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Another weird symptom


I know recently I wrote about most of my symptoms I’ve been experiencing. There’s one I left out that’s pretty weird. I forgot all about it until it happened earlier this week. It happened to me when I was pregnant with Emery too. I hear voices, I know what it sounds like but let me explain!
Have you ever heard of pregnant women having really vivid dreams? It happens to a lot of us and I’m one of those people. In general I have some pretty crazy dreams but when I’m pregnant it feels real to a different extent.

With Emery I would hear my grandpa calling my name, as if he was outside my window trying to get my attention. A few times I replied back, that’s how real it is. But the weirdest one, the scariest one happened when I was laying in bed and I thought my husband came home early to surprise me. I pretended I was asleep and I heard him call out my name. Finally after a few seconds, I turned around and nobody was there. Sounds like ghost stories but my brain is just on over drive and I make up these noises up even though I’m asleep and not thinking of these things.

The other night I was asleep and all of a sudden I heard loud knocking at my bedroom door! I thought it was someone! I wondered why no one else woke up, then before I shook my husband up I realized no one else is in the house with us. I thought is it cops? Did our alarm go off and we slept through the phone calls? The knock never happened again. I laid in bed scared but knowing I had, for some reason made up that noise that woke me from my sleep.
I’m pretty superstitious and Its been said if you hear a door knock and know one is there then your inviting a spirit into the house. Well I was not about to open that door! If I made it up or not I  just wanted to forget it! I remembered how much I hated having these things happen to me.
Though they seem to only happen when I’m asleep or in a sleep state It’s still pretty crazy to be woken up from a deep sleep to hear someone you know calling you or to hear a noise.

Bed time routine


Every night we do the same few things, I get her pajama’s on, turn on the humidifier, get her cup of milk … or as Emery calls it, “milp” and we decide which baby she wants to sleep with that night.
It started with her Beanie Baby Dora and Boots and before I knew it she had them, her pink baby rabbit and baby tiger.  Baby tiger is a new addition to her family after her cousin from out-of-town accidentally left it.
Before the 2012 Summer Olympics started we bought her a new Build-A-Bear to celebrate the games. Olympia, her special new bear has spent a few nights cuddling her to sleep.
Last year when her dad was gone we would say prayers every night, it’s something I’m sad we stopped after he came home, so I’m trying to get us back in the habit.

After getting everything together I give her a hug and tell her how much I love her and loved spending the day with her. Her Dad comes in and gives her a big hug and his good nights. Then he hovers her over her crib and she counts to 3 and he drops her in. Lights out with more I love yous.

As I leave the room I always wonder If we did enough things through out the day to make her grow and feel loved.