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4 Months Old


Today Carlos is a whopping 4 Months Old. He can control his hands, he grabs things, rolls over from front to back and back to front. He has excellent tummy time (it’s when babies lay on their stomachs for a period of time, to gain arm strength and neck strength for head control and crawling). He laughs out loud. He’s a very good mix of his father and I. Of course he has his very own look, but we are able to see little features of ourselves in him. He has his Dad’s body type, Big legs and a long torso. He has high cheek bones from me and both my children have my feet.
He’s always so happy, he wakes up with a smile on his face. He’ll just lay in bed talking and play with his hands until someone gets him. In the morning around 8:30 a.m. his Dad will talk to him, pick him up and bring him to me in bed. Carlos is all smiles and wont really eat first thing in the morning, he just wants to be up. After an hour he’s ready for milk and to go back to sleep for his first nap. If Emery didn’t sneak into our bed during the night she’ll be waking up around the same time and come to my bed to watch her “toons” and ask for some milk.
I noticed right away, my kids tend to favor a certain side when they sleep. Carlos for the first 3 months, loved having his head turned to the right side. Now that he knows how to turn over, he’s been sleeping on his left side.
We went on a trip to the Beach. It was Carlos’ first time, he did excellent on the 2 hour car trip. I just fed him before we left and he slept most of the way.
This little one is going to have a big personality, he’s so full of life. Without being able to say a single word he makes me happy and laugh. His smile is contagious, I am blessed to have him in my life.

Carlos first beach trip 097


Mustache baby shower


Ever since I met my husband I’ve been into mustaches. He has one and has had it for what looks like forever, as I’ve looked back at his younger pictures through out the years. When ever I would see a mustache anything I would laugh and point it out at him. Slowly I seen more and more mustache everything come into play. When we found out we were having a little boy I of course looked into everything boy, including baby shower invitations. As soon as I seen a mustache I knew I had to pay tribute to my husband and his mustache. It was totally boy, it was the “new” thing and something I had loved for a few years. So this is my baby shower I had last Saturday, for my son, Carlos Martin Calderon.
After finding a theme for the shower I scoured the internet and Pinterest with my sister in law for hours. My husband came home with a mustache sticker and necklaces for my me and my daughter. I found mustaches for my guest to put on for pictures at Party City and Target. One sleepless pregnant night I got an email from Cricut on my phone, in a stroke of luck they had mustaches for sale for a dollar. I flipped out in silence thinking of the possibilities and all the things I could make with them. With this baby shower I wanted it to be all girls so that mothers could have a few hours relax with out their little ones and have some fun. My husband had a little guys day. He was suppose to go to a local Brewery but ended up going out to lunch and hanging out with friends.
Here are some pictures of my shower and my mustache findings. Enjoy!

I got the mold at Michaels and the hard candy. It was cheap, easy and fast!

Understanding everyone is different


Emery has lots of dolls, she has one doll she got for her first Easter. From the very begining the doll wasn’t a big hit with the extended family. The doll has fluffed wild red hair, at the time it was about the same size as my daughter, and had a silly bunny outfit.

A year later that dolls hand fell off. I didn’t want to throw away a whole doll  just because her hand was gone. I had grown to love that doll even more because she wasn’t as “pretty” as the other typical baby dolls. I got her baby doll and sowed up her arm, I could have super glued her hand back to her arm onto the fabric but I didn’t have any super glue handy and her arm had already been off for awhile. She needed a quick fix so she could be loved again.

I decided this would be a good thing for her to have, a doll with a missing body part to show her we aren’t all made the same. Even though this doll had a hand to begin with sometimes other people are born with out limbs and things can always happen to us and we may lose them.
This isn’t her first experience with some one who’s “different”. Her uncle Richard has cerebral palsy, he’s loud and makes inaudible noises because he can’t speak. He pokes and grabs, so at an early age I had to explain to her to be careful around him. Later in life I’ll have to go in-depth but for now she know’s that’s her uncle, she loves him and he doesn’t mean to poke her.
While we enjoyed playing with her baby girl another misfortune happened. Suddenly her doll lost her other hand, and mommy had to do emergency surgery to stop the stuffing from coming out. In no time she was good as new! A different new, but she was loved just the same, as if she had arms. Emery doesn’t see anything different about her baby. If I ask her where her hands are she says, “there gone”. If I ask where her arms are she doesn’t question it, she points to her two stubs. Emery dances, plays and sleeps with her on occasion.
It gave me the idea, I want to start making dolls that are missing limbs. Not in a gothic kind of way but for children who are born like this or for other children to understand there’s nothing wrong or scary about it. It may be different but different isn’t bad.

