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Happy 7th my little angel

Happy 7th my little angel

All year Iv’e thought you were 7, you act mature and are so intelligent that it’s no wonder I  constantly said you were my 7 years old. Of course you were always quick to tell me I’m not 7! Not that I want you to ever grow up, but, it just seemed impossible my little smarty was only 6.

Emery, you brighten everyone’s day, whether its your beautiful smile, your intelligence shinning through with all the knowledge you know or willing to always help everyone.

You just finished 1st grade really strong! We couldn’t be more proud of you!! Your third trimester was absolutely perfect & you ended 1st grade at a second grade reading level. Of course, I cant the reading level is much of a surprise, this year you have become a regular book worm. From finishing your first “big kids book”, The Baby Sitters Club (comic) in a matter of a 2 weeks! And starting another Baby Sitters book & having dad lending you Niel Gaiman’s, Coraline book.

Emery it’s not just mommy & daddy who are proud of you, but everyone. I want you to know how special you are and never forget it. Dont think for one second you are second place to anyone ever. You are a very unique, amazing, talented, brave, very sweet, caring, intelligent, driven, hard-worker & so much more! You are unstoppable force and will do so much with your life.

Now on to my favorite part, here is some of the more memorable things you did when you were 6 years old.

  • “well thats your opinion, Carlos” – Emery
    You got into a kick about saying things were your opinion & vis-versa
  • You joined the school’s Choir to be in the talent show, other than just the class’ song
  • “Dad guess what? I was riding my scooter and jumped over the cat”.
  • You have a deep love for shrimp. You are a shrimp head. I have a funny video Aunty Brandi took of you on Snap Chat that wont play on here. But, Aunty Bullah knows you love shrimp too and got you some for your birthday
  • You celebrated another birthday at Disneyland! Pretty cool if you ask me
  • You got asked this year to be flower girl at Aunty Brandi’s wedding!
  • You have your heart set on becoming a Scientist. A Mad Scientist lol
  • Other careers you would like to pursue after you become a scientist are Artist, Engineer & a Veterinarian. You have a lot of schooling ahead, and don’t seem to mind the challenge.
  • We had a girls day with Aunty Brandi and went to Santa Barbra for the first time & saw her wedding venue. We had lots of laughs together
  • You fed Ostriches at an Ostrich Farm
  • You talk about adopting lots of kids & adopting pets, so that each kid gets a pet
  • You have your heart set on College. You have big goals already in life and we are proud of you and your spirit
  • You went bowling at the bowling alley for the first time on your field trip
  • Another year getting Student Of The Month! Great job Emery!
  • “Shes scary” – Great Grandma Mary said that after you said something and walked away. G.Grandma said, “the way she speaks and tells a story makes her seem so much older than she is”.
  • To go along with the top sentence, I am proud of your vocabulary. It’s amazing! You say things and words I would never say or even think of saying. You do have a sense about you that makes you come of intelligent and mature. Keep reading and gaining knowledge!
  • “It’s Fa-ti-MA, not Fatima” Apparently I’m not pronouncing her name right because I’m not over exaggerating the “MA” part.
  • Showing Uncle Eddie your end of the year grades (that were absolutely perfect) & saying, “now bow down to me!!” & he got down on his knees and did haha
  • “Mom, is Carlos wearing a Speedo”. That had me and Aunty Bullah Bullah laughing for awhile. We thought, how the heck do you know what a speedo is and why would Carlos be wearing one lol. But it turns out the life jacket for the pool was a Speedo  brand and that’s what you were talking about.
  • We went to Disneyland with Grandma Yvette, Serenity & Aunty Destiny!
  • Best friends at school: Kaylee, Fatima & Makayla
  • Favorite colors: pink, purple & turquoise
  • Favorite cartoon: Ruff Ruffman ( A PBS show you found on Kids Youtube. Its a dog and kids who quizes kids)
  • Favorite Vloggers – FG TeeV(ers) & Shannon & Paul
  • You always ask if you can have candy or do something you know you typically can not do without permission. You are extremely good about it! whether its being at school and having the teach message me if you can have gum with the rest of your class because you know you arn’t allowed to have any or being at a birthday party with all of your cousins and friends and someone wants to give you candy. I saw you talking to a adult and you came to me asking if you can have candy  before excepting it from a stranger. Of course I allowed it, but don’t think for one second I don’t recognize little good things you do like this. Then the candy ran out so with the last lollipop, you bit half and gave your little brother the rest because he had a sad face for not getting anything. You, Emery, are so sweet and amazing. Such a loving caring person and an amazing big sister.
  • You love coffee.
    You & Papa have this sweet connection. I can always get such a great natural loving photo from the both of you bonding.
  • I call you my closer, because you say the funniest things and when we are vlogging its perfect.
  • “I’m practically an adult, I’m almost in second grade”
  • While you were 6 you went to Arizona & Nevada
  • You saw the Hoover Dam
  • You visited the Grand Canyon
  • You write such sweet poetry with metaphors. Mommy told you to start writing stories. I think you have a real talent for it.
  • “Cawos!”
  • You learned how to snap your fingers this year
  • You love to watch, Skin Wars on TV (a show about body painting)
  • But you also love to watch anything I’m watching.
  • Me: (talking to Victor on our way home from L.A) What’s Chuy a nickname for?
    Emery: (in the back seat) Chewbacca. Out of know where with that answer. It had us laughing for awhile.
  • “My Barbies hands are in the air, and she just doesnt care”

    & last but not lease

  • “I love to watch Ellen. I watch her show at night on my tablet when I’m suppose to be sleeping”. Me and G. Grandma Mary looked at each other wanting to laugh so hard. What a little stinker you are! No wonder your so tired in the morning.