Carlos’ Dinosaur birthday


Bringing in the new  year usually has me in a panic.  I have 17 days to get all and any decorations in order before Carlos birthday. This year I had been stressing bad on how things would be staying on the walls and how many things needed to be done! I had been planning and getting ideas together for months.

This years theme would be Dinosaurs! It was a toss-up between dino’s or trains but dinosaurs won and Carlos was gifted lots of trains for Christmas.

All of our craft “stuff” was together, the baby was a sleep and it was time for this mama to get crackin’. We started with decorating the fireplace mantle with a banner made from burlap. I knew it would unravel with the first cut but Dad was a big help and thought of the genius idea of using packing tape on the back sides. the triangles held together, but it did have a draw back of a shine. We used acrylic paint and just eye balled his name on the triangles. When I say “we”, I mean my husband. My hand writing it pretty nice but Victor has a reputation for calligraphy so anything with words usually goes to him. I might screw things up with all the pressure of trying not to screw things up.

"Keep pulling the sweater, eventually the thing will unravel" - Zoolander

“Keep pulling the sweater, eventually the thing will unravel” – Zoolander

Tape is always the answer unless you can hot glue it.

Tape is always the answer unless you can hot glue it.


The completed mantel ... very roarsome!

The completed mantel …
very roarsome!


Vic was a big help, he saw me struggling cutting one leaf. I saw him watching with my side-eye and I was hoping he would step in. I about did a back flip with he took over and cut all the leaves. He cut 5  construction papers at a time (any more was a struggle).

I have this mini obsession of documenting my children’s hands and feet. We all know how kids grow so fast so every holiday I can see how much bigger they have grown. I made Carlos’ hand into a stegosaurus, because this mommy needs all the little trinkets I can get my hands on!

Hand sown with love. The white is flour from the hand print stamping onto the fabric.

Hand sown with love.
The white is flour from the hand print stamping onto the fabric.

Victor thought of making the cork board a special photo board for the whole month honoring each child. I used photos of us outside playing with bubbles, at the Zoo, Museums, with friends and family, his first photo in the hospital with mommy and daddy and some pictures doing everyday fun stuff like the park, eating his favorite snack (popcorn) and gardening with great grandma Mary.

Two years of photos and memories <3

Two years of photos and memories ❤

In addition to being stressed Vic wanted to stencil a shirt for the birthday boy. It actually worked great! First he used a thick cardboard (a shoe box top) and then just blotted from more of that acrylic paint on top. Unfortunately there was a tear on the other side and the paint bled through. It looks semi crappy and definitely home-made looking on the end but still cute.


During the day I spray painted frames and Vic helped me spray paint “Roar” on individual canvas covered letters we found at Michael’s. I really wanted to make a dinosaur nest in the front yard, something to really set the tone of the party when guest walked up to the door. I stressed real bad thinking of how to make dinosaur eggs. I thought about paper mache but I honestly did not have it in me to even try to do that, I could spray paint big round balls if I could find any in the stores, but Vic thought the spray paint would crack, foam spheres cost too much and the spray paint might dissolve them. So remember all of those pumpkins we bought in October, we used the three smallest ones and spray painted them white and finger painted blue paint dots on them.

DInosaur eggs

Dinosaur eggs

I made a small chocolate cake and threw a dinosaur on top. I tried making it a chocolate mound of wild wilderness and added T- Rex nest with some left over easter gum eggs and green sprinkles.

Not too shabby

Not too shabby

Nina Valerie came a few days before the party to help with decorations , be with her mijo and bring some volcano lava cup cakes her sister-in-law Deniece made special for Carlos’ birthday. Apparently the first batch had the cupcakes too big and the second batch was … something.


With a mini pterodactyl flying around.

With a mini pterodactyl flying around.


And last but not least (of all) was the main decoration, the thing I had been stressing about for months and months, the one decor that would make this dinosaur party really pop … The vines!! We purchased a thousand foot roll of butcher paper on Amazon. I was thinking this paper was going to be thick and it would unravel and how the heck was I suppose to hang these heavy things up. I got the idea from a Pinterest post and they recommended fish string. When we rolled out our paper it was super thin, all of those months panicking and preparing for disaster were put to ease. We just rolled it out, Vic standing in the kitchen and I was across the room by the back door. We twisted up and Nina Val went to the middle and twisted from there, that was actually a huge help.


Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the jungle

2015-01-17 09.26.13


For the party I found the Jurassic Park theme song looped for 10 hours, totally not excessive and definitely amazing. I think we listened to it for about  4 hours.

Everyone loved the decorations and funny enough I printed out three dinosaur fake facts and framed them but I don’t think anyone read them.

Yeah I went ahead and added them in here ... what? I think there funny!

Yeah I went ahead and added them in here … what? I think there funny!


