Monthly Archives: June 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday


So I guess its official, I can now say, I survived the Terrible Two’s. My little girl  big girl is three today! The terrible two’s weren’t so bad but she did develop an attitude ( I think that’s part of the DNA that we share). She has a big vocabulary and is able to communicate exactly how she wants to, yelling, tantrums and all. Her daily word is “top”. She really means to say, stop but she doesn’t pronounce her “S’s” all the time.
Since her last birthday she has made great strides. She has been potty trained since the end of February, before that it was off and on. Emery became a big sis in January, she  knows her number recognition from 0-9 and we are working on 10-20, she can count 1-20 and beyond with a little help. Emery has learned her alphabet recognition completely. My goal was A-K but she knows them all! She occasionally will miss a couple. She knows the letters sounds and her vowels. She learned her colors shortly after turning two and she has her shapes down.
We have been working hard to get her ready for reading and Kindergarten  Emery has “homework” everyday. She loves doing her flashcards and watching her “smart shows” like Leap Frog and Team UmiZoomi (an educational show that emphasizes on math). Besides all this she’s been an AWESOME big sister. Always willing to play with her brother and grab a diaper or pick up a toy for her little bro. It’s so crazy to remember her being just a little baby a few years ago and see what a big girl shes becoming and thinking of the future. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter, smart, hard-working, funny, and full of life. So, Happy 3rd Birthday Emery, Mommy and Daddy love you! Always stay true to who you are and keep that spunky personality we all love.

Learning 911


When I was pregnant with Carlos, I would get dizzy spells. I would just be sitting down and all of a sudden I would see sparks. I thought about putting a red dot on the number 9 on my phone, and two red dots on the 1. This way if anything happened to me, Emery would know to press 9 once and the 1 twice. I also put her Dad and her Great Grandma’s picture and phone number on my home screen. She already knew how to turn my phone on and mess with it, so it was easy for her to use. She could just press the picture and it would dial the number for her. These were the two people most likely to answer their phone or at least call back right away.
Now that Emery knows her number recognition, I’ve been teaching her how to identify them on the phone in case  I needed her help. I told her if she  found me on the floor and I didn’t answer, she  should check to see if I’m breathing by putting her finger under my nose to feel the air. I practiced this with her the other day, I told her, “don’t forget to check if I’m breathing!” while I laid on the ground. She came up to me and plugged my nose. I jumped up! “Emery I can’t breathe!” her response, “Well Mom, I’m not a Doctor, I’m a patient”. I couldn’t help but to laugh. Of course she’s right, she’s only two.
So, I think we will stick to the basics and save the CPR class for another day.