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Emery’s Petting Zoo Birthday party


For Emery’s third Birthday,  her Father and I decided to give our little animal lover a Petting Zoo.  The answer came clear to us when she was riding a pony last October. I mean, what girl gets to say, they actually got a Pony for their Birthday? She was completely in love with the animals and was able to ride with out her Dad next to her. Of course he chaperoned anyways.
The animals came and stayed for two hours. The petting zoo included ducks, chickens,  bore goats, a mini pony named Bandit, a rabbit And a Welch Pony for rides. Ford Farms, a local farm that travels with their animals to the local Thursday market and around the area provided the petting zoo. They set up in the front yard where there was more shade for the animals than the backyard and they made sure there was a faucet with fresh water available for the animals. Before the kids got started they had a set of rules of do’s and don’t’s so the animals would be protected.
The Petting Zoo was a huge hit! All the kids loved the animals, taking turns in and out of the coral. Emery was constantly in line to ride the Pony.

I made her cake this year, she wanted lemon cake with cream cheese whipped frosting. The cake was a hit, thank goodness because I’m not a cook or a baker (I should try candle stick making).  Carlos got to meet his Nina Valerie, and her family for the first time. Overall it was a great day, lots of family and friends came to celebrate her big day with her.
Anyone looking for a good Petting Zoo in the Hanford California Area, here is the website to Ford-Farms