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Happy 7th my little angel

Happy 7th my little angel

All year Iv’e thought you were 7, you act mature and are so intelligent that it’s no wonder I  constantly said you were my 7 years old. Of course you were always quick to tell me I’m not 7! Not that I want you to ever grow up, but, it just seemed impossible my little smarty was only 6.

Emery, you brighten everyone’s day, whether its your beautiful smile, your intelligence shinning through with all the knowledge you know or willing to always help everyone.

You just finished 1st grade really strong! We couldn’t be more proud of you!! Your third trimester was absolutely perfect & you ended 1st grade at a second grade reading level. Of course, I cant the reading level is much of a surprise, this year you have become a regular book worm. From finishing your first “big kids book”, The Baby Sitters Club (comic) in a matter of a 2 weeks! And starting another Baby Sitters book & having dad lending you Niel Gaiman’s, Coraline book.

Emery it’s not just mommy & daddy who are proud of you, but everyone. I want you to know how special you are and never forget it. Dont think for one second you are second place to anyone ever. You are a very unique, amazing, talented, brave, very sweet, caring, intelligent, driven, hard-worker & so much more! You are unstoppable force and will do so much with your life.

Now on to my favorite part, here is some of the more memorable things you did when you were 6 years old.

  • “well thats your opinion, Carlos” – Emery
    You got into a kick about saying things were your opinion & vis-versa
  • You joined the school’s Choir to be in the talent show, other than just the class’ song
  • “Dad guess what? I was riding my scooter and jumped over the cat”.
  • You have a deep love for shrimp. You are a shrimp head. I have a funny video Aunty Brandi took of you on Snap Chat that wont play on here. But, Aunty Bullah knows you love shrimp too and got you some for your birthday
  • You celebrated another birthday at Disneyland! Pretty cool if you ask me
  • You got asked this year to be flower girl at Aunty Brandi’s wedding!
  • You have your heart set on becoming a Scientist. A Mad Scientist lol
  • Other careers you would like to pursue after you become a scientist are Artist, Engineer & a Veterinarian. You have a lot of schooling ahead, and don’t seem to mind the challenge.
  • We had a girls day with Aunty Brandi and went to Santa Barbra for the first time & saw her wedding venue. We had lots of laughs together
  • You fed Ostriches at an Ostrich Farm
  • You talk about adopting lots of kids & adopting pets, so that each kid gets a pet
  • You have your heart set on College. You have big goals already in life and we are proud of you and your spirit
  • You went bowling at the bowling alley for the first time on your field trip
  • Another year getting Student Of The Month! Great job Emery!
  • “Shes scary” – Great Grandma Mary said that after you said something and walked away. G.Grandma said, “the way she speaks and tells a story makes her seem so much older than she is”.
  • To go along with the top sentence, I am proud of your vocabulary. It’s amazing! You say things and words I would never say or even think of saying. You do have a sense about you that makes you come of intelligent and mature. Keep reading and gaining knowledge!
  • “It’s Fa-ti-MA, not Fatima” Apparently I’m not pronouncing her name right because I’m not over exaggerating the “MA” part.
  • Showing Uncle Eddie your end of the year grades (that were absolutely perfect) & saying, “now bow down to me!!” & he got down on his knees and did haha
  • “Mom, is Carlos wearing a Speedo”. That had me and Aunty Bullah Bullah laughing for awhile. We thought, how the heck do you know what a speedo is and why would Carlos be wearing one lol. But it turns out the life jacket for the pool was a Speedo  brand and that’s what you were talking about.
  • We went to Disneyland with Grandma Yvette, Serenity & Aunty Destiny!
  • Best friends at school: Kaylee, Fatima & Makayla
  • Favorite colors: pink, purple & turquoise
  • Favorite cartoon: Ruff Ruffman ( A PBS show you found on Kids Youtube. Its a dog and kids who quizes kids)
  • Favorite Vloggers – FG TeeV(ers) & Shannon & Paul
  • You always ask if you can have candy or do something you know you typically can not do without permission. You are extremely good about it! whether its being at school and having the teach message me if you can have gum with the rest of your class because you know you arn’t allowed to have any or being at a birthday party with all of your cousins and friends and someone wants to give you candy. I saw you talking to a adult and you came to me asking if you can have candy  before excepting it from a stranger. Of course I allowed it, but don’t think for one second I don’t recognize little good things you do like this. Then the candy ran out so with the last lollipop, you bit half and gave your little brother the rest because he had a sad face for not getting anything. You, Emery, are so sweet and amazing. Such a loving caring person and an amazing big sister.
  • You love coffee.
    You & Papa have this sweet connection. I can always get such a great natural loving photo from the both of you bonding.
  • I call you my closer, because you say the funniest things and when we are vlogging its perfect.
  • “I’m practically an adult, I’m almost in second grade”
  • While you were 6 you went to Arizona & Nevada
  • You saw the Hoover Dam
  • You visited the Grand Canyon
  • You write such sweet poetry with metaphors. Mommy told you to start writing stories. I think you have a real talent for it.
  • “Cawos!”
  • You learned how to snap your fingers this year
  • You love to watch, Skin Wars on TV (a show about body painting)
  • But you also love to watch anything I’m watching.
  • Me: (talking to Victor on our way home from L.A) What’s Chuy a nickname for?
    Emery: (in the back seat) Chewbacca. Out of know where with that answer. It had us laughing for awhile.
  • “My Barbies hands are in the air, and she just doesnt care”

    & last but not lease

  • “I love to watch Ellen. I watch her show at night on my tablet when I’m suppose to be sleeping”. Me and G. Grandma Mary looked at each other wanting to laugh so hard. What a little stinker you are! No wonder your so tired in the morning.

