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Ava, my sweet angel


My sweet Ava, full of life and beauty. Another year of you being my little girl has slipped through my hands. The years go by so fast, I can’t believe you are eight. Still a little number, but your working your way up. You have such big plans for your life & seem to have it figured out. I envy that about you, how can a little girl know so much & have such big goals? I hope you know how much Mommy & Daddy love you, we will do whatever we can to help you become the best you. While sometimes you & I can bump heads, I hope you also remember all the snuggles & laughs we have together, because Emery Ava, I love you with all of my heart & you are the most wonderful person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing & the privilege of getting to teach, love & grow with. You changed me from the second you came into our life. Everyday I try to be the best me, for you; please remember that when we aren’t our best with each other.
Love always, Mom & Dad.

Here are some of the funny things you have said & done while being 7.


  • “Are you going to watch Tools?” You call Tool the band Tools. It always makes mommy look at dad with a smirk of adornment.
  • You graduated early from speech class! You worked hard!
  • Speaking of hard work … You achieved Student Of The Month in second grade! Three years in a row! Congrats! Rewards come for those who earn them!
  • You learned how to swim & became pretty good at it!
  • You love to watch all of mommy’s shows with her. From Fraiser, body painting to cooking shows … you are interested in all the same things.
  • When Carlos plays with his bow & arrow you call him Red Robbin Hood.
  • You are the Queen of clap backs, you get it from your father
  • I love how brave you are! Always the first to raise your hand or volunteer for something.
  • You rode a ride at Disneyland with Carlos & no adults for the first time!DSCN3980.JPG
  • You like to watch DIY, life hacks & mom life hacks.
  • Favorite YouTubers :  LD Shadowlady, Pat & Jen, StampyLongHead and Squishy
  • You always want KidsBop on in the car.
  • You started doing gymnastics again!
  • Favorite colors – Pink & Purple
  • You finally loss 2 teeth!
  • You are a night owl & refuse to wake up early
  • One thing I admire about you is when you make up your mind its set! You have such drive and determination.
  • Your goal is still to go to College, become a Scientist & own all the pets
  • “Banana’s make me gassy”
  • 71 
  • At some point during the day you tell the school staff all the latest news in our life.
  • When watching nature shows you always ask if the animal is dead. Carlos usually replies with, “it’s a part of life”.
  • 72

    I said, pay attention & this was the response I got


  • 73

    I finally fulfilled my dream of being a mascot. That’s me as Clifford! Emery had no idea


  • IMG_20170401_132310

    We all went to Disneyland together! 


  • How have I not mentioned your hair cut!! You got a major chop!
  • Flower girl at Aunty Brandi’s wedding

    My beautiful little girl


  • You are sassy!!
  • You love coffee. The bitter side.
  • I love your freckled face
  • “Yo, no hitting Z’s in my class! Whaaaaat!”
  • I love that you have no fear of bugs. You still catch rolly-pollies & grasshoppers
  • You & Carlos have such a tight bond. You two are best friends & you always protect him. Grandma loves how you take such good care of him
  • Bean burrito with nacho cheese is your jam
  • You love peanuts & pistachios
  • You still love raw onions & will eat them like a snack food if they are diced up and out on the counter
  •  I love, that you love, musicals
  • You want pickle ice cream … yikes!
  • You magically know every song on the radio
  • Your always first to volunteer & raise your hand