2017 year in review


As another year ends and a new one begins, it’s natural to reflect on the triumphs and struggles that lead us to the point where we are now. Fortunately 2017 has left our family with many blessings. In no particular order I would like to share our traditional year in review blog.

  1. Carlos started off the year with a rough start. We found out the hard way he is allergic to a medicine, that caused blood poisoning. His body hurt so bad, and he spent many weeks in his “wheel-chair”, which was Emery’s old stroller.
  2. Carlos celebrates his 4th birthday at Disneyland!
  3. Mom celebrates her birthday at Disneyland, with Dad & B.F. Brandi!
  4. We celebrate April Fools Day at Disneyland! Actually it just happened that way, but we did get to go with Grandma Yvette & the kids aunts!! We had such a great time and made lots of memories together.
  5. Mom & Emery went to Santa Barbra for the first time with Aunty Brandi to check out her wedding venue


    & Em got her first tattoo there lol

  6. Emery fed Ostriches and Emu’s in a little Swedish town.
  7. Emery turned 7 and had a shrimp pool party.
  8. Oh yeah, and Emery learned how to swim!!
  9. Victor started High School, Emery went to second grade and Carlos entered pre-school.
  10. Dad started his Masters degree and earned a well deserved promotion
  11. We went to Disneyland’s California Adventure (that makes 4 times mom & dad went to Disneyland & 3 times for the kids – It was a very Disney year)
  12. Mom & Brandi started a podcast. My kids are my biggest fans
  13. Carlos got two snakes (and mom still doesn’t know how she agreed to that)
  14. Mom became PTC (formally PTA) President (woot woot!)
  15. Mom & Dad went to a few concerts this year : Tool, AFI, Circa Survive & The Foo Fighters. all amazing!
  16. Mom & Brandi went to a haunted museum & did a podcast in the basement
  17. Mom loss 65 lbs! and its worth mentioning but that’s a lot of hard work that went into that!
  18. Emery got Student on the Month in first grade!
  19. Mom is on her second year on the schools SSC board & the districts Measure Z oversight council
  20. Carlos started and completed his first round of speech therapy. He is doing great!
  21. Emery graduated from speech therapy with Mrs. Horesly at her school
  22. The kids all stretched this year!
  23. Mom & Carlos got into a car crash – Don’t worry, all is well! Thankfully!
  24. Mom was asked to be her sister Jessica’s Matron of Honor at her wedding & gladly accepted
  25. Dad went hunting & came back with Doves. Everyone enjoyed them
  26. We went to LA to help celebrate Mami Chela turning 80!

    We end 2017 together at home enjoying each others company  &  if I could make a wish for 2018, it would be to for everyone to have another healthy year, lots of laughter, lots of love & safe travels.
    From our family to yours – Happy New Year! 

About mommylaughs

I started blogging my Daughter's stories & our adventures together. Now, I'm a proud parent of two little kids. We laugh, we cry, we learn together and share our life & our adventures. Follow us around The Golden State of California. Eureka! We've found adventure & a life time of memories to go along with it! FOLLOW US ON YouTube - Taking California

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  1. Happy New Year To you and the family! All the best in 2018! Glad Carlos is doing better, congrats to Emery for learning to swim and to you for all you are doing for you and your family! So proud of you Crystal. – Trina

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