Understanding everyone is different


Emery has lots of dolls, she has one doll she got for her first Easter. From the very begining the doll wasn’t a big hit with the extended family. The doll has fluffed wild red hair, at the time it was about the same size as my daughter, and had a silly bunny outfit.

A year later that dolls hand fell off. I didn’t want to throw away a whole doll  just because her hand was gone. I had grown to love that doll even more because she wasn’t as “pretty” as the other typical baby dolls. I got her baby doll and sowed up her arm, I could have super glued her hand back to her arm onto the fabric but I didn’t have any super glue handy and her arm had already been off for awhile. She needed a quick fix so she could be loved again.

I decided this would be a good thing for her to have, a doll with a missing body part to show her we aren’t all made the same. Even though this doll had a hand to begin with sometimes other people are born with out limbs and things can always happen to us and we may lose them.
This isn’t her first experience with some one who’s “different”. Her uncle Richard has cerebral palsy, he’s loud and makes inaudible noises because he can’t speak. He pokes and grabs, so at an early age I had to explain to her to be careful around him. Later in life I’ll have to go in-depth but for now she know’s that’s her uncle, she loves him and he doesn’t mean to poke her.
While we enjoyed playing with her baby girl another misfortune happened. Suddenly her doll lost her other hand, and mommy had to do emergency surgery to stop the stuffing from coming out. In no time she was good as new! A different new, but she was loved just the same, as if she had arms. Emery doesn’t see anything different about her baby. If I ask her where her hands are she says, “there gone”. If I ask where her arms are she doesn’t question it, she points to her two stubs. Emery dances, plays and sleeps with her on occasion.
It gave me the idea, I want to start making dolls that are missing limbs. Not in a gothic kind of way but for children who are born like this or for other children to understand there’s nothing wrong or scary about it. It may be different but different isn’t bad.


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