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Baby Carlos is here!


Long time no post, sorry for being absent so long. Blogs slipt my mind for a while when I was pregnant. All of the being sick all day and night really got to me. It was a long 9 months for me while I awaited the arrival of our son.
Turns out he needed to be induced, he wouldn’t come out on his own. I was scheduled to go in on a Wednesday at 3:00 on January 16, now I can’t remember the details of times anymore but around 6 p.m. that night I was given Cervical to get my cervix going and help induce labor. The Nurses said it could put me into labor fast because this is my second child and my body knows what to do, or it could be the waiting game. My contractions at this point were low and I didn’t feel a thing. Both my husband and I went to bed at an early 10 or 11 o’clock after walking the halls a dozen times to help my body speed up the delivery.
At 12:00 a.m. I woke up to what I thought were stomach aches. I was uncomfortable and then I realized, “Krystal, you’re in the Hospital, it might be contractions!”. As I layed there a little longer I felt a warm trickle, I thought I was peeing myself only I couldn’t stop it from happening. I wobbled myself into the restroom  and realized it wasn’t pee, there was blood everywhere. I yelled for Victor to wake up and get a Nurse. It scared the crap out of me, the Dr.s call it, “the blood show” but I never had one with Emery and I wasn’t sure if what I was going through was normal.
Turns out is wasn’t. But then again whats normal when you’re having a child, every thing is different for everyone just like pregnancies. The Nurses helped me back into bed and called in about 5 other Nurses, the lights came on and everyone was in a panic. They called for a Doctor to come check me out and see why I was loosing so much blood. My Husbands face was white like a ghost, as if he were going to faint. He looked terrified.  That look he had scared me more than the medical team rushing around me, for a second I thought, “what if I die at giving birth”.
Speculation started that my placenta might be coming off the wall, causing all the bleeding. Eventually the Midwife concluded that my body was just reacting fast to the Cervical. There was nothing they could do for the bleeding and the baby was still fine, he didn’t have a fast heart rate or a low heart rate indicating a problem.
By 4 a.m. I needed help, I had been laying in bed with the worst pain in my life. These were way worst than anything I had the first time around with Emery. Maybe it was because they came so fast but I was gripping the bed rail for dear life cussing under my breath. I couldn’t take it any longer and I buzzed for the Nurse. She gave me something in my I.V. that made me loopy and I fell asleep. The medicine was supposed to last an hour but it wore off in 20 minutes. I was back to gripping my rail and cursing. By 6 a.m. that sweet Angel walked into the room with the epidural.
After that I was so relaxed, no more being tensed up, I was able to joke around. By this time it was 8 a.m. and Victor had left to get my mom. I was checked again to see how far I was dilated (by the way, that’s the second worst feeling in the whole world). I was at 6 cm and the Midwife broke my water.
At 11 a.m. I felt the pressure. I was uncomfortable again. It felt like I had to poop. I’ve heard people say that before but i never experienced it myself until now. With Emery I didnt feel anything I just pushed, this time it was pressure. I had to keep myself from pushing. The Nurse did one last check and said she felt hair. My baby boy had hair! such an awesome thing to have someone be able to feel that. The Midwife was called up to Labor and Delivery, she was down stairs in the Ob/Gyn with appointments. After a long wait, 9 months and 42 weeks of anticipation it was go time.

I will say one thing, knowing why you feel the way you do with the contraction pain, is better than hurting with all that pain and not knowing whats wrong with yourself. I knew the end was coming soon and all that pain was for a reason. Soon I would be holding my son and able to see what he looked like. After months of many people asking me, “are you ready”, I was finally at a confident “YES”, Lets get this baby out! I knew what I had to do and my body was ready, I was struggling not to push. Like Emery I couldn’t feel my contractions, I just pushed until I was told to stop. Labor lasted 10 minutes and with three big pushes he was here, Carlos Martin Calderon my son in my arms born on January 17 at 12:45 p.m. born with the help of Midwife Spaberg, the same Midwife that delivered Emery. Victor has never cut his children’s umbilical cord. With his first son he was deployed overseas with the Navy. With Emery had the umbilical cord wrapped around her head at birth preventing him from cutting it and Carlos had the same issue. He had the cord around his neck, I felt so bad for my husband. We knew this was our last child and he still wouldn’t be able to cut the cord. Of course we wanted the cords off the baby’s necks as fast as possible but still I couldn’t help feeling bad for him. Umbilical cord knots occur in about one in every hundred pregnancies
The Nurse heard he hadn’t ever cut his children’s cords before so she left it long enough for him to cut it. I was so happy for him and for us having a healthy baby boy. The last baby born into this family, we are now complete with two boys and a daughter. Couldn’t ask for anymore or be any happier.

Hospital Carlos 124

7.15 oz at birth and 19.5″