Monster Bash 1st Birthday


WELP, it finally happened. After a memorable 365 days Carlos has turned one year old. He’s no longer what I liked to consider a “newborn” (as in newly born into this world and not even one yet).
The party’s theme was Monsters! Carlos loves to play around like he is a monster and does his own little growl. If growled at he will growl back.
A month and a half before his party my Sister – In – Law Vienna and I would stay up pinning away (yes, I’m addicted to Pinterest) at possible ideas and must do’s. The week of his actual birthday I finally was able to put my creative mood into full gear.
The week of the party I started on the paper mache monsters. The first day consisted of covering the balloons and waiting  two days for them to fully dry. Instead of using glue and water like I did in Elemantary school, I found out flour and water is a cheaper and effiecient “glue”.  At first Vienna and I cut up some freshly delivered ads that had come in the days mail. We soon ran out of strips and I resorted to the phone book. It was a genous idea! The paper was perfect, thin and there was a whole book full of it!

The beginnings of our paper mache monsters

The beginnings of our paper mache monsters

A few days later we cut up different pieces of streamer and taped it onto the balloon. The day before while we waited for the balloons to be dry, we cut out arms, legs, feet and hands with construction paper.
Emery drew a few monster pictures around the house and put her name on them. I was very proud of her penmanship and how great her monsters turned out.

Proud of my 3 year old

Proud of my 3 year old

Thursday night Valerie had come and she cut out eyes for the background of our fish tank, the monsters and helped me put the teeth and eyes up for our scary hall monster.
Happy 1st Birthday
Friday was Carlos’ actual birthday, we walked down the hall into the living room and the look on his face when he saw all the decorations was priceless .

He had a smile from ear to ear as he looked around at all of the streamers and decorations we put up when he was asleep. That night after dinner I made cookies and we sang him happy birthday with one candle in a cookie just for him. He had his first glass of milk and really enjoyed it. The cookie not so much, I gladly finished it for him. He took a nice warm bath and went to bed. That night the girls and I stayed up till 2 a.m. baking cookies, cupcakes and making home made frosting.

Big Sis helped a little before bed.

Big Sis helped a little before bed.

The Monster Bash
Monster feet led the way to the front door going into the house. The different feet came from the street in different directions and also from the neighbors house.

The Monster's are arriving!

The Monster’s are arriving!

We played pin the eye on the monster. Carlos’ cousin Jason won first place and Emery won second place!

Pin the eye on the  monster

Pin the eye on the monster

We all sang, “Happy Birthday” and Carlos loved it. He opened his gifts while the kids went back outside with a blue cupcake in hand. Our friend Madison made Emery’s first personal and  big birthday cake for her 1st birthday and also made Carlos’ first personal birthday cake decorated like a monster. It was absolutely perfect! The color was a perfect contrast to all the different blues we had in the house. The cake was a nice blend of soft white cake with a banana cream filling. I wanted Carlos to dig in but he didn’t like the sweetness of it. He isn’t into sweets (I couldn’t be more happy), he’s just barely been drinking more juice. Frosting and cake was a big step he wasn’t ready to take yet.

Carlos' personal monster cake

Carlos’ personal monster cake

My Husband, Victor, spray painted some poster boards for people to poke their heads through and take pictures as monsters or an alien.

The kids as little monster's

The kids as little monster’s

Alien baby!

Alien baby!

Over all the party was an absolute success in every way! The decorations were awesome (that’s me tooting my own horn), he made out with cool toys and tons of clothes, everyone had a good time and it was one of the best kid birthday parties I have thrown yet.

The home made frosting we made with our monster decorations. The frosting wasn't think enough. Note to self - don't try and use splenda to substitute sugar.

The home made frosting we made with our monster decorations. The frosting wasn’t think enough. Note to self – don’t try and use splenda to substitute sugar.

Googly eye cups and cupcakes.

Googly eye cups and cupcakes.

Lemonade with food coloring.

Lemonade with food coloring.

I think im getting the hang of this kid stuff! I want to give a very special thank you to Carlos’ Nina Valerie & Aunty Vienna for staying up for a few nights all night getting everything together! With out those two I wouldn’t have been able to get everything together all by myself! You two were a HUGE help! And thank you to all the people who showed up to celebrate our sons very special day with us! It was very memorable.

Monster boy!

Monster boy!


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  1. Im so glad I got to be a part of his birthday monster bash! It was a lot of fun and definitely worth the hassle of staying up and crafting. I will never forget the look on his face that morning!!

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