgotten wonderful world of symptoms (play scary music).

These are the symptoms that I’m going through right now. While I love to be pregnant and have my belly grow it (for me) comes with a lot of struggle. This blog might be TMI but its reality! So some of you might laugh while others will be disgusted.

Morning sickness/all day sickness – This year I’m taking a medication so I don’t have to struggle with this from morning to-night. If I don’t take it right away … here comes mama running to the toilet! Everything and anything will set me off, including my own breath or taste in my mouth. If I don’t take my medicine right away I’ll have to throw up after I brush my teeth. Seeing anything nasty or smelling anything (especially if I don’t take my medicine)  will set me off! Not to mention the side effect of my medication is Dizziness & headaches. The headaches luckily don’t come after taking it right away like it use to. Not to mention, and I really should or im doing this blog a disservice – throwing up so hard you piss your pants and possibly nearly shit them. I know I’m not the only one this happens to! I have a weak bladder but It really sucks with waters coming out of both ends.  Life is rough right now.

Headache – I get headaches often I don’t think there all due to my medication because I get them at night or after throwing up hard. It’s at the base of my head and kills me!

* Backache – Along with my usual backache I have it more often with bigger breast by the day.

* Hair falling out – I swear taking prenatal vitamins doesn’t help my hair grow any faster like they say it will; or maybe it does for some women, just not me. My hair is constantly falling out. After birth it continues to fall out even more. I don’t know how im not bald.

Not being able to eat what you want – & by this I mean personally there are things I don’t even want to see while I’m pregnant. Sour cream – just saying it and thinking how it looks, BARF! & Ranch – I just gets my mouth sour, its think and creamy. I don’t know but there two DON’TS for me right now!
And there’s the food I know I like but don’t even feel like eating, and if I do it’s a struggle to finish any meal.

Worst eye sight – I already have crappy eye sight, not as bad as some but it’s not what it use to be. In the past few years in gotten worst and while being pregnant is possible for it to become worst. I think im going through that right now. If it’s not in front of my face, I don’t know what your talking about.

* Counting the days till my next crap – As one article I recently read said something to the effect, “a good crap could seem like a long a go memory”.   You don’t want to know what I’ve been through with this! I’ve scared my family with pictures (yes I took a picture of my poop to prove I wasnt lieing) on how HUGE this thing was.

* Growing breast – Being Itchy all over is a symptom, I think it looks like some kind of rash. Luckily I don’t have that but my growing breast itch so bad!! I’m going to have to head to a store soon and buy bigger bras. Right away my old ones felt uncomfortable and I switched to sports bras but sadly im growing out of them. I just want comfort!

Growing feet – Before Emery I was a size 7 1/2 after I became a size 9!! I PRAY my feet dont grow anymore! With Emery I worked until my maternity leave and my shoes became such a problem. One day I took my strapped sandles in the car & when I got close to work I put them on, I mean …. I tried to put them on. They didn’t fit at all!!! Thank god I had flip flops in the car too and luckily my manager let it slide for a day. I wish I had the picture to show, it looked like I was trying to fit my fat foot in a little kids shoe. Needless to say after this child, Mama is buying herself shoes!

* Fatigue – Constantly being tired and drained.

For now that’s all of whats going on with me, as if that wasnt enough. And that’s all just with this one! Emery had a little bit different things … Bleeding gums and throwing up for no reason. It’s going through all of this keeping up with house work and a toddler but its gotta be done! Being pregnant can be no picnic but Its still an amazing journey and all worth it at the end.