Pregnancy symptoms


Not every women whose pregnant gets sick, I on the other had am one of those unlucky females who gets every symptom out there. Pregnancy brings along things people usually don’t talk about. Either they themselves didn’t experience the crazy symptoms so they don’t know anything about it. My mom had six kids other than myself and I can’t remember her having a hard time with any of them during her pregnancies. Shes a trooper anyways and wouldn’t let it stop her from cleaning but I can’t help to think, how did I get so lucky to experience every symptom in the book!

The only other person I’ve seen have a hard time was my step mom. My brother thought she was going to die, I was much older about to enter High School but even I thought some thing was really wrong with her. She looked miserable and wasnt able to hold her saliva. She had a spit bucket she

I feel bad I’ve let several Friday’s past with out a new blog posting. I struggle getting anything done, this morning I decided to sit down and type it all out while my little one sleeps. So let me explain for those who haven’t been pregnant, who don’t get any symptoms or those who just don’t know about the often forgotten wonderful world of symptoms (play scary music).

These are the symptoms that I’m going through right now. While I love to be pregnant and have my belly grow it (for me) comes with a lot of struggle. This blog might be TMI but its reality! So some of you might laugh while others will be disgusted.

Morning sickness/all day sickness – This year I’m taking a medication so I don’t have to struggle with this from morning to-night. If I don’t take it right away … here comes mama running to the toilet! Everything and anything will set me off, including my own breath or taste in my mouth. If I don’t take my medicine right away I’ll have to throw up after I brush my teeth. Seeing anything nasty or smelling anything (especially if I don’t take my medicine)  will set me off! Not to mention the side effect of my medication is Dizziness & headaches. The headaches luckily don’t come after taking it right away like it use to. Not to mention, and I really should or im doing this blog a disservice – throwing up so hard you piss your pants and possibly nearly shit them. I know I’m not the only one this happens to! I have a weak bladder but It really sucks with waters coming out of both ends.  Life is rough right now.

Headache – I get headaches often I don’t think there all due to my medication because I get them at night or after throwing up hard. It’s at the base of my head and kills me!

* Backache – Along with my usual backache I have it more often with bigger breast by the day.

* Hair falling out – I swear taking prenatal vitamins doesn’t help my hair grow any faster like they say it will; or maybe it does for some women, just not me. My hair is constantly falling out. After birth it continues to fall out even more. I don’t know how im not bald.

Not being able to eat what you want – & by this I mean personally there are things I don’t even want to see while I’m pregnant. Sour cream – just saying it and thinking how it looks, BARF! & Ranch – I just gets my mouth sour, its think and creamy. I don’t know but there two DON’TS for me right now!
And there’s the food I know I like but don’t even feel like eating, and if I do it’s a struggle to finish any meal.

Worst eye sight – I already have crappy eye sight, not as bad as some but it’s not what it use to be. In the past few years in gotten worst and while being pregnant is possible for it to become worst. I think im going through that right now. If it’s not in front of my face, I don’t know what your talking about.

* Counting the days till my next crap – As one article I recently read said something to the effect, “a good crap could seem like a long a go memory”.   You don’t want to know what I’ve been through with this! I’ve scared my family with pictures (yes I took a picture of my poop to prove I wasnt lieing) on how HUGE this thing was.

* Growing breast – Being Itchy all over is a symptom, I think it looks like some kind of rash. Luckily I don’t have that but my growing breast itch so bad!! I’m going to have to head to a store soon and buy bigger bras. Right away my old ones felt uncomfortable and I switched to sports bras but sadly im growing out of them. I just want comfort!