We had some name tags lying around from another party that didn’t get used, I decided to bring those out and write the kids names on the tags with a dinosaur suffix. Usually when I do something extra fun, just the kids want to get involved but this time everyone asked for a tag! It made me really happy for everyone to get involved and that they loved the idea. We had a Grandma-saurus, a Grandma-Rex, a Miguel-adon and a Jay-dactyl.


Our main course was nachos! It was a big hit at Carlos Baptism so we decided to bring it back for an encore.

The children had dinosaurs to color and we put up a big strip of brown construction paper for the kids to do some Cave Man drawings.

Cave men & women

Cave men & women

My husband made cut outs of a dinosaur and a cave man. The kids thought it was really funny and we got some great pictures out of it.

Watch out!! Birthday boy is 2!!

Watch out!!
Birthday boy is 2!!

ROAR!!! means I love you in Dinosaur

ROAR!!! means I love you in Dinosaur

I think Dad created the cave man after himself

I think Dad created the cave man after himself


We also laid about a foot print of a T-Rex foot on the floor. 6 feet tall,  Carlos laid in the middle of it.

As you can see the foot came out a little wonky and maybe not so accurate.

As you can see the foot came out a little wonky and maybe not so accurate.


We sang happy birthday…



and after a few tries of trying to blow out the candles by himself mommy helped.


Carlos Bday 2 035


Thank you to everyone that came and to everyone who reads our blog, joins our adventures online, shares our laughs, and watches us grow together.


Carlos Bday 2 041


After months of refusing to round up to the big two until the big day it’s still very emotional. The next day I looked at him and saw a baby that grew up right in front of my eyes. He didn’t look like the one year old I knew and had helped walk and taught how to talk. He’s officially a little big guy! Running, making me laugh every day, so loving, so sweet and so smart! I’m getting use to my baby being a two year old and cherishing every moment. They’re only little once and how they grow so fast!

We love you Carlos Martin.

We love you Carlos Martin.


Now let me wipe my eyes and on to my favorite part of the birthday blogs …




1. While you know how to say, “yes” and “no” you decided that your just going to say, “uhuh” and “nope” instead.

2. Favorite Disney movies – Frozen and The Jungle Book

3. You love animals so much!

4. I have never in my life seen a one year old ask for a napkin and use it.

5. Watching you eat is adorable! You try different things on your plate, you know exactly what you want,especially veggies!

6. You are THE BEST at drinking with a cup! You picked it up so fast! No baby cups for this guy!

7. Favorite snack attack – popcorn & maybe chips (sounds like you picked up big sis’ likes)

8. Favorite juice – Orange

9. Also your favorite fruit, I would say

10. Nina visited so much last year to watch you grow, you really love her and say Nina so cute

11. You love to brush your teeth. You havent mastered the spit into the sink yet. You just swallow the tooth paste and spit air

12. You really want coffee and tea. You haven’t had any but mommy and daddy drink it so often you ask all the time

13. You have a love for dinosaurs and trains

14. Any time you hear a loud noise you think its Papa on his motorcycle

15. And any loud noise from a car freaks you out.

16. You hound Grandma Yvette for her ice and peanuts, though you tend to forget not to eat the shell

17. You are mommies shadow. Any where I go, Carlos is right behind me. I can’t even go into a room with the door closed!

18. You love to wear Dad’s cologne. When he sprays it on you ask for some by saying, “tss tss” the sound it makes coming out of the bottle.

19. And don’t forget about deodorant! A boy’s gotta smell good! Mommy and daddy pretend like we put it on your underarms.

20. You think you have a beard on your chin.

21. You call Emery, “wee wee”

22. You love pizza! You always eat two slices

23. You are a great eater! You eat anything but another real favorite of yours is spaghetti

24. “HEYY HEYYYY!!! TITI!!!” UGH so embarrassing 😐 How did ninny get to this? HOW!!

25. You have a love of cleaning and I hope it lasts. You get a wipey and start cleaning things. You love the vacuum and we bought you a little dirt devil but you wore it out and it broke in pieces.

26. You love music so much! You bop your head up and down in the car and sing along. You actually know the lyrics to Frozen. What one year old does that?

27. You say, “NOOO!” in a loud shocked high pitch voice.

28. You love your pockets and often walk around with your hands in them.

29. Some nick names – Brother, Charlie brown (he’s a clown), wito, Carlitos, mijo (exclusively Nina’s name for you), Chuck, Woodpecker (because your back hair sticks up when its short), goof troop and mommy calls you son (started off as a joke but it grew on me)

30.  You can sign! Pretty impressive for a little guy.

31. You refuse to let me sing you the ABC song. You only want “baa baa” or “row row”.

32. You love baths! You love it so much I cant even say the word because you’ll want it. (Its also one of the signs you know).


33. Instead of saying dinosaur you say, “roar”.

34. You call trains choo choo


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