Carlosaurus is five!


Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!, you’re five today! My little guy has grown so much this year! One year ago you started speech therapy & a year later the change is tremendous! You have worked so hard! Not to mention, you really grew a lot.

Here are some of our highlights from you being 4.


  • We spent a lot of time just floating around & enjoying life at grandma Yvette’s  house



  • bty
    We also spent a lot of early mornings at the library being involved in their summer program
  • You asked if you could give me a nick name ❤ you call me Mama Bear ❤ 
  • You started Pre- School this year! Grandma Yvette & mommy took you to your first day of school! You did amazing! No fussing at all! You were read for it!


  • You got your very own snake (against mommies will). You love it and named him, Shadow man.


  • We went on a special Disneyland trip with Grandma Yvette & fam.!IMG_20170401_132310
  • & we also went to California Adventure

  • Me : “who has one arm?”
    Carlos : “the one with the handsome beard”.

    (you’re never shy about pointing out lovely characteristics in another person)

  • We had lots of silly times

  • Anyone
    who knows you, knows you LOVE Dinosaurs! Your teachers at school tell me all the time when they see a dinosaur they think of you, you were dinosaur shirts all the time, your favorite stuff animal is tiny your T-Rex and at gym daycare the “teachers” know you want the dinosaur stickers. You are my little dinosaur boy! It’s awesome 🙂 mde
  • Your doing great in gymnastics, and making lots of friends!dig
  • & some real serious moments while you dominated your first video game, Lego Jurassic Park
  • Never thought this Silicon Valley girl would have a cowboy son

  • You’re always a big help

Helping Papa trim his tree


  • Picking you up from the gym’s daycare and you told me, “I asked that boy if his brother was the one with the big head.” As mean as this is, its still pretty funny. Of course after mommy laughed I told you not to point out flaws in people because its not nice.  & side note – that boy was really mean.


  • We had some fun times with our cousins this year

    Carlos & cousin Max having a little boy time in a fort.


  • Sometimes you went a little wild with the markers, and bath time took a little longer than normal

    scrub a dub dub, baby Carlos in the tub


  • You are a sensitive, sweet, caring, loving, funny, really smart child.
  • You wanted to give everyone in the house a nickname – Mama bear, Daddy bear, Brother bear and Sister bear
  • Your nicknames are – Soon, Soony, Brother bear, Sooners, Charlitos & Charlie Brown (he’s a clown).
  • Favorite color – red
  • You got pretty good at drawing dinosaurs


    Spinosaurus !!!

  • I gave my son medicine & he said, “mmm, money in a bottle”. Well damn, he’s not wrong

  • You have one little girl in your class who you think is adorable ❤ (Anaya)
  • * on the way home the kids and I were talking about seatbelt safety.
    4 yo- I want to fly out a window
    Me – not head first, you’ll die.
    4 yo- no, that will hurt. But I want to fly out a window, “I believe I can fly”.


  • Favorite breakfast – waffles with strawberries and whipped cream (only on special occasions).
  • You got boots this winter and you want to wear them with every outfit!
  • “kiss me bay-buh!”
  • You love for mom and dad to draw you dinosaurs and cut them out for you.
  • You love to draw rainbows
  • Your favorite ride at Disneyland is, Storybook land. Its the one where you go on a boat into Monstro the whales mouth. Its my very lease favorite ride, but you love it.
  • A favorite family book growing up was, Tailypo. We got the book and you and Emery loved it! “You know, and I know, all I want is my tailypo”.
  • You love to spend time with your great grandparents, Papa & Grandma Mary


  • Something few people know, last January when you were 4 or just about to turn; you got an allergic reaction to Penicillin. You had blood poisoning in your joints and couldn’t walk. Luckily we had Emery’s old stroller, and you called it your wheelchair. You were in such good spirits and so happy despite being in physical pain and not being able to walk. This lasted a few weeks, until you slowly started to move your legs and hip again. You have endured so much!
  • Mommy’s little twin
  • Park days ❤
  • Doing some therapy homework. Sometimes its a pain, but you always got through it

    Charlitos, you are such a clown. Always making people laugh with your silly faces & dances. We love you! Never change my little angel. Always stay full of life & love. Always be sensitive to others feelings & a good boy.

                                                You are the best boy I ever wanted

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