Halloween 2012, Year of The Mouse.


Since Halloween was Wednesday its the perfect thing to write my blog about. This year was completely different from last years. Last year It was just Emery & I at home while her Dad was over seas at work. We spent what seemed like the whole month decorating the house with spider webs and all the other goodies one can find during the month. My sister who was staying with us to keep me company helped decorate the house and put up a cemetery fence. Needles to say I like to get into the spirit (no pun intended). For me this is the best and my most favorite holiday.

This year my husband was here, but since I’m 30 weeks pregnant as of Wednesday I hadn’t been feeling my usual Halloween self so the house ended up being really bare. Typically I would decorate the last week of September to insure I’m first on the block and to get the best use out of all the decoration. This year the weather here in southern California was so hot I couldn’t even bare to be outside to do anything, that and my lack or energy really put a damper on things. I decided just to put out the skull mat, get pumpkins, switch out a light and call it good. Three days later is the baby shower anyways and I really dont want the extra work of having to take down all that decoration and still having the house to clean.
Still I carved pumpkins with the kids and this year my sister had the idea of sticking glow sticks in the pumpkins for a fun safe way to add a pop of color. If you remember my 4th of July post from earlier in the year you will remember how fond we are of glow sticks. It turned out great! Also she had heard on T.V. that putting bleach in  your jack-o-lantern and then rinsing it with water protected it from rotting fast. I tried it and it seems to be working! Emery’s jack-o-lantern is going 5 days strong with no odor or bugs flying around it.

                                                            The kids pumpkins with the glow sticks in them. The little white pumpkin is for baby Carlos ❤

                                                                                                     The two little mice! Minnie and a pregnant Mickey haha

I started doing matching outfits with Emery last year. First we were leopard cats, she got her little costume first and since I was out trick or treating with her for her first real year I decided why not dress up and bought little ears and a tale. This year we decided Minnie Mouse! She has really taken a liking to the cartoon, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Jr. channel so when I asked her if she wanted to be here she loved the idea. I had a hard time finding the costume in her size in the stores. But one day there it was, the last one and we got it! Now since she was Minnie logically I had to be a character and I choosed Mickey Mouse. Victor was supposed to be Donald Duck and I was to make our bloomers and his hat but I got lazy and was scared to mess up so I never made the shorts. I found a pair of red shorts for myself (luckily) and sowed big white buttons on them and found mouse ears at a local Halloween store. Surprisingly it was hard to find mice ears too. My husband didn’t dress up but there we were, the two mice ready to nibble on some goodies.

Since our house wasn’t decorated and we hadn’t bought candy yet I decided to try something new. Our town was having a get together at the Civic Center down town for kids. Real cheap fun with food, candy, games and the mary -go- round was open! I always wanted Emery to ride it. It was a blast! She loved the jump house and the mary-g0-round the best. Of course I couldn’t get her away from them but that was fine with me, we were there to have fun and for her to ware herself out.
It was still early when they closed up (8 p.m.) so we made a trip to the grandparents to show off our costumes. Quickly we could see lots of dark neighborhoods. We were disappointed to see nobody participating in the fun. Last year when we went there was lots of dark houses too, I thought it was just our block but I guess not. Still you see lots of trick or treaters but I don’t know where they’re getting their candies from.
Overall I think it was a fun night. I enjoyed seeing all the costumes and parents dressing up with their kids and I think we’ll return next year to the Civic Center for some pre party fun before coming home and handing out our own candy.


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