Happy 4th birthday Carlos

Happy 4th birthday Carlos

To my sweet boy,

I can’t believe you are already turning 4! Time has flown by! I feel like every year will feel that way, especially since you are the baby in the family. We have shared many morning snuggles and late night leg rubs. If I could keep you & Emery as three-year olds I would. It has been such a fun year. Three is a time where you grow & gain just enough independence to make your mark.
You have been my little buddy while everyone was at school and at work. From car rides, library trips, park days to zoo days! We’ve had snuggle days where we cuddled in the blankets watching cartoons until one of us got hungry & days where an arm around each other made us feel better.
You’ve had your own bumps in the road to concur already, this up and coming year you will begin speech therapy at Emery’s school & at the Dr.’s. You are ready and excited! You don’t get upset when mommy teaches you, you just try harder. It’s the best attitude I could ask for.
You make me laugh everyday & let me kiss you a  million times everyday. I know each kiss is special because your only going to be 3 & my little baby for a tiny glimpse in our life before you are a grown person.

Thank you for this wonderful year.
We all love you Carlos

Year in review

  1. You single-handedly started Sunday Doughnut Day (thank you)
  2. One time Dad was showing me a sticker and before I said anything you said, “That’s clean”. Dad & I just looked at each other and started laughing.
  3. You love giving yourself “tiger stripes”
  4. You have a big wind up when you run
  5. You learned how to draw faces this year. I was in disbelief that you drew the photo but everyone said you did it. Then you drew a face right in front of me. I couldn’t believe how great it was!
  6. Everyone who meets you loves you. You are a sweet & quiet little guy who loves to help
  7. For Halloween you wanted to be a “Tiger to scare your friends”.


    You at gym daycare

  8. This year you have really come out of your shell and hug everyone. At great grandma and papa’s house you sit with them when they watch t.v.
  9. You are my Disney boy. Luckily Mommy & Daddy have been able to take you many times already. You love to go where your friends live 🙂

    this is us missing Disneyland

  10. When your hungry you say, “I’m honey” & one of us will respond with, “hi honey“.
  11. “Dad stop. Stop Dad”. / “dop Dad”
  12. You started gymnastics this year!
  13. “Ladies first!” what a gentleman I have.
  14. You can spell your name and recognize letters in your name
  15. Papa has convinced you that Grandma bit his finger off. You have fallen victim to an old myth
  16. You & mommy have a joke that this otter is poop.
  17. You have a thing about lining things up. I love it.


    I know who’s been here

  18. This year you got your very own big boy room! You did awesome sleeping in it and then not so awesome. Every night you sleep with mom and dad, but when you turn 4 the deal is you have to sleep in your room again. (I will sincerely miss you next to me).
  19. You had your first major road trip, 6 hours in the car! & you (&everyone else) were amazing!
  20. When we go to the park we play “Peoples” It’s like house. Your name is Dinosaur King (you made it up but it’s from a cartoon you watch called Dinosaur King) & I am always Suzzy Q. Sometimes you want to be a girl so we switch names.
  21. You went to The Grand Canyon in Arizona this year

    Any time you see images of the Grand Canyon you always say you’ve been there. It makes me really happy that you remember going at such a little age and really enjoyed it!

  22. You visited The Hoover Dam in Nevada & Arizona (we crossed the border while we were there)
  23. & we visited the Route 66 Museumdscn3260
    You fell in love with a race car there
  24. You are so loving and sweet, you melt my heart daily
  25. If its time to leave somewhere you will go into a panic if Emery isn’t right next to you ready to go. No one left behind!
  26. “Mean yes”. If someone says “yeah” you are grammar control and quickly respond with, “mean yes”.
  27. EVER!!! (you mean NEVER!)
  28. When the cat meows you think he’s saying he wants to go back to Pet Smart to be with his friends
  29. Gerd. “I’m gerd mom”
  30. You love going over to Grandma Yvette’s house and playing with Serenity.
  31. You kept asking for waffles so Dad bought you a waffle maker special for you. Now mom is forced to make waffles at your will.
  32. Your newest thing is going slow motion. Sometimes it’s so slow I can barely see you moving!
  33. you hate naps. You despise naps. you LOATH naps. To mention the word is a sin.
  34. If you ever become a coffee addict blame your father.
  35. Favorite movie – Land Before Time 16 (no exaggeration)  The Journey Of The Brave
  36. You still love Dinosaurs, Trains & Cars
  37. Favorite colors are – Red, blue & orange
  38. Favorite ice cream – strawberry & chocolate chip
  39. When you grow up – You want to be a cop
  40. Favorite animal – The bear at the Zoo
  41. favorite Food – Ice Cream. Cold Ice Cream to be exact.
  42. Best Friend – Mom (his words, I did not coerce him)
  43. Watching X Files with mama & saying, “dun, dun, duuuuun!” at the perfect time
  44. You are very good with  your colors & putting colors together to make new colors. You love making purple.
  45. You told you Em, “watch & learn”. It made mommy laugh
  46. Your thing is fake spitting into each hand, rubbing hands together then blowing on your hands. Such a tough guy thing to do.
  47. You love going to the Library with Momma & you love to be read to
  48. Speaking of tough guy, you really wanting to punch a guy in the face, punch everyone and anyone if they do wrong to you! I told you to hide your tablet under the seat so the bad guys wouldn’t break into the car and get it, and ever since then you’ve talked about how if a bad man gets your tablet you’ll punch them!
  49. We call you the hype man. You always have a quick response.
  50. New favorite song is – HandClap
  51. Around August you decided you wanted to grow your hair out. You don’t want to cut it until your birthday, but as the day approaches I think you will keep it.
    update – Two days before your birthday you got your first big boy hair cut at a salon. You were perfect! No more long hair for you! Mommy ran her fingers through your hair one last time before you got it chopped off. Now you look like such a big kid!


