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Welcome Spring & Summer

Welcome Spring & Summer

Spring is officially here in California. The trees empty brown branches bloom with tiny green leaves and budding flowers with bees buzzing all around. The kids and I are feeling the effects of it on a daily basis with sneezing and watery eyes.

We missed the big day with no project to welcome the weather but I finally got the mantel looking festive! I decided to not just make it a Spring/Easter mantel but include a general Spring/Summer mix. Rabbits and beach shells don’t mix, I began with colors and things I have around the house. After all I am a collector of things, and a Michaels enthusiast.

I knew I wanted to use my plastic lemons encased in a glass jar,  for a fresh bright look. I bought mine roughly 7 years ago but you can find lemons, other fruit and many different styles of glass jars at you local Michael’s.

The picture frame was a sale find many months ago at (you guessed it) Michaels. I bought two green for each boy and a pink for Emery. I intend to put my favorite picture they create in the frame to show case in the house, but for now I have used the pink frame for Valentines and the green for my Spring / Summer display.

A good rule of thumb for any holiday display is the height. Some go for symmetry but I actually can not stand it. I typically will have my displays give me a “W” shape. You want height- up high, little low, high, little low and finish high.

Flowers are always a great filler for me, nothing too crazy or big but just enough to make things pop and fill in space. Flowers grow crazy and wild so bend them going all different ways. I never cut my bunches I just twist the ends to fit into space I need them to go.

For the color palette I stuck with green and yellow for a few reasons. I already had a yellow frame and lemons and the green frame hanging. Green is very “springy” to me and fresh. I also can not stand pastel colors. Something about the dullness just gets to me so I needed to stick with bright but not too wild. Michael’s had a few things that could have worked but color but I wasn’t too convinced on it.

The chalk board was a must have! It doubles as a white board on the other side (maybe for school work?) and can be used as a sign for one of the children’s birthday parties. I added a fun message, “No allergies please” with a lead and little flowers. Be creative!! It can be a count down to a vacation day or the end of school or a cute hash tag … maybe like #TheSummerOfGeorge

The wreath was a lucky find, when I walked into Michaels on a whim. 40% off custom wreaths . I tried to find an Easter wreath with out too many colors that I would be stuck having to work with. There are always wreathes that are unfinished. You can add your own flowers, tulle, birds/eggs for a nest or Easter.

And last but not least we have to add photos of the kids doing “spring” stuff. hanging out at the park, playing with bubbles, zoo day photo and last Easter. I like to add one picture of Mom and Dad too, after all spring is all about new things, love and family.