Our weekend vacation


The pumpkin patch 
Last year Emery & I traveled almost 4 hours to see my Dad. Vic was still gone on deployment and we decided to take a ride to Roseville Ca, just a few minutes past Sacramento. From there we went to an area in  Placerville called Apple hill which is about another hour outside of Sacramento. I fell in love with it. It’s a  small community of homes and apple orchards  and they have a festival with apple cider, apple pies, apple cotton candy, apple everything pretty much. there are also tons of handmade crafts , a petting zoo, a fishing pond, and little wineries and a brewery.
All year I’ve been talking about going back. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The beautiful scenery and how there was so much to do just captured my heart. When the time came around this year to find a pumpkin I knew where I wanted to go. I had to take my husband to Apple Hill. I would  be able to visit my family and he could finally see for himself why I loved this place so much.
As soon as we got there my husband flipped out, we hadn’t even gotten out of the car yet and he was saying ” I love this place!”. I was happy I didn’t disappoint. He loved the fact that we parked in apple orchards and it was so organized.
Emery seemed to remember it from last year, she was saying, “Apple Hill!”. This year she rode a pony, I was worried she wouldn’t want to once it was her turn but I was wrong, she loved every second of it.
We had apple cider and looked around, she was content in her jogging stroller just looking at all the things around us. Eventually we left one location and headed to the field of pumpkins so find ours to take home. By this time Emery and I were hungry and had a snack. After being re-energized we walked the field and found 6 pumpkins worthy of coming home with us. Every year Emery gets a small pumpkin special just for her, this year we decided to do the same for baby Carlos. His has a small little white pumpkin that Emery loves to take care of every time we go outside.
It’s easy to spend a whole day there and probably not be able to see all there is to offer.
Every year we also take family photos, we planned on taking our there this year but we were pooped by the end of the day. Maybe next year!
We decided to make it our family tradition to travel up north every year to this amazing place to get our pumpkins and spend time with family we dont get to see very often.
Apple Hill

The California State Railroad Museum
Being so close to Sacramento and having lived there for a few years I knew there was so much to do! Right now Emery is into trains. Where we live we are surrounded by trains and the sound of them blowing their horns. My whole life I’ve never really lived far from a railroad track, even when I lived in the big city of San Jose. At night you could hear the trains horn in the distance. Its a soothing sound to me and Emery loves it.
One night we were laying in bed relaxing before turning the lights out and we watched a new cartoon we hadn’t seen before. Chuggington on the Disney Junior channel. One train had said, “Hi Emery”. Me and Emery looked at each other in disbelief. Emery confirmed what I had heard, “he said, ‘hi Emery'”. I rewound it and that’s what he had said! I called Victor into the room and we all flipped out. A train named Emery, how perfect for her.
I knew there was a train museum in Sacramento, I had been there once or twice before with my dad and i knew I had to take Emery there. Sunday before heading home we stopped by with the family and got to learn a little of the history and Emery was able to walk through a few trains herself. She loved it and got a few souvenirs, including a Chuggington flip book, two trains and an Emery wooden train with the name Emery & Emery’s Car underneath it.
I also found a penny presser, the kind of machine where you put 50 cents plus a penny and get a design to remember where you were. We have a little collection going for her.


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