    Handsome as ever

  52. You love fruit! Apples, bananas (bo-nanas!), blackberries, oranges & strawberries (strawbeddies)!
  53. The way you look at me. You give me this look sometimes & you’ve done it since you were a baby. It’s like you are looking at me and admiring me. It’s a look of love.

To Emery, Happy 6th Birthday

To Emery, Happy 6th Birthday

So much has happened since your last birthday! It was a year of friendships, independence, growth and learning. Before I start your year in review I want you to know how very proud Mommy & Daddy are of you! Daily you exceed our expectations.
I know you have only completed Kindergarten so far, but we hope you continue your education for many years and live a long healthy life that brings you joy. You have a drive in you like I have never seen in anyone else. We only see a bright future for you and while I don’t want you to grow up anymore than you already have, Everyone can’t wait to see who you will become. Happy Birthday Emery, we love you so much! 

Emery’s year in review

You started Kindergarten


I have never seen someone end the first day of Kindergarten with so much sass.

& completely nailed it!


You worked hard & earned all your awards! Everyone is so proud of you!


You were in a winter performance & end of the school year talent show (Ariel’s Under The Sea song and dance)


You made new friendships


Leelah, Emma B., Emma V. Kashia & Emery hanging out


& miss Makayla

You had your first field trip to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo


& mommy got to come along

We went to Disneyland for Halloween!


Captain Hook (or Hoot as you say), Peter Pan & a lost boy.


As a 5 year old you were a Kinder Kid in gymnastics. You finally learned how to do the monkey bars! Your forward and backward rolls are great! Your cartwheels are getting better (just remember to go fast and straight legs!) and Your jumps and finishes are amazing! Miss Kaitlyn says, “Shes been ready for level 1 for a long time.”

As a family we started Vlogging on YouTube. Whenever we go some where, Mom is forced to capture the moments! (I say forced because I always kick myself for never bringing the camera. Vlogging makes sure I do it!).


We went on a few snow trips to the Sequoia National Forest


We took a trip to San Jose & went to The Children’s Discovery Museum! It was mommy’s favorite museum as a kid & I was so excited to take you two!


You painted your own face & gave yourself a mustache. Mustaches are still an obsession with you.

We went to Zoo Lights with Aunty Brandi & had a blast!



& we found Santa!


Your favorite days were spirit days at school.
[Halloween, Crazy hair & favorite decade]


Mommy got to dress up with you and help paint nails on Carnival day at school


We made a gingerbread house for the first time (& possibly last time)


Because you did so well in school & were Student Of The Month, you got to go on an extra special field trip to the movies to see Angry Birds.


You said good-bye to Mrs. Jasso’s Kinder class


& you took one last school photo with some friends



& some school friends came over a week later to wish you a happy 6th birthday!



& here are all the memorable things you did & said while you were 5:

  1. Driving by, The Island car-wash and Emery said, “The Island” [ME: “Very good Emery!”] Emery: “What did you think I was going to say? Is land?” [ME: :|]
  2. Favorite color: Yellow
  3. Favorite Cartoon: Hotel Transylvania 2
  4. Favorite Holiday: “Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Family Day & also that green Day … leprechaun Day”
  5. You did most cartwheels in your gymnastic’s class (25!) for Cartwheel-a-thon
  6. You want to be a Scientist when you grow up


    Dad bought you a lab coat & goggle’s so you could be a scientist for career day.

  7. Whats cooking homie
  8. Clownin
  9. You love family movie night
  10. Favorite Disneyland ride: Star Tours & Storyland (the boat ride that starts off by going in Monstro’s mouth)
  11. You love tea, especially on a cold night Dad will make you chamomile with honey
  12. You love chili
  13. Instead of “la cucaracha” you sing it, “Sriracha, sriracha!”
  14. Carlos I need some space to myself real quick, then we’ll be cool
  15. Mc Donald’s #2 is your favorite
  16. You love to put on your pink lipstick on. Sometimes a dark pink and a light pink mixture.
  17. What’s that whale’s name in Pinocchio? Nostrol?
  18. You love to watch make-up tutorials & cosplay tutorials.
  19. Every night you sleep with a stuffed animal. (mommy & daddy love it)
  20. You know where Grandma’s peanut stash is and either ask her for some when you visit or let her know she needs to buy some more
  21. You love Tim Burton’s work. Your newest find – Beetlejuice
  22. You learned how to ride your bike in Dec. inside the house with no training wheels!
  23. you love to make “potion” with your shampoo
  24. You cut the top of your hair right before school started
  25. What kind of animal is this” – something I don’t want to think about every night at dinner
  26. Chocolate chips are the most important part of cookies” – Emery

The Children’s Discovery Museum

The Children’s Discovery Museum

We took the kids to my favorite museum in San Jose. It’s hands on and educational but you would never guess it by the kids laughing the whole day. I think its safe to say, we have a new favorite spot to visit!
If you enjoy this video please subscribe to our YouTube channel Taking California & hit like! Right now its only my daughter liking our videos because she feels bad.


