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Our baby cousin needs some love


Hello readers, today I have a special post for my cousins baby Dominick. He was born at 34 weeks and is staying at the Children’s Hospital in Madera CA. His Mom is 45 minutes away and would love to stay with him at the Ronald McDonald house, but until there is an opening she has to travel everyday. Still, there is an expense to live there plus food and other things baby will need when he can come home. Dominick’s welcome home arrival is expected to be in mid July, once his lungs are more developed and he’s able to breath on his own, eat on his own with out a tube and free from any infections he may have.

Prayers, love & support are appreciated from the family! There is also a Go fund Me page if anyone is feeling generous.
Thank you in advance!


Help baby Dominick

Learning 911


When I was pregnant with Carlos, I would get dizzy spells. I would just be sitting down and all of a sudden I would see sparks. I thought about putting a red dot on the number 9 on my phone, and two red dots on the 1. This way if anything happened to me, Emery would know to press 9 once and the 1 twice. I also put her Dad and her Great Grandma’s picture and phone number on my home screen. She already knew how to turn my phone on and mess with it, so it was easy for her to use. She could just press the picture and it would dial the number for her. These were the two people most likely to answer their phone or at least call back right away.
Now that Emery knows her number recognition, I’ve been teaching her how to identify them on the phone in case  I needed her help. I told her if she  found me on the floor and I didn’t answer, she  should check to see if I’m breathing by putting her finger under my nose to feel the air. I practiced this with her the other day, I told her, “don’t forget to check if I’m breathing!” while I laid on the ground. She came up to me and plugged my nose. I jumped up! “Emery I can’t breathe!” her response, “Well Mom, I’m not a Doctor, I’m a patient”. I couldn’t help but to laugh. Of course she’s right, she’s only two.
So, I think we will stick to the basics and save the CPR class for another day.

Acid Reflux


In my second trimester I got off Zofran for my sickness. I wouldn’t say it was morning sickness it was an all day any time sickness. Luckily I was able to stop taking it but still had a few episodes. Heading into my third trimester I was starting to get that sick feeling right away when I woke up. I would have to eat something carby like a muffin to take it away. I’m not a breakfast person and especially being sick I don’t want to even try eggs!
After seeing the Doctor a few weeks ago I mentioned in passing how I was getting sick again. Didn’t think it was a big deal, and I had read that it was typical to get that sick feeling again.
The Doctor seemed to think I had acid reflux right away. Never expected that! I didn’t have a burning feeling and I just thought it was me being pregnant. Guess not. She gave me Zantac to take twice a day before I get sick. I’m really bad at taking pills. I only remember my prenatal vitamins and everything else is an IF I remember to take it kinda thing. Bad I know but im trying.
It’s hard being so sick you need to eat but sick you don’t want to eat let alone make anything and then once you do … hello porcelain bowl. Guess I should be learning my lesson and have a pill next to the bed as soon as I wake up.

Embarrassing pregnancy stories


If you’ve been pregnant or are pregnant chances are you have at least one embarrassing story. In the beginning I always feared going to the Doctor’s office and puking everywhere. I’m always in a panic, “okay where’s the garbage can, where’s the toilet, can I run there fast enough”. It gotten so bad I’ve brought a plastic bag from home in my purse just in case I had to throw up where I was with no warning. I decided to do a blog on this for two reasons – one being I saw a post recently asking women if they have had any bad experiences (guess what, they were all the same) and because yesterday it happened to me (again). Individually these stories sound bad, but talk to another pregnant women and she most likely has a story to follow your own. Please read a long at your own discretion.
Personally I don’t like to say throw up, I usually say “episode”, it sounds more polite and doesn’t give you that instant image of me hacking up a lung.
While I was pregnant with Emery I was working. There were some  interesting moments, all the backroom runs to the restroom, having to use the backroom garbage for a back up in case I couldn’t make it or someone was in the restroom. Once I had a Taco Bell episode, before I could say anything my best friend walked into the backroom and immediately knew what had happened. Not my proudest day but it got worst. I have a weak bladder, as a child I would hold my urine for a long time. Who knew it was really such a bad thing? Now if I throw up I most likely will urinate all over myself like an animal. Doing this at work, not awesome.
And just when I thought those days we’re over I felt the sickness take over me while I was at Subway. I sat there trying to control it and let the feeling past but still looking around outside for a garbage can just in case. Each second passing I knew if it didn’t go away I was wasting time and needed to get out of this place fast! I had to run out the door, more than prepared to go all over the street by some unlucky car. Just as I turned there it was, a garbage can and not a second to late. Apparently people were looking at me as I ran out the door. I saved them all their lunch.

