Another weird symptom


I know recently I wrote about most of my symptoms I’ve been experiencing. There’s one I left out that’s pretty weird. I forgot all about it until it happened earlier this week. It happened to me when I was pregnant with Emery too. I hear voices, I know what it sounds like but let me explain!
Have you ever heard of pregnant women having really vivid dreams? It happens to a lot of us and I’m one of those people. In general I have some pretty crazy dreams but when I’m pregnant it feels real to a different extent.

With Emery I would hear my grandpa calling my name, as if he was outside my window trying to get my attention. A few times I replied back, that’s how real it is. But the weirdest one, the scariest one happened when I was laying in bed and I thought my husband came home early to surprise me. I pretended I was asleep and I heard him call out my name. Finally after a few seconds, I turned around and nobody was there. Sounds like ghost stories but my brain is just on over drive and I make up these noises up even though I’m asleep and not thinking of these things.

The other night I was asleep and all of a sudden I heard loud knocking at my bedroom door! I thought it was someone! I wondered why no one else woke up, then before I shook my husband up I realized no one else is in the house with us. I thought is it cops? Did our alarm go off and we slept through the phone calls? The knock never happened again. I laid in bed scared but knowing I had, for some reason made up that noise that woke me from my sleep.
I’m pretty superstitious and Its been said if you hear a door knock and know one is there then your inviting a spirit into the house. Well I was not about to open that door! If I made it up or not I  just wanted to forget it! I remembered how much I hated having these things happen to me.
Though they seem to only happen when I’m asleep or in a sleep state It’s still pretty crazy to be woken up from a deep sleep to hear someone you know calling you or to hear a noise.


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