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Back to school mantle

Back to school mantle

Often I make our fireplace mantle change for the season or holiday but I never blog about it. I’m going to change that and start sharing my mantle creations on here maybe to inspire others or if nothing else to share the fun I have creating my mantle master pieces.

2015-07-25 19.17.35
The school year is approaching fast and before the holiday’s catch up with us I wanted to pump up the kids for the new school year. We now have a middle schooler and a kinder kid in the house and those are two big transformations that they will have to get use to.

I went to Michaels to get loom for the crayon wreath, I needed two different size embroidery hoops that I hot glued together (the top thick wood parts with the screws) and bought two packs of 120 crayola crayons to ensure I had enough crayons for the wreath. At my discretion I spaced them out in the correct color spectrum. I ended up only getting to red, orange, yellow and green not even using blue, indigo or violet.

snap chatting my project

snap chatting my project. Hot glued the crayons to the hoops. I found it easier to place the crayon quickly on the hoop where I wanted it and then place to dots and glue it down.

Originally I had planned to add cute cut outs with my Cricut machine, but once the wreath was done I loved it the way it was.

Hung with a measuring ribbon and the rest hangs down in a bow.

Hung with a measuring ribbon and the rest hangs down in a bow.

I had an idea of how I wanted the mantle to turn out, I just needed to find a few accessories at the stores if I could. To my surprise I didn’t find what I needed at Michaels, and now that I think about it I might have been too early in the season for back to school supplies who knows. Next door I made a Target run and “glanced” in the dollar aisle (its my weakness), to my absolute surprise and utter joy┬áTarget had a few great back to school decorating items. I’m sure I looked like a kid in a candy store with a million dollars to spend. Each find made me happier than the next. My at home ideas went out the door and my cart was full of new ideas.

The kids and I grabbed a world map and I used this as an opportunity to illustrate the path that their Dad traveled while he was in the Navy on his deployments.

Dad has been around the world twice.

Dad has been around the world twice.

The glass jars were filled with stamps and scissors and the book ends held some children books, while on the other end an apple chalk board counts the days until school starts.

20150725_142733 (1)

And last but not least the garland has a positive message for the kids to read daily and absorb before the school year begins.

Stay focus!

Stay focused!

Emery you’re 5!

Emery you’re 5!

Emery’s actual birthday was a small get together keeping with her Frozen theme.
Before Emery had arrived Victor and I decided we would get her ears pierced on her 5th birthday if she wanted, but not before. We wanted to make it a right of passage for her into becoming a big girl and having her ears done right before school started. Also we didn’t want her earrings hurting her head when she laid down or her messing around with them and getting her ears agitated as a baby.
Before her big day we asked if getting her ears done was something she would want to do and it was. Her aunt who was a few years older had hers done and her best friend Lauryn had earrings. The afternoon of her birthday we took her to get her ears pierced and while I kept telling her it will hurt it was obvious she didn’t understand.

One sassy 5 year old with her pink (toy) cell phone

One sassy 5 year old with her pink (toy) cell phone

She cried and screamed but after a few short minutes they pain subsided and we were walking out of the mall with a new stuffed animal and some frozen yogurt.

Those new earrings :) Fancy!

Those new earrings ­čÖé

The day was hers and she knew it, we did all things Emery wanted: earrings, yogurt, Figaros for lunch, pizza for dinner with rainbow cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Carlos was pretty excited about the cupcakes

Carlos was pretty excited about the cupcakes ( A wax candle letter was missing, so she got Happy Birth instead, good thing this is her last year of not knowing how to read)


After asking me EVERYDAY your day is finally here. Happy birthday my little Angel. “Momma and Dadda” are so proud of you for being such a smart sweet little girl and we love you SO MUCH. We can’t believe our little Poochie is already 5 and about to start school! Always continue to learn and listen to your heart & brain. Here’s to many many more memorable birthdays!! Love always, Mom and Dad xoxo


Ending your first day of being 5 on a sweet note


Thank you to all who showed up to make our little one and her little party a little extra special.


Great Grandma and Great Papa handed down cousin Yvette’s favorite movie, Charlotte’s Web to Emery.

20150611_210718Every birthday I always want a picture of me and the kids but for some reason it never happens. Again, this is the best I could get but at least I got one this time! We love our little Princess.


Early in the year she came up with the idea of having a, “No rules, anything goes” birthday. However she failed to mention this was her new motto for life after she turned 5. Apparently I agreed that rules don’t apply to her anymore.

Emery is well on to becoming a Starbucks gold card member with her ordering skills: “Can I have a chocolate milk with whip cream on the top and chocolate on the bottom” even spelling your name out for the lady so she gets it right.


In your ripe age you have discovered the finer things in life. No longer are you addicted to the simple Kraft Mac N Cheese, you now only exclusively eat Panera’s Macaroni and cheese. Grandma Yvette made the mistake of asking Emery if she wanted macaroni and cheese and Em was excited until she saw the food in front of her and didn’t eat it, ┬á“It’s not Panera’s” in her valley girl voice she some times does (& is a running joke with grandma Yvette and I)

Basically I’m saying I created a monster

Em got her first comic book with Dad, My Little Pony

first time in a comic store

first time in a comic store

In deep picture thought

In deep picture thought

When no truer words have ever be spoken:


Dad taught her the diarrhea song it was funny and luckily she ended up forgetting all about it in a few months haha


It didn’t last very long

This still makes me laugh:


You started Gymnastics! Level: Spinner

Your last day in class as a 4 year old!

Your last day in class as a 4 year old!

Disneyland birthday gets a thumbs up

Disneyland birthday gets a thumbs up

You love your great grandparents and cuddling with them:


In her words, “I just want to be popular” & I am sure you will be because you are funny and sweet. Stay that way, no one likes a mean girl with a bad attitude.

Your vocabulary has grown so much! You impress us everyday

You are a ranch maniac

No shame in your game

No shame in your game

When Dad came home from the store and surprised us with flowers:


Favorite musician : Taylor swift

Favorite songs :  Bad blood, wrecking ball and its no big deal

Favorite movie : Inside Out & The Evil Minion movie

Favorite YouTube video : Chocolate Cake

Favorite color: Blue

All cars are slug bugs when she plays the game.


Raw onion (still), going to the park, tablet time, painting, playing with mom, likes horchata, likes chalk days and likes Snowie the Elf.


potatoes, getting her ears pierced (“it hurt”), doesn’t like lemonade (“too much lemons”), doesn’t like liars, doesn’t like to be┬áscared, doesn’t like staying in the dark, scared of the lion in the house ( I don’t know where she got that from but she says it)