The influential, I know what I want 2’s


I don’t know if I would say Emery is in her terrible two’s, shes definitely in her – I know what I want, I can speak, this is my mood and how im feeling stage. It’s completely different from her last year, being one and just learning how to speak. At this stage shes a little person with big thoughts and ideas. Some times she cant explain them too well hence we have those “terrible two’s”. It’s so negative I cringe when ever my family suggests my little hunny bunny could be in that awful category.  I often roll my eyes (as I do so well) and think, just you wait till you have your own children.

Emery is wonderful, funny and chalk full of personality but lately she’s been (lets face it every parent reaches this point) less than amusing. I’ll be the first one to say I dont have patience, but the day I had Emery suddenly that changed. For her sake at least. I’ve been calm, cool and collected as I’ve spent  24/7 for the last 26 months with her. This past month she’s tested my new found patience to the max. It’s been, “you’re mean mom!”,taking her frustration out on toys , myself and anything else she doesn’t want to be around. I can’t help but think these actions may be influenced by other kids shes around briefly and things she hears people say. Makes me want to raise her and the baby in a cave away from all the  nonsense. All this while being 5 1/2 months pregnant. It’s seeming impossible to keep cool  while I have a kicking child in my arms or her wanting to run off, or often worse for me when she doesn’t want to stand up when I put her down and my back starts hurting.
All of this on top of no more naps. This child of mine has ceased and dismissed all ideas of a nap. That is at any normal hour, she often will ask for one around 5 o’clock. Not likely, then she will be up for all hours of the night.

If I wasn’t worn down by the end of the day before, I am now! Even though this is her new self expressing her emotions I can’t be with out her for more than an hour, I start to miss her. I guess she’s grown on me, bad moods and all. I just have to talk her through it all and tell her its okay to be mad but not alright to throw toys. Or often times let her know mommy is mad and give her a reason. My new saying for her has been, “calm down” & “relax”. Both words I need applied to myself. Preferably on a beach somewhere.


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