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The licking phase?


This one came out of left field. It happened a few times, we would be playing around and instead of kissing me on the cheek or sometimes just as a surprised BAM! A lick on the side of the face! Kinda funny but I start to think … is she licking everyone? Where did she get this from?
Emery often comes up with a lot of things by herself, I think this is one of them. She only seems to lick my face in a playing manner. She gets all wound up and goes for it, her dad says she sticks her tongue out a few times before she goes for it. I can’t see because I’m usually laughing or messing around not paying attention to her right before it happens. He seems to think its bond we have, where she only does it with me. Thats fine I just don’t want her licking everyone’s face. I really don’t even want it to happen to me! I  get paranoid with the make up on my face making her sick.
After she started that, I caught her a few times licking her fingers and touching her chalk board. I hate chalk, I don’t like to touch it, I don’t like to hear it, I really just can’t stand it. So you can imagine how I felt when I saw her licking her finger and the board. Since then I catch her all the time! Licking her arm and licking her fingers and touching things.
Mostly I’m worried about her getting sick. I don’t want her to get anything because she had her fingers in her mouth or put something in her mouth she shouldn’t have.  We’ve been out of the house a lot these past few weeks and her little hands have been all over everything. I clean them with a wipe, hand sanitizer and water and soap of course when I can. I don’t want to go over board and be paranoid about it. In the back of my mind I’m cautious about the things I say or how I act towards certain situations so that I don’t freak her out of make her scared of anything. For example I’m not an animal person by any means, and Emery loves all animals. She runs in the grass at night with the frogs lurking in the dark. I on the other hand will stay on the cement away from the edges, in case a creepy crawler comes my way. I pretend everything is alright but inside im screaming, “get inside the house! those ugly frogs are everywhere and I can’t help you”.
Anyways I have digressed and went on an animal rant. I guess as long as I keep telling her to stop and she’s not licking animals I’ll survive this stage.

Embarrassing pregnancy stories


If you’ve been pregnant or are pregnant chances are you have at least one embarrassing story. In the beginning I always feared going to the Doctor’s office and puking everywhere. I’m always in a panic, “okay where’s the garbage can, where’s the toilet, can I run there fast enough”. It gotten so bad I’ve brought a plastic bag from home in my purse just in case I had to throw up where I was with no warning. I decided to do a blog on this for two reasons – one being I saw a post recently asking women if they have had any bad experiences (guess what, they were all the same) and because yesterday it happened to me (again). Individually these stories sound bad, but talk to another pregnant women and she most likely has a story to follow your own. Please read a long at your own discretion.
Personally I don’t like to say throw up, I usually say “episode”, it sounds more polite and doesn’t give you that instant image of me hacking up a lung.
While I was pregnant with Emery I was working. There were some  interesting moments, all the backroom runs to the restroom, having to use the backroom garbage for a back up in case I couldn’t make it or someone was in the restroom. Once I had a Taco Bell episode, before I could say anything my best friend walked into the backroom and immediately knew what had happened. Not my proudest day but it got worst. I have a weak bladder, as a child I would hold my urine for a long time. Who knew it was really such a bad thing? Now if I throw up I most likely will urinate all over myself like an animal. Doing this at work, not awesome.
And just when I thought those days we’re over I felt the sickness take over me while I was at Subway. I sat there trying to control it and let the feeling past but still looking around outside for a garbage can just in case. Each second passing I knew if it didn’t go away I was wasting time and needed to get out of this place fast! I had to run out the door, more than prepared to go all over the street by some unlucky car. Just as I turned there it was, a garbage can and not a second to late. Apparently people were looking at me as I ran out the door. I saved them all their lunch.

