Disneyland 2013


Something wonderful came up in a sort of Christmas miracle. Last week I got a phone call from my Dad, who lives about four hours away in the heart of California. At first he tells me he received our Christmas card and how he loves it, and then he tells me he has an extra adult ticket for Disneyland and he’s leaving in three days! I was literally jumping up and down at first and wanted to scream my little head off, except I was holding the baby and wasn’t 100% sure if they answer was yes. The dilemma was, me leaving behind my husband and ten-year old son who hadn’t been yet. Earlier this year my husband and I planned a to go with my father but as life happens, many things came up and we had to pull out pretty early on our trip. Now this opportunity fell into my lap and I really wanted to take the little ones. It took a whole day of really thinking about it but finally I decided I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity! I packed up and a few days later we were off! My Dad, his fiance Andrea, my two little brothers Braden (10 yrs old), Parker (4 yrs old) and my little troop – Emery, Carlos and myself.
Day 1. First stop – Lizette’s house!
Lizette and I have been friends since the good ol’ days of Myspace. For about 9 years now we have chatted over the internet and watch each other go through some pretty crazy life experiences. Boyfriends, marriage, kids; we’ve seen it all! Just this year we finally met for the first time!
Saturday I needed a place to stay while my Dad and his Fiance stayed with her cousin in the L.a. area. The kids and I stayed with Liz and I was finally able to meet her little boy Aiden who is 6 months older than Emery. Those two kids were so cute together! I wish they lived closer so the children could spend more time together. Right away they started playing and became friends. Liz and I caught up on things going on in our lives and before we knew it, it was bed time. The first night was the roughest. Emery had never been away from home, let alone her father. The only other time we haven’t all been together is when he was deployed for 8 months but she was Carlos age, and too small to really remember. That whole night she cried for him and begged to go home. I kept telling her about the fun she would have and promised in a few days we would see him again. As soon as she would fall asleep she would wake up crying for him again. That started nearly a week-long of no sleep for this mama.

Emery & Aiden 2014

Emery & Aiden

Day 2. Rest day – In the morning my family came to pick us up and we headed out to breakfast. After that we went on a mini tour around the Disneyland park in the car and walking around in Downtown Disney. We were all very ready to start our vacation at the park!
We rested up in the Hotel room and waited for my Uncle and his family to show up. He knocked on the door waiting for my Dad’s finance to open, when she didn’t he peeked in and saw me. Immediately he said, “oh sorry” and was closing the door thinking he had the wrong room, then he saw Andrea and said, “Krystal?”, in which I replied, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”. Its a long-standing joke of ours, it seems we only see each other during Christmas so when ever we see each other even when it isn’t Christmas we still say, “Merry Christmas!”. Emery was asleep on the bed, she crashed out playing on her tablet, but when she woke up she was so happy to see her cousins, Allison (10 yrs old but looks around 13) and Mia (6 yrs old). and it was our first time meeting Isabella (2 yrs old) and Amelia (4 months) his two youngest daughters. Emery is usually the only girl around with a bunch or uncles and boy cousins, so being surrounded with four other girls was awesome.

Sunday, a day of rest before three days of Disneyland

Sunday, a day of rest before three days of Disneyland

Day 3. California Adventures – At 8 o’clock in the morning we stood in line waiting for the gates to open, I hadn’t been to the Disney Parks in 8 years and was very excited to be there with my kids. We were equipped with walkie-talkies so we could break up in groups and communicate and we had charged cameras and phones for many photos! We stopped to get our Fast Passes (a MUST at Disneyland for any long ride, you’ll jump to the front instead of waiting an hour or more in line). The first ride we went on was a Car’s ride in the kids section with Mater driving around all crazy. Emery went on with my Dad (which is totally cute because she use to be shy with him) and I went on with my four-year old brother. It was a total blast! Emery went on again while I rocked the baby to sleep.
We stopped by A Bug’s Life but missed out on the Toy Story area. We tried to go on as many rides as we could and when I couldn’t go on a ride with her my Dad or her Grandma Andrea stepped in and took her while I waited with the baby. They were the biggest help ever! Especially since I went alone with out their Dad.

Emery & Grandpa First ride!

Emery & Grandpa
First ride!