To my sweet monkey boy

To my sweet monkey boy

I can remember looking at you as a tiny new person in this world thinking, “what will you become … how will you change my life”
It’s only going to be three years and nothing has been the same since I first saw you. Everyday Dad and I say, “he’s so funny and has so much personality” and its true. You make this family complete and my heart is whole.
This last year we have had so many great memories and lots of hardship. You’ve changed so much and have become such a big boy!
This is your year in review …

  • We celebrated you turning 2 with a Dinosaur party that was really awesome! Carlos Bday 2 041
  • Your favorite Dinosaur is a T -Rex & you pretend your a baby T-Rex
  • Favorite cartoons are – Dinosaur Train, Cat In The Hat & Daniel Tiger
  • You also love to pretend your a puppy but more than that you like to pretend you are a monkey and hang on things “hoo hoo ha ha”
  • You & sister love to play “hide out” and make tents in the room
  • You love tablet time with your tablet or watching shows with sister
  • For the first time this year you called Emery by her name! You also called her Ava and sis but you mostly stick with the name you gave her “wee wee” & that’s what mom and dad call her too (because its special).
  • Disneyland is your favorite place ever & you ask to go everyday.
  • You told mommy your favorite ride at Disneyland was the “whale ride” (Story Land). It was mommy’s first time going on it; hard to believe because I’ve been to Disneyland so many times, and even though its by far not one of my favorite rides its special to me because I went on it the first time with my two babies.


    Kids waving to Dad & Mom vlogging

  • You love the Disney characters at the park! Your shyness goes away and hug everyone and take photos. It amazes me to see you so happy and out of your shell.
  • You are so sincere. You care & when you do bad you will come back to say you are sorry for your mistake. I really like that about you, it shows you care and it impacted you.
  • If I ask you, “are you okay?” you wont just say “yes” you tell the truth and always say, “no” haha.
  • You get upset a lot
  • You make the funniest mad face ever
  • You have the best expressions
  • You ooze personality

    Vampire Pirate

    “Let me see your eye Pirate” – Uncovers his eye hiding from the patch haha

  • Loud noises bother you
  • You went to the snow for the first time at Sequoia National Park
  • You haven’t figured out how to use “I” in sentences. Everything is “me want to” “me no like” but our  favorite is “me do me do!”
  • This year you got potty trained!  & pretty fast  🙂
  • Mommy finally weaned you off of ninny. It was bitter sweet and I think we both miss it still.
  •  You and Dad call our bed the monkey nest
  • You like to wet your hair and slick it back. I think you look like Dad when he was a kid.
  • You have a red tricycle that you are very good at riding. You ride it in the house every day and park it out side the room you go to. It’s really cute.
  • You hate water in your face but you are brave enough to lay on your back in the tub
    20150627_212217 (1)
  • Favorite cereal – Lucky Charms


    Mondays … Am I right?

  • For some reason you think I want all of your boogers … I don’t. Stop giving them to me.
  • “oh. Yeah, silly me”
  • You love vegetables. It’s the first thing you will eat on a plate. Broccoli is your fave.
  • Favorite fruits – strawberries. green apples, tomatoes & oranges
  • “what’s cooking homie”
  • At the check out – “Thank you homie” 😐
  • Monkey hands
    (mittens we bought specifically because you needed more “monkey hands”)
  • & Monkey feet


    Mittens on the feet to look like monkey feet is genius! & Hilarious

  • You love going over to Grandma Yvette’s house & Great Grandma & Papa’s house but you don’t like saying hi but love to say bye.
  • “Lion King your head” is either your insult or a joke.
  • You love the beach but it took you awhile to get into the water. You said you were scared because the whales and sharks lived in the water. Very smart for a 2 year old to recognize!

    Look at that worried face.

    Happy third birthday my son son. We love you so much!! Here’s to many more years of happiness and growth. 

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Emery you’re 5!

Emery you’re 5!

Emery’s actual birthday was a small get together keeping with her Frozen theme.
Before Emery had arrived Victor and I decided we would get her ears pierced on her 5th birthday if she wanted, but not before. We wanted to make it a right of passage for her into becoming a big girl and having her ears done right before school started. Also we didn’t want her earrings hurting her head when she laid down or her messing around with them and getting her ears agitated as a baby.
Before her big day we asked if getting her ears done was something she would want to do and it was. Her aunt who was a few years older had hers done and her best friend Lauryn had earrings. The afternoon of her birthday we took her to get her ears pierced and while I kept telling her it will hurt it was obvious she didn’t understand.

One sassy 5 year old with her pink (toy) cell phone

One sassy 5 year old with her pink (toy) cell phone

She cried and screamed but after a few short minutes they pain subsided and we were walking out of the mall with a new stuffed animal and some frozen yogurt.

Those new earrings :) Fancy!