Well yesterday was one of those days. I survived 6 months of being episode free in public but it got me. I was tired, grouchy, irritated and starving! After a little shopping Em and I went to Carls Jr. for lunch before heading back to the store. We ate in the parking lot and as my grouchiness melted away with each bite another feeling was over whelming me. “Oh know”, I thought, not here. I tried to let it pass but thinking what am I going to do if it doesn’t. I quickly grabbed the bag and went for it. Sitting there having an episode in a brown bag that was getting soggy in my hand. I prayed the bag wouldn’t fall apart and go all over my lap. To my right a lady had returned to her car and was sitting there! Excuse me lady can’t you see I’m having an episode! Kindly get out of your car and give me some privacy! I opened up my driver door and another lady was walking by. Not to cause a scene I closed the door and continued on my way. Then I heard Emery in the back seat, she was starting to copy my sounds. “Emery the baby makes mommy sick”, I was hoping she didn’t think mommy had some kind of disorder. More hoping my 2-year-old toddler wouldn’t remember these days and think this was the norm.

It’s funny to look back at these stories later but in the moment its the worst. I don’t mind sharing all these crazy stories, I’m a pretty open book if asked a question and I know as bad as this all sounds, I’m not the only one going through these challenging times.



Pregnancy can bring on the craziest of symptoms, emotions are running high and everything can be stressful. My husband and I decided early on that we were going to go on a Babymoon this time around. By the time we were ready to go, it was much-needed! Destination Cambria California, a beach city along the west coast of California. Our babymoon was going to be our last time to get of the house and do something before fun and relaxing before we had a newborn with us. Of course since im already headed into my 6th month I wont be able to do any adventuring but the point is to get away from it all and spend time on me and us for a change. Emery will be joining us on our mini vacation for the weekend. Even though its suppose to be one last hoorah for the adults, we can’t stay a night willingly away from her just yet, that and no sitter. This time around should be fun for Emery. Last time she was at the beach she had just turned one and didn’t really like the sand sticking to her and was scared of the water reaching her toes. Shes a water baby now,  I think she will like it and she can understand now.
I plan to park my baby bump on the warm sand and play in the water a little, go swimming in the pool, walk around find little shops, drive to other beaches and luckily for us this weekend is a craft festival, right up me and my husbands alley.
Since I post these blogs on Friday, I have no pictures to share yet and I don’t want to bring my laptop on vacation. This is a stress free all about in the moment not whats at home kinda weekend.

The influential, I know what I want 2’s


I don’t know if I would say Emery is in her terrible two’s, shes definitely in her – I know what I want, I can speak, this is my mood and how im feeling stage. It’s completely different from her last year, being one and just learning how to speak. At this stage shes a little person with big thoughts and ideas. Some times she cant explain them too well hence we have those “terrible two’s”. It’s so negative I cringe when ever my family suggests my little hunny bunny could be in that awful category.  I often roll my eyes (as I do so well) and think, just you wait till you have your own children.

Emery is wonderful, funny and chalk full of personality but lately she’s been (lets face it every parent reaches this point) less than amusing. I’ll be the first one to say I dont have patience, but the day I had Emery suddenly that changed. For her sake at least. I’ve been calm, cool and collected as I’ve spent  24/7 for the last 26 months with her. This past month she’s tested my new found patience to the max. It’s been, “you’re mean mom!”,taking her frustration out on toys , myself and anything else she doesn’t want to be around. I can’t help but think these actions may be influenced by other kids shes around briefly and things she hears people say. Makes me want to raise her and the baby in a cave away from all the  nonsense. All this while being 5 1/2 months pregnant. It’s seeming impossible to keep cool  while I have a kicking child in my arms or her wanting to run off, or often worse for me when she doesn’t want to stand up when I put her down and my back starts hurting.
All of this on top of no more naps. This child of mine has ceased and dismissed all ideas of a nap. That is at any normal hour, she often will ask for one around 5 o’clock. Not likely, then she will be up for all hours of the night.

If I wasn’t worn down by the end of the day before, I am now! Even though this is her new self expressing her emotions I can’t be with out her for more than an hour, I start to miss her. I guess she’s grown on me, bad moods and all. I just have to talk her through it all and tell her its okay to be mad but not alright to throw toys. Or often times let her know mommy is mad and give her a reason. My new saying for her has been, “calm down” & “relax”. Both words I need applied to myself. Preferably on a beach somewhere.