How we survived 3 states in one day


Our longest road trip has always been 4 hours in the car, anything beyond that terrifies me. Emery use to be horrible in the car up into a year ago, she would flip out about her back itching & when she was younger she would cry because it was dark. Her first major car trip was when she was 9 months old, we traveled 3 hours to Los Angeles and it was traumatizing. I screamed inconsolably for hours, no wait, I’m getting what I wanted to do with what actually happened confused. Emery, was the one who lost it nothing worked to calm her, I tried feeding her while she was strapped in her car seat as I hovered over, I tried showing her light from my phone and having it vibrate. Of course the last 5 minutes of the trip she fell a sleep. All of this is just to set you up on how terrified I am of road trips. It’s completely justified and avoidable if I have anything to say about it.

Two weeks ago my husband & I through ideas of where or what to do for our son’s 13th birthday. Idea’s bounced back and forth and finally The Grand Canyon came to mind. It was totally epic and a great way to end our summer vacation.

We would spend 6 hours in the car just to get into Nevada, our first stop The Hoover Dam. We wanted to get up at 4 a.m. so the kids would sleep most of the way and get to the Dam before the heat came. The day of we left at 6, much later than expected, but hitting that snooze button felt so good. When we did leave the children stayed up for most of the trip.

After naps and packed crustable peanut butter and jelly snacks I decided it was a good time to hand out some fun they didn’t know they had. A few days before I bought some clip boards, stickers, goodies & printed out lots of road trip activities.


Grabbed some twistable crayons & case for each kid, some emoji & alphabet stickers, chap stick & glow in the dark lights at the local dollar store


You can find all the travel kids pages I used here at my Pinterest. Having a printer really saved me on this trip, each day the kids had something to finish or complete a mini report on what they learned. Since Carlos is three, I added more coloring pages he would be interested in (Carlos is really into tigers, so he had a tiger page to color & Diego) along with coloring pages of where we were going such as The Hoover Dam & The Grand Canyon. A simple google search of your next major destination under coloring pages should pop up some fun for the kids. Along with this we also brought their tablets, chargers & head phones (so I didn’t have to hear so much noise).

Speaking of sound, it was a lucky thing I brought my ipod because we used it all three days. The desert didn’t offer much and the mountains have no reception.


Emery filling out her form for the day on what she learned at The Grand Canyon in the hotel room


Because I have awesome friends that send me post cards when they traveled, I thought of them & bought some to send back! I really wanted this to be a writing exercise for Emery but the postcards were too small for her large print; so I ended up using them for myself





Carlos LOVED the coloring pages and crayons! He spent hours quietly working with them


TIP: I hot glued twine (yarn would also work) to the top of a pen and tied a knot to the metal part of the clip board. This way the kids had a pen to play their car sheet games with out it getting lost.


I remember what was happening here but I love the expression on Carlos’ face

Now that you have a behind the scene peek into our road trip the rest you can watch starting with, The Hoover Dam! Please don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, Taking California  & our Facebook page Taking California.




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