Those new earrings 🙂

The day was hers and she knew it, we did all things Emery wanted: earrings, yogurt, Figaros for lunch, pizza for dinner with rainbow cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Carlos was pretty excited about the cupcakes

Carlos was pretty excited about the cupcakes ( A wax candle letter was missing, so she got Happy Birth instead, good thing this is her last year of not knowing how to read)


After asking me EVERYDAY your day is finally here. Happy birthday my little Angel. “Momma and Dadda” are so proud of you for being such a smart sweet little girl and we love you SO MUCH. We can’t believe our little Poochie is already 5 and about to start school! Always continue to learn and listen to your heart & brain. Here’s to many many more memorable birthdays!! Love always, Mom and Dad xoxo


Ending your first day of being 5 on a sweet note


Thank you to all who showed up to make our little one and her little party a little extra special.


Great Grandma and Great Papa handed down cousin Yvette’s favorite movie, Charlotte’s Web to Emery.

20150611_210718Every birthday I always want a picture of me and the kids but for some reason it never happens. Again, this is the best I could get but at least I got one this time! We love our little Princess.


Early in the year she came up with the idea of having a, “No rules, anything goes” birthday. However she failed to mention this was her new motto for life after she turned 5. Apparently I agreed that rules don’t apply to her anymore.

Emery is well on to becoming a Starbucks gold card member with her ordering skills: “Can I have a chocolate milk with whip cream on the top and chocolate on the bottom” even spelling your name out for the lady so she gets it right.


In your ripe age you have discovered the finer things in life. No longer are you addicted to the simple Kraft Mac N Cheese, you now only exclusively eat Panera’s Macaroni and cheese. Grandma Yvette made the mistake of asking Emery if she wanted macaroni and cheese and Em was excited until she saw the food in front of her and didn’t eat it,  “It’s not Panera’s” in her valley girl voice she some times does (& is a running joke with grandma Yvette and I)

Basically I’m saying I created a monster

Em got her first comic book with Dad, My Little Pony

first time in a comic store

first time in a comic store

In deep picture thought

In deep picture thought

When no truer words have ever be spoken:


Dad taught her the diarrhea song it was funny and luckily she ended up forgetting all about it in a few months haha


It didn’t last very long

This still makes me laugh:


You started Gymnastics! Level: Spinner

Your last day in class as a 4 year old!

Your last day in class as a 4 year old!

Disneyland birthday gets a thumbs up

Disneyland birthday gets a thumbs up

You love your great grandparents and cuddling with them:


In her words, “I just want to be popular” & I am sure you will be because you are funny and sweet. Stay that way, no one likes a mean girl with a bad attitude.

Your vocabulary has grown so much! You impress us everyday

You are a ranch maniac

No shame in your game

No shame in your game

When Dad came home from the store and surprised us with flowers:


Favorite musician : Taylor swift

Favorite songs :  Bad blood, wrecking ball and its no big deal

Favorite movie : Inside Out & The Evil Minion movie

Favorite YouTube video : Chocolate Cake

Favorite color: Blue

All cars are slug bugs when she plays the game.


Raw onion (still), going to the park, tablet time, painting, playing with mom, likes horchata, likes chalk days and likes Snowie the Elf.


potatoes, getting her ears pierced (“it hurt”), doesn’t like lemonade (“too much lemons”), doesn’t like liars, doesn’t like to be scared, doesn’t like staying in the dark, scared of the lion in the house ( I don’t know where she got that from but she says it)

Emery’s surprise Disneyland birthday

Emery’s surprise Disneyland birthday

After last year’s My Little Pony’s themed birthday I was pooped. I decided next year I would love to take Emery to Disneyland for her birthday and take a mental break from planning an elaborate birthday. Still, it took months of planning, saving and sleepless nights staying up searching for just the right pins for our lanyard collection.

Everyday Emery would ask, “Can we go to Disneyland” and I would respond with, “Emery, it’s far away and expensive“. Secretly I wanted to shout, “YES! Let’s go!” and I really wanted to talk to her about the trip for a whole year. The only kid that knew was Carlos and he knew not to say a word. My secret was safe with a 2 year old who couldn’t form sentences (at the time, he’s on his way now).

May 15th we went to Los Angeles and visited Victor’s family and of course Emery says, “Mom, since we are in L.A. can we go to Disneyland?” Victor and I looked at each other with a grin and said, “Sorry we can’t” but we wanted to say, “YES TOMORROW!!” The next morning we woke up at 7 a.m. and Em was not having it. Eventually she put on her Princess Anna  dress because “we wanted to show Mami Chela her birthday outfit (wink wink)”. We told the kids it was too early to go to grandma’s so we were going to drive around and only see Disneyland (we had to say that much because the GPS said we were going to the Disneyland parking garage). Once we got there we broke the news and Emery was as usual less enthused as I thought she would be and her older brother Vic was overaly excited. It was Vic’s first time at the park’s, Emery assured him he would have a great time. TIP: You can bring your own water and snacks into the park. Just have your bags and stroller ready to be checked before entering downtown Disney.

Waiting in line to get into the park. He's one happy little boy!

Waiting in line to get into the park. He’s one happy little boy!

Heeyyy look at us! We in Disneyland!

Heeyyy look at us!
We in Disneyland!

The Calderon's take  DISNEYLAND 2015!! #HappyBirthdayPrincessEmery

The Calderon’s take

We went the week before Disneyland was having their 60th anniversary celebration so we saw all the new decorations and Kelly & Michael filming in the plaza.

Right away we saw characters taking pictures. I was so excited, last time we went we didn’t see any out. We jumped in line right away and took photos with Pluto my favorite. Next we ran in line and took pictures with Mickey Mouse! We were the last ones to take photos with him and right away things felt magical.

