Pregnancy can bring on the craziest of symptoms, emotions are running high and everything can be stressful. My husband and I decided early on that we were going to go on a Babymoon this time around. By the time we were ready to go, it was much-needed! Destination Cambria California, a beach city along the west coast of California. Our babymoon was going to be our last time to get of the house and do something before fun and relaxing before we had a newborn with us. Of course since im already headed into my 6th month I wont be able to do any adventuring but the point is to get away from it all and spend time on me and us for a change. Emery will be joining us on our mini vacation for the weekend. Even though its suppose to be one last hoorah for the adults, we can’t stay a night willingly away from her just yet, that and no sitter. This time around should be fun for Emery. Last time she was at the beach she had just turned one and didn’t really like the sand sticking to her and was scared of the water reaching her toes. Shes a water baby now,  I think she will like it and she can understand now.
I plan to park my baby bump on the warm sand and play in the water a little, go swimming in the pool, walk around find little shops, drive to other beaches and luckily for us this weekend is a craft festival, right up me and my husbands alley.
Since I post these blogs on Friday, I have no pictures to share yet and I don’t want to bring my laptop on vacation. This is a stress free all about in the moment not whats at home kinda weekend.


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