IT’S A …


At first I wanted my child to be a surprise, for the Doctor to tell me what I had been carrying this whole time when they placed the baby on me. My husband wasn’t on board for that plan, he wanted to know right away what it would be. I thought of having only him know and keeping it a surprise for me but my husband can’t keep a secret and the more I thought about it and went to the stores I had to know! I wanted to buy for this baby and be prepared. Who was I kidding, it sounds like a wonderful idea but I’m one of those people who like to be prepared and know everything at least a day in advance. For the past month and some weeks I’ve counted down the weeks and days till I could find out what my little one in me was going to be. I spent sleepless nights dreaming of what the baby shower would look like for a boy or girl. Hours researching gender cakes & how I wanted to tell everyone. Many a night planning out everything for each gender.

Everyone put in their opinion of what they thought this little one would be & most said, “boy”, including the ancient and all wise Chinese calender.
I feel like finding out what your own baby will be is one of the most exciting things that can happen. The decision to create a life and take care of that person your whole life with as much love and happiness you can give that one being.  Wondering what kinda of personality my child would have, wondering if I and my husband created a son or daughter to join us in our journey in life.
After all the time I spent wondering how I wanted to tell the family & thinking I would invite them over to tell them all at once what the sex would be with a single bite of a gender cookie, I decided not to. I didn’t want the hassle of my big family over, would I have to have a dinner? Then my husband wouldn’t be there because it was a school night for him. Telling everyone through a phone call wouldn’t make it less amazing, but it would make it less of a mess for me.

Today was finally the day we would see our little baby, and how much he/she had grown since we last saw the baby when it was just a few weeks old.
Emery has gone to every appointment except for the first one. We wanted to have her with us to see the baby in my tummy and find out with us if she was going to have a baby brother or sister. She was the one that told some of the family “mommy’s having a baby” so maybe she should be the one to tell them what the baby would be.
Right away we could see the baby, as I laid in the dark with Victor and Emery sitting in a chair the lady said, “it’s a boy!”. I felt this baby would be a boy, me and my mother had dreamt of him as a boy. I would have been shocked if it was a girl. Emery was very excited to be having a baby brother.  And I couldn’t ask for anything more than a healthy baby! Now I’m about to be a mother of two children soon, a beautiful daughter and I’m sure an equally amazing son. My life is complete!
The baby seems to have the same tiny little button nose Emery has and the same facial features. I can prepare and buy all boy things now, and I’m so excited to have him in my arms.
As for his name we are going with, Carlos Martin Calderon. I called my Aunt Mary Lou to have permission to use the name Martin. It was the name of her son that passed away almost five years ago. Martin and I became close before his passing and it so happens my husband was his best friend. We have a bond with him and he was an awesome person. Full of life and love.


Carlos Martin Calderon


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    • I figured this blog is for my parenting journey what better way to say it so everyone can read it together! I miss you too!! Wish we were closer, all my friends are so far from me

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