Carlos wasn't scared of the characters this time!

Carlos wasn’t scared of the characters this time!

Mickey!!!! TIP: Have your phone ready to take photos & the Disney photographers are more willing to take photos with your phone. Each time you take a picture the Disney photographer will hand you a card. Once you get one let the other photographers know right away you have one and at the end of your photos they will scan it. All your Disneyland memories will be on one card and if you decided to get the photos at the end of the day (they can be pricey but  worth it) they'll on be on one card.  Personal TIP: Get your photo with the character and scoot out of the way so others can get there picture fast.

TIP: Have your phone ready to take photos & the Disney photographers are more willing to take photos with your phone. Each time you take a picture the Disney photographer will hand you a card. Once you get a card let the other photographers know right away you have one and at the end of your photos they will scan it. All your Disneyland memories will be on one card instead of several different ones. If you decided to get the photos at the end of the day (they can be pricey but worth it).
Personal TIP: Get your photo with the character and scoot out of the way so others can get there picture fast.

At the time we didn't realize how precious this picture was. One of the Disney staff took it for us and I mixed the photos together. Such a magical moment

At the time we didn’t realize how precious this picture was. One of the Disney staff took it for us and I mixed the photos together. Such a magical moment

First ride we went on was Emery’s favorite, Star Tours! Carlos was too short to ride so I was handed a rider swap pass. TIP: If you stay behind with a younger child have the adult ask for a ride swap pass immediately after getting off the ride.

Something Extra: A fun game to play while in line or walking around Disneyland park, the Resort or even while watching the Disney movies is trying to find the hidden mickey’s A hidden mickey is the traditional shape of our favorite guy Mickey Mouse in the decorations and architecture. If you really want to get into the scavenger hunt you can print out this list and have your luck with it!

While we waited for the older kids and dad to get off the ride we caught a show in front of the castle


We met up with the family after the ride and went our separate ways again. It was easier for me to take the two little kids on little ride and see characters and have the boys go ride other rides. We ran to see Tinker Bell in her home and I was so happy because I have never seen her and her house is easily overlooked. While waiting in line Emery and Carlos made friends with a little girl. The woman and I started talking and it turned out both the girls were celebrating their birthday’s early, Emery and Elle both shared their birthday’s on the same day!

Elle and Emery waiting to see Tinker and her friends next.

Elle and Emery waiting to see Tinker and her friends next.

Emery and Silvermist

Emery and Silvermist

Tinker was so cute and silly

Tinker was so cute and silly

Emery wanted to go through Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Dad met up with us. As soon as we walked out the band came out and Emery and dad started dancing around to Sleeping Beauty’s, Once Upon A Time. After the band and audience clapped for Emery dancing with mom and dad.


Dad came with us to see a few more Princess’ but mommy left the signature book behind (guess we’ll just have to go back soon). TIP: Remember to have your book and pen ready while you wait next in line. You can also pick up an autograph book at the Dollar Store to save some money.

Snow White & Emery

Snow White & Emery

Princess Belle

Princess Belle

Princess Belle was my favorite. Her personality was so cute.

Princess Belle was my favorite. Her personality was so cute.

Spinning in their dresses

Spinning in their dresses {Princess photos taken by Disney staff}

Thank you Princess Belle for such great memories.

Thank you Princess Belle for such great memories.

Princess Ariel

Princess Ariel

At night the park was crowded and we got a little anxious but we regrouped and went on the Jungle Cruise. The kids loved it, its also a favorite for us because the tour guides always tell jokes. TIP: At the end of the ride you can ask the guide for a map of the cruise. Beware you may have to tell a joke to get one!

Around 11 o’clock the park starts to die down and it’s the best time to run to all of the rides you can’t really get to during the day. First we went on It’s A Small World and then separated again.


Inside, Its A Small World they have added Disney characters. If you go on the ride keep an eye out for Alice In Wonderland, Pinochio and XXX

Inside, Its A Small World they have added Disney characters. If you go on the ride keep an eye out for Alice In Wonderland, Pinocchio and Woody to name a few.

At the end of the night I realized the whole day guess in the park had big pins. TIP: I didn’t realize until closing that if you go into any store and ask you can get a pins, Anniversary pin, Wedding pin, First visit and a Happy birthday pin. We got Emery a Happy Birthday pin and in Disneyland when a Disney cast member sees the pin they say, “happy birthday or happy birthday Emery”. Victor got “my first visit” and Carlos had to have one so he got an, “I’m celebrating”. I wish I would have asked earlier about the pins!

I took the kids on an Alice In Wonderland ride and then on Pirates Of The Caribbean (it was closed off and on all day and night). The kids and I got on a boat by ourselves and enjoyed one last ride in the park. I would think Carlos and Emery would be scared of that ride because of the drops and craziness going on, but they’ve never had a problem with any part of it.

FACT: Legend has it that while the ride was still under construction, Imagineers were displeased with the false skeletons placed about the ride. They didn’t look authentic enough. The solution was simple: to use real human bones. The UCLA medical school provided cadaver skeletons to Disneyland, which were positioned in the classic poses we see  today. A pair playing chess, one atop a mountain of gold coins, a dead captain with a sabre in his ribs… While this may seem grotesque, they remained for quite some time.

