Making memory stones


A few months back I saw a picture on Facebook someone had posted. It was a how-to-do at home stepping stone kit. I had meant to do the project that day after Emery had woken up from her nap. For some reason I didn’t do it and every day after I wanted to start the project but never did. Finally I decided one day to make the stones with my friend and her son.

The picture called for-
1/2 cup of salt (I recommend getting some at the dollar store)
1/2 cup of flour
1/4 cup of water (give or take a little)
& bake at 200 for 3 hours.

The picture where I got the idea from says it’s a stepping stone, I wouldn’t recommend using it for a stepping stone. It’s too thin, not unless you want it outside in a cute little garden not for stepping on. If your making it for a child older than a toddler I would add a little more of everything except the baking time. Just guess as you go! Since Emery is only two her stone was thicker than her friends and looks a little brown in the center after it baked. While the 5 year old’s dough came out a little better since he as able to push down harder and his circle was bigger. So we could remember whose little hand belonged to who we used a thumb tack (anything small and sharp would work) and put their name and year in their little hand. I got the idea later to use food coloring for future memory stones.

When we put the stones in the oven to bake I just used a rectangle cookie sheet and sprayed non stick down just in case! I didn’t want our hard work to get stuck to the sheet.
It was a fun quick little keepsake project, good for a birthday gift, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day (coming up September 9th this year!) or any other special day of the year. Im using ours just to measure her little feet year by year.


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