Well yesterday was one of those days. I survived 6 months of being episode free in public but it got me. I was tired, grouchy, irritated and starving! After a little shopping Em and I went to Carls Jr. for lunch before heading back to the store. We ate in the parking lot and as my grouchiness melted away with each bite another feeling was over whelming me. “Oh know”, I thought, not here. I tried to let it pass but thinking what am I going to do if it doesn’t. I quickly grabbed the bag and went for it. Sitting there having an episode in a brown bag that was getting soggy in my hand. I prayed the bag wouldn’t fall apart and go all over my lap. To my right a lady had returned to her car and was sitting there! Excuse me lady can’t you see I’m having an episode! Kindly get out of your car and give me some privacy! I opened up my driver door and another lady was walking by. Not to cause a scene I closed the door and continued on my way. Then I heard Emery in the back seat, she was starting to copy my sounds. “Emery the baby makes mommy sick”, I was hoping she didn’t think mommy had some kind of disorder. More hoping my 2-year-old toddler wouldn’t remember these days and think this was the norm.

It’s funny to look back at these stories later but in the moment its the worst. I don’t mind sharing all these crazy stories, I’m a pretty open book if asked a question and I know as bad as this all sounds, I’m not the only one going through these challenging times.

Understanding everyone is different


Emery has lots of dolls, she has one doll she got for her first Easter. From the very begining the doll wasn’t a big hit with the extended family. The doll has fluffed wild red hair, at the time it was about the same size as my daughter, and had a silly bunny outfit.

A year later that dolls hand fell off. I didn’t want to throw away a whole doll  just because her hand was gone. I had grown to love that doll even more because she wasn’t as “pretty” as the other typical baby dolls. I got her baby doll and sowed up her arm, I could have super glued her hand back to her arm onto the fabric but I didn’t have any super glue handy and her arm had already been off for awhile. She needed a quick fix so she could be loved again.

I decided this would be a good thing for her to have, a doll with a missing body part to show her we aren’t all made the same. Even though this doll had a hand to begin with sometimes other people are born with out limbs and things can always happen to us and we may lose them.
This isn’t her first experience with some one who’s “different”. Her uncle Richard has cerebral palsy, he’s loud and makes inaudible noises because he can’t speak. He pokes and grabs, so at an early age I had to explain to her to be careful around him. Later in life I’ll have to go in-depth but for now she know’s that’s her uncle, she loves him and he doesn’t mean to poke her.
While we enjoyed playing with her baby girl another misfortune happened. Suddenly her doll lost her other hand, and mommy had to do emergency surgery to stop the stuffing from coming out. In no time she was good as new! A different new, but she was loved just the same, as if she had arms. Emery doesn’t see anything different about her baby. If I ask her where her hands are she says, “there gone”. If I ask where her arms are she doesn’t question it, she points to her two stubs. Emery dances, plays and sleeps with her on occasion.
It gave me the idea, I want to start making dolls that are missing limbs. Not in a gothic kind of way but for children who are born like this or for other children to understand there’s nothing wrong or scary about it. It may be different but different isn’t bad.

Another weird symptom


I know recently I wrote about most of my symptoms I’ve been experiencing. There’s one I left out that’s pretty weird. I forgot all about it until it happened earlier this week. It happened to me when I was pregnant with Emery too. I hear voices, I know what it sounds like but let me explain!
Have you ever heard of pregnant women having really vivid dreams? It happens to a lot of us and I’m one of those people. In general I have some pretty crazy dreams but when I’m pregnant it feels real to a different extent.

With Emery I would hear my grandpa calling my name, as if he was outside my window trying to get my attention. A few times I replied back, that’s how real it is. But the weirdest one, the scariest one happened when I was laying in bed and I thought my husband came home early to surprise me. I pretended I was asleep and I heard him call out my name. Finally after a few seconds, I turned around and nobody was there. Sounds like ghost stories but my brain is just on over drive and I make up these noises up even though I’m asleep and not thinking of these things.

The other night I was asleep and all of a sudden I heard loud knocking at my bedroom door! I thought it was someone! I wondered why no one else woke up, then before I shook my husband up I realized no one else is in the house with us. I thought is it cops? Did our alarm go off and we slept through the phone calls? The knock never happened again. I laid in bed scared but knowing I had, for some reason made up that noise that woke me from my sleep.
I’m pretty superstitious and Its been said if you hear a door knock and know one is there then your inviting a spirit into the house. Well I was not about to open that door! If I made it up or not I  just wanted to forget it! I remembered how much I hated having these things happen to me.
Though they seem to only happen when I’m asleep or in a sleep state It’s still pretty crazy to be woken up from a deep sleep to hear someone you know calling you or to hear a noise.