Pirates Of The Caribbean [photo not taken  by me. Pirates Of The Caribbean facts are from the Disneyland Report]

Although the skeleton in bed looking through a magnifying glass is no longer the remains of a deceased man, the bones on the headboard behind him are. That is a genuine skull and crossbones, and it is not known why they chose to leave it there. Love it or hate it, it certainly is a spooky Easter egg that will hopefully remind patrons of the ride’s eerie history for ages to come.


Day two California Adventure

The next day was park number two at California Adventure across the way. First Character we saw was Oswald, we did a little research on him afterwards (nerd alert) because we didn’t really know who he was. Right away we met up with a group of friends that were at the Disneyland parks at the same time. I love to go to the park with a group of people, it’s so much easier with kids and being able to switch on and off the rides. TIP: Download the app Disneyland Wait Times to see wait times on all attractions to Disneyland Park and California Adventures.


All the boys loaded up together on our first ride of the day. Don't under estimate Mader! I love this ride!

All the boys loaded up together on our first ride of the day. Don’t under estimate Mader! I love this ride!

Me & the birthday girl acting crazy

Me & the birthday girl acting crazy

All the main Disney characters in C.A. are dressed as artist or in sailor attire.

A quick swirl with Goofy

A quick swirl with Goofy

Screenshot_2015-05-22-20-52-45-1& while I rode California Screamin’ with Michelle the kids got in line and took photos with Donald duck. Carlos loved him and just as we walked up they were done and Carlos waved goodbye and blew kisses.


We got Fast Passes (the only way to see the Frozen girls). While we waited the kids watched artist drawings of some memorable movies on the screen.


The kid’s met Queen Elsa and Princess’ Anna. Carlos’ was super excited to see the them, but too shy to take a photo with them.

Princess Anna couldn't believe Emery had a white streak in her hair! Queen Elsa didn't know how it got there :)

Princess Anna couldn’t believe Emery had a white streak in her hair! Queen Elsa didn’t know how it got there 🙂

& the photo to complete Emery's Frozen Disney birthday

& the photo to complete Emery’s Frozen Disney birthday

The girls were inseparable and rode rides together like big girls. Chloe was celebrating her June birthday a few weeks earlier too. It melted my heart seeing the girls hang out and ride the rides together while the moms hanged out in the back. She’s growing her big girl independence.

Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc.

Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land.  A must go on.

Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land.
A must go on.

Just one of Emery's silly faces.

Just one of Emery’s silly faces. Photo caption via Snap Chat.

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After a long day of walking around we were all beat! The girls needed to relax with a snack and the younger boys fell asleep.

I felt like doing the same thing!

I felt like doing the same thing!

Thank you for the memories Disneyland, once again we were not disapointed. My favorite memories were of Carlos blowing Donald kissies, everyone wishing Emery a happy birthday and Emery says her favorite part was the Ariel ride in California Adventures.

Ariel's Under Water Sea Adventure

Ariel’s Under Water Sea Adventure

Happy pre birthday Emery! Mom and Dad love you with all of our hearts, we hope you had fun and were surprised.

Carlos’ Dinosaur birthday


2014 a year in review

2014 a year in review

My youngest baby turned one!

Monster boy!

Monster boy!

My oldest turned four!

Rainbow curtain and a huge Pinky Pie balloon

My Little Emery

We visited the beach

Cambria, Ca.

Cambria, Ca.

We drove to the mountains


Sequoia National Park, Ca. [[Carlos’ first time]]

The kids were asked to be part of a possible ad campaign

We had a family photo shoot for a possible ad with JetKat Photography

JetKat Photography


We surprised Great Grandparents in San Jose

Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Zack & Cousin Daniel

Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Zack & Cousin Daniel

Mommy got to introduce us to some of her San Jose friends from high school finally

Jessica, Stephen & Marcus

Jessica, Stephen & Marcus

We visited The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles

Us inside a tar bubble

Us inside a tar bubble

Our first time at the Los Angeles Zoo!

We love zoo's

We love zoo’s


We visited Great Grandma Mami Chela in Los Angeles for her birthday




We visited the Natural History Museum for the first time and we loved it!



We went to Apple Hill to get one or two pumpkins

A few of the pumpkins we picked out.

Here’s just a few …


Took our yearly Family photo

Our 2014 Family photo

Our 2014 Family photo


Took the kids to the state capitol

California State Capitol

California State Capitol


Visited Great Grandma Mary . . .



Grandpa Max …


Grandpa Max and the kids

Grandpa Max and the kids

And Grandma Andrea while we were in Sacramento!

Grandma Andrea

Grandma Andrea


Celebrated Halloween and mommy slaved over making Carlos’ Mad Hatter outfit and his hat

Mini costume Alice In Wonderland photo shoot at a local pumpkin patch

Alice In Wonderland photo shoot at a local pumpkin patch


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year

What were you thankful for this year?

What were you thankful for this year?

And celebrated Christmas at Great Grandma & Papa Joe’s house

Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa

It was a busy year with trips to our local zoo and park in between. This is Emery’s last year spending all day with us before school and we’re trying to make it extra fun for her.

2014 was a good year for us, we had our usual ups and downs that come with life but this mommy can’t complain! Everyone is healthy and our loved ones are with us. I’m happy to share my adventures of parenting these two little ones and document our travels around the Golden State of California. A big thank you to all of my readers out there! I wouldn’t be doing these if I didn’t have the support I do.

