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Our little gymnast

Our little gymnast

In April Emery started gymnastics as a Spinner. I watched her start off not knowing how to do a simple forward roll to mastering the back roll.

learning how to roll

Learning how to do a cartwheel.


“Teacher I need help!”
She’s still learning but she’ll get it soon!

During this time she has had a few different teachers, but she really bonded with one in particular, Miss Adriana. Their bond was awesome to watch from high fives and extra long hugs when Emery would do a great job.

Miss Adriana

Miss Adriana

I was always on the side line cheering Em with words of encouragement, thumbs up, our own special hand shake and I was the mom always taking videos and photos. Emery’s gymnastic teachers would say, “did you get that?” and move out of the way for me to get the best shot.

Emery & Miss Megan

Emery & Miss Megan


Emery participated in the Cartwheel- a – thon, and did 15 of her best cartwheels earning her a participation trophy.


and a few months later was Gymfest where Mom and Dad got to watch the kids perform at every station. In gymnastic’s the children move around the whole time which means you are constantly moving around and switching seats from¬†floor routines, to the balance beam, jumps and bars. It was great to see the older kids and it was really a proud moment to watch Emery be with the other kids and watch her do what does. Of course, I cried right away watching her. I’m just always so proud of her in what ever she’s doing.

warm ups

Warm ups


Gymfest 2015 Floor routine with Miss Adriana 4 years old


The balance beam

The balance beam

Emery on the podium getting her participation medal. She also won an In N Out gift card!

Emery on the podium getting her participation medal. She also won an In N Out gift card in a drawing!

Within a few months, Emery left her spinner class and was placed in a Kinder Kids class (for those 5 and up). She’ll be in this class for a while before moving on to level 1. She’ll need to master the cartwheel and rolls with out touching the ground and standing straight up.


Messing around before class starts

Messing around before class starts

Until then (& always) we will continue to practice, practice, practice because practice makes you better!