Em didn't really want to take the picture but I convinced her to bare with it ... this is that result ...

Em didn’t really want to take the picture but I convinced her to bare with it … this is that result …

Day 4. Disneyland – Emery borrowed her best friends Belle dress from Beauty And The Beast for our trip. We had breakfast at Disneyland with the Characters, and bought an autograph book for her to get the Princess’ signatures and everyone else we might see at the breakfast and around the park. The breakfast itself was pretty awesome. First we got our photo taken and then sat down and ate buffet style. As we ate characters would come around the tables, sign our autograph books we bought and took pictures. Emery was excited to see them and have each character sign her book but for the first 5 she didn’t want to take a picture with them. It wasn’t until they were around for a long time and she saw how they interacted that she let her guard down. We were all in shock when she got off her chair to take a group photo with Winnie The Pooh. Carlos, was unsure of them but was brave, took photos, didn’t cry and even touched them to see how they felt. He’s in that phase where he doesn’t like strangers or anything besides me really, so for him to go out of his way to feel comfortable and touch this new big fuzzy thing standing right next to us was surprising. I’m planning to write a letter to a Disney character and get the Princess autographs that we missed! I pinned it, just in case we ever went on a Disney trip.  That night we watched the fireworks, they do every night (weather permitting) and afterward Disneyland had areas of the park that were “snowing”.

Breakfast with the characters

Breakfast with the characters


The Magic Kingdom!! 2014

The Magic Kingdom!!

Day 5. California Adventure/Disneyland – On the third day of being in the Disney park we usually hop around from park to park. We started off the day at California adventure, where I rode The Tower of Terror and some what concurred my fear of falling elevators. I went on with Andrea and grabbed her arm to hold on to when the ride when the ride fell from the top. When all was said and done I had tears at the corner of my eyes and I was most definitely screaming at the top of my lungs. After wards My Dad took the kids back to, A Bugs Life, where Emery and the younger ones rode around one last time before we headed back to Disneyland for the rest of the night. By this time Carlos was cranky. For being in a stroller and in my arms for more of the 5 days he did a pretty good job. I’m sure he was missing crawling around his sis’s room and being able to stretch out at will.

Tower of Terror {that's right I'm holding on for dear life, screaming at the top of my lungs}

Tower of Terror
{that’s right I’m holding on for dear life, screaming at the top of my lungs}

Our last night at Disneyland was spent in Fantasy Land (where all the fairy tale stories are) and trying to get on last-minute rides. We weren’t able to ride Peter Pan because it was breaking down and Frozen was closed but just being in the park as late as we could stand it before heading home the next day was good enough for us.
Day 5. Goodbye – The morning we headed out was supposed to be our sleep in day. We had woke up at 6 am for the past few days to get to the Park as early as possible. Like clock work Carlos woke up a little before 8 and soon everyone was up. After being in the wonder Southern California warm weather we were leaving Anaheim with rain. Winter in California (depending where you are at) is usually warm or not the winter wonderland as depicted in the movies (which Emery doesn’t understand why is doesn’t snow for Christmas here). Where we live (the Valley, Hanford CA) is was cold jacket weather. In Anaheim we didn’t think (and we should know better) it was a hot 80 degrees up until the day we left. Perfect timing for us.
We all had breakfast together and talked about the fun we had and the long travel ahead of all of us. I filmed the cousins one last time (and regrettably did not take any photo like I planed).
We all did pretty good on our rainy drive home. The half way point for me, is going over the Grapevine, and then I know not too much longer until me and the kids would be home. Emery was the one to get fussy on the way back, she just wanted to be home and Carlos was surprisingly good. Minimal fussing and would stop when I started playing Peek-A-Boo with him.
When we finally turned the corner to my house I saw Victor’s car in the drive way. I was completely surprised (very rare and hard thing to do to me) because it was 3 p.m. on a Thursday and he was supposed to be at work. He came home to welcome the kids and I home! It was so sweet, I guess he really did miss us all!
As we said stretched our legs and said goodbye and thank you to my Dad and family as they headed home for another 3/4 hour drive we were all ready to be with each other. Even though it was a little less than a week away from home, I sure was happy to be back and to be with my husband again! 

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