Hope everyone has a healthy, happy, joyful and blessed new year


Emery’s 4th birthday

Emery’s 4th birthday

Emery’s birthday just passed and while I think I’m coping well with the fact that I now have a 4 year old, a soon to be kindergartener and this is our last year of being together everything single morning (que the tears). Months ago Em decided she wanted a My Little Pony / rainbow EVERYTHING party (she’s really into rainbow, patterns and colors). If that wasn’t pressure enough the haunting words of, “Mom, don’t mess this up” echoed in my head until the final day of her party. Such high demands from a soon to be 4 year old. Joy to the teen years that are rapidly approaching. As usual I spent many hours on my favorite web site Pinterest so that I may be inspired.  Luckily Emery’s favorite pony is, Rainbow Dash, otherwise known as “Gina” to us. Emery wanted to rename her a while back and now she is forever known as Gina before her formal  name Rainbow Dash. She was my main inspiration for her party. Outside the door in rainbow colors I taped up a welcome sign that read, “Welcome to Cloudsdale” (where Gina lives above Ponyville [yes I did that much research]). Victor drew up a picture of her from cardboard and together we had a rainbow of streamers as her tail that wrapped around the living room, as if she was flying around through the clouds. No need for using the imagination, we cut out white clouds from cardboard and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. They looked like they were floating, and totally set the tone for the whole party. I also made drapes from table clothes and hung up as our new curtains. The light shining through them was beautiful. With the Cricut machine I made rainbow circles and garland that hung over the sweet’s table and went around the counter. A few months ago I made pony ears with different colored head bands and different colored felt for different ponies. We had a “pin the cutie mark on the pony” game but we forgot all about it, but the kids did sit around and color their own ponies.  I tried to emphasize the theme in every way.

Welcome to  Cloudsdale!

Welcome to

Who wouldn't want to be 20% cooler?

Who wouldn’t want to be 20% cooler?

Everypony needs some awesome ears

Everypony needs some awesome ears

The rainbow sweet bar

The rainbow sweet bar

My Little Emery Lollipops

My Little Emery Lollipops

Rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes

Rainbow cupcake of amazement

Rainbow cupcake of amazement

Emery's personal cake

Emery’s personal cake


Gina dashing around

Gina dashing around

A full shot of the living room

A full shot of the living room

Sweet spot

Sweet spot

Rainbow curtain and a huge Pinky Pie balloon

Rainbow curtain and a huge Pinky Pie balloon

Gift table

Gift table

The moment all our hard work was worth it. The birthday girl looks so happy

The moment all our hard work was worth it. The birthday girl looks so happy

My Little Emery 184

Her Rainbow Dash dress she was so excited to wear.

Her Rainbow Dash dress she was so excited to wear.

The sweet table consisted of different color rock candy, skittles, bubble gum, rainbow lollipops personalized with “Happy Birthday My Little Emery” on it, unicorn and “4” sugar cookies, and rainbow cupcakes with white “cloud” frosting and a sour belt over it for a rainbow. The cupcakes were UHMAZIN and the colors were so beautiful. Usually I want to eat all the cupcakes, just cause, but this time I wanted to eat them just to see how beautiful the inside was. Each one was unique and the colors made me extra happy. So happy I was forced to give them away or I would be bed ridden and typing this in a self induced sugar haze. Her cake was made by her Aunty Alexis who offered to take a load off my shoulders and do the cake for us. It was awesome! She put different color cake balls inside and had rainbow frosting dripping on the outside. All of the decorations and goodies came together so perfect!

A recap of what Emery was into at 3 years:

Still hates potatoes but is occasionally eating french fries

Loves to color in patterns

Current favorite song – Let it go from Frozen and Jingle Bells (she sings both every day)

Favorite cartoon – Frozen

Favorite drink – Still chocolate milk ( no longer says milp)

Fluent in her alphabet sign language and in many words

Is learning to read and write

She loves playing her “game” (the tablet)

Our running family joke is – “Pedro Pony” (and then I get fake mad and she laughs) or her sounding it out to us.

Current favorite stuffed animal – A purple beanie baby she named Teddy (tetty)

Speaks with a British accent

Decided she doesn’t want to say tomatoes any more (the American way) shes calling them tomatoes (like the British)

Dora and Diego are still her cousins

Favorite Holiday – Christmas (She talks about Santa daily)

Loves to draw mustaches on pictures –


Favorite lunch – Peanut butter with no jelly or chicken nuggets, ranch and a chocolate milk

Loves her Starbucks chocolate milk

OFFICIALLY SLEEPS IN HER OWN  BED!!! like a big girl! She reminds me every morning she’s a big girl for sleeping in her room.

Favorite dinner – still spaghetti

Wants to go to Grandma Yvette’s everyday

She thinks the moon is following her home at night

She thinks EVERY car on the road is a “slug bug”  (or sometimes she says nug bug)

Loves bugs and dirt

Hates shots

Thinks her arm and legs are broken at least once a month

LOVES doing homework (Keep that attitude up little girl!!)

Knows a few states and capitals

Had a photo shoot


“Sunday is my Monday”

“Trouble boy” her nick name for Carlos

“I’m 16”

“I know” (and most of the time she does)

“You told me already Mom”

“Im fashion forward and backwards”

“Pedro Pony”

“How work?” or “How’s work”

“It’s taking forever”

“Yes mudder” (as in, yes mother)

“Can I have chocolate milk?” (every morning with out fail. No Emery, not until lunch time)



Lets end the blog with this awesome picture

Lets end the blog with this awesome picture


Thank you to everyone who came and made Emery’s day even more special! With out the love of everyone it wouldn’t be the same.