Emery’s 4th birthday

Emery’s 4th birthday

Emery’s birthday just passed and while I think I’m coping well with the fact that I now have a 4 year old, a soon to be kindergartener and this is our last year of being together everything single morning (que the tears). Months ago Em decided she wanted a My Little Pony / rainbow EVERYTHING party (she’s really into rainbow, patterns and colors). If that wasn’t pressure enough the haunting words of, “Mom, don’t mess this up” echoed in my head until the final day of her party. Such high demands from a soon to be 4 year old. Joy to the teen years that are rapidly approaching. As usual I spent many hours on my favorite web site Pinterest so that I may be inspired.  Luckily Emery’s favorite pony is, Rainbow Dash, otherwise known as “Gina” to us. Emery wanted to rename her a while back and now she is forever known as Gina before her formal  name Rainbow Dash. She was my main inspiration for her party. Outside the door in rainbow colors I taped up a welcome sign that read, “Welcome to Cloudsdale” (where Gina lives above Ponyville [yes I did that much research]). Victor drew up a picture of her from cardboard and together we had a rainbow of streamers as her tail that wrapped around the living room, as if she was flying around through the clouds. No need for using the imagination, we cut out white clouds from cardboard and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. They looked like they were floating, and totally set the tone for the whole party. I also made drapes from table clothes and hung up as our new curtains. The light shining through them was beautiful. With the Cricut machine I made rainbow circles and garland that hung over the sweet’s table and went around the counter. A few months ago I made pony ears with different colored head bands and different colored felt for different ponies. We had a “pin the cutie mark on the pony” game but we forgot all about it, but the kids did sit around and color their own ponies.  I tried to emphasize the theme in every way.

Welcome to  Cloudsdale!

Welcome to

Who wouldn't want to be 20% cooler?

Who wouldn’t want to be 20% cooler?

Everypony needs some awesome ears

Everypony needs some awesome ears

The rainbow sweet bar

The rainbow sweet bar

My Little Emery Lollipops

My Little Emery Lollipops

Rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow cupcake of amazement

Rainbow cupcake of amazement

Emery's personal cake

Emery’s personal cake


Gina dashing around

Gina dashing around

A full shot of the living room

A full shot of the living room

Sweet spot

Sweet spot

Rainbow curtain and a huge Pinky Pie balloon

Rainbow curtain and a huge Pinky Pie balloon

Gift table

Gift table

The moment all our hard work was worth it. The birthday girl looks so happy

The moment all our hard work was worth it. The birthday girl looks so happy

My Little Emery 184

Her Rainbow Dash dress she was so excited to wear.

Her Rainbow Dash dress she was so excited to wear.

The sweet table consisted of different color rock candy, skittles, bubble gum, rainbow lollipops personalized with “Happy Birthday My Little Emery” on it, unicorn and “4” sugar cookies, and rainbow cupcakes with white “cloud” frosting and a sour belt over it for a rainbow. The cupcakes were UHMAZIN and the colors were so beautiful. Usually I want to eat all the cupcakes, just cause, but this time I wanted to eat them just to see how beautiful the inside was. Each one was unique and the colors made me extra happy. So happy I was forced to give them away or I would be bed ridden and typing this in a self induced sugar haze. Her cake was made by her Aunty Alexis who offered to take a load off my shoulders and do the cake for us. It was awesome! She put different color cake balls inside and had rainbow frosting dripping on the outside. All of the decorations and goodies came together so perfect!

A recap of what Emery was into at 3 years:

Still hates potatoes but is occasionally eating french fries

Loves to color in patterns

Current favorite song – Let it go from Frozen and Jingle Bells (she sings both every day)

Favorite cartoon – Frozen

Favorite drink – Still chocolate milk ( no longer says milp)

Fluent in her alphabet sign language and in many words

Is learning to read and write

She loves playing her “game” (the tablet)

Our running family joke is – “Pedro Pony” (and then I get fake mad and she laughs) or her sounding it out to us.

Current favorite stuffed animal – A purple beanie baby she named Teddy (tetty)

Speaks with a British accent

Decided she doesn’t want to say tomatoes any more (the American way) shes calling them tomatoes (like the British)

Dora and Diego are still her cousins

Favorite Holiday – Christmas (She talks about Santa daily)

Loves to draw mustaches on pictures –


Favorite lunch – Peanut butter with no jelly or chicken nuggets, ranch and a chocolate milk

Loves her Starbucks chocolate milk

OFFICIALLY SLEEPS IN HER OWN  BED!!! like a big girl! She reminds me every morning she’s a big girl for sleeping in her room.

Favorite dinner – still spaghetti

Wants to go to Grandma Yvette’s everyday

She thinks the moon is following her home at night

She thinks EVERY car on the road is a “slug bug”  (or sometimes she says nug bug)

Loves bugs and dirt

Hates shots

Thinks her arm and legs are broken at least once a month

LOVES doing homework (Keep that attitude up little girl!!)

Knows a few states and capitals

Had a photo shoot


“Sunday is my Monday”

“Trouble boy” her nick name for Carlos

“I’m 16”

“I know” (and most of the time she does)

“You told me already Mom”

“Im fashion forward and backwards”

“Pedro Pony”

“How work?” or “How’s work”

“It’s taking forever”

“Yes mudder” (as in, yes mother)

“Can I have chocolate milk?” (every morning with out fail. No Emery, not until lunch time)



Lets end the blog with this awesome picture

Lets end the blog with this awesome picture


Thank you to everyone who came and made Emery’s day even more special! With out the love of everyone it wouldn’t be the same.


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  1. You are an amazing mother im so proud of you! Everything was so nice n out there! Em is so special and you and vic made her a remember able 4th birthday party!

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