Growing feet – Before Emery I was a size 7 1/2 after I became a size 9!! I PRAY my feet dont grow anymore! With Emery I worked until my maternity leave and my shoes became such a problem. One day I took my strapped sandles in the car & when I got close to work I put them on, I mean …. I tried to put them on. They didn’t fit at all!!! Thank god I had flip flops in the car too and luckily my manager let it slide for a day. I wish I had the picture to show, it looked like I was trying to fit my fat foot in a little kids shoe. Needless to say after this child, Mama is buying herself shoes!

* Fatigue – Constantly being tired and drained.

For now that’s all of whats going on with me, as if that wasnt enough. And that’s all just with this one! Emery had a little bit different things … Bleeding gums and throwing up for no reason. It’s going through all of this keeping up with house work and a toddler but its gotta be done! Being pregnant can be no picnic but Its still an amazing journey and all worth it at the end.

The Official start to Summer.


Summer officially kicked off June 20th this year, for me it starts in the beginning of  June when the weather in Central California gets in the high double digits and children get out of school.
While waiting for the Dr. to call Emery into the room I picked up Parent , It’s a free magazine with good information on safety, toys and fun things for children to do that live in the area. One article the got my attention about Summer safety, It’s under the “Even Faster Facts” (4). It talks about hot car seats in the summer and how the metal buckles can burn little ones. Soon enough we all experience this! They had a great tip that I plan on using right away! The suggested covering the car seat with a towel or sheet, or even to buy a reflective car seat cover that will keep the seat cooler. I already looked online and found a cheap reflective car seat cover from Babyhaven.com. It’s a little space looking but worth it I think! Just the other day Emery was saying the seat was hot for her. I just apologized and wrapped her dress around the buckle & tried to have the seat flap touch her legs instead of the metal. That’s a 2 year expressing herself, I thought about the other children that couldn’t speak yet and burn themselves and the new baby on the way who will be 5 months when it turns summer next year.

One more car tip I learned the hard way last year, DO NOT throw your keys over the seat and close your door. Let me explain as I bow my head in complete shame, last year when it was just me and my daughter I would have the routine of putting her in her car seat then throwing my car keys over the seat so they would land on the passenger seat. Then go around the truck sit down pick up the keys and drive off. It was just one less thing to hold on too (& as mothers we all know how much crap we have to bring everywhere we go!). Well one summer day I did what I had been doing for months except on this day Emery had grabbed my keys and locked the doors with automatic button. I didn’t hear the doors lock but I grabbed them out of her hands and threw them over the seat. Right when I slammed her door shut I realized what had happened. I could have DIED, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. It’s something I don’t talk about and don’t like my family bringing up but I feel its one of this horrible mistakes a parent makes and another person may learn from. At that moment I knew I had no spares, no cell phone (it too was in the front seat) the house was locked, my husband was over seas thousands of miles away, my sister who was staying with me was out-of-town. Again, I could have DIED, there was my 1 yr old in a locked hot car waiting for me to turn on the a.c. full blast. To make a long story short the cops had to come and break the front driver window. Just that alone scared the crap out of me, she was already sitting forward and I was terrified the glass could get her eyes. After I got her out of the car after 20 min (I think) she was completely fine and I cried like a baby as a held her in the house with the a.c and fan blowing in her face. It was the worst thing ever, nothing could top that, not even my husband going crazy at me over the whole thing. Thank god Emery was fine just super red but it was one of those things I wont let happen again!!
Summer poses lots of threats from – burning car seat buckles, dehydration, heat exhaustion,  sun burns, pool safety (drains in pools and hot tubs another quick tip in the article), drowning (kids can drown in an inch of water so watch out!) … the list could really go on. Make sure to have them use sun screen, drink plenty of water & I always wet the top of Emery’s head. Honestly I’m not too sure what it does besides feeling cooler because the sun is beating down on it but its something my mom would make me do as a kid.

Brushing teeth


Lately I have been having a hard time brushing my daughters top teeth. All the other teeth and tongue she willingly lets me brush and will brush herself but that top row of teeth didn’t seem to be getting the same kinda of treatment. I didn’t want brushing your teeth time to become a bad experience, there’s nothing worst than  not having brushed teeth! & that’s exactly the road we were headed. I would have to almost have her in some kinda of headlock while I brushed the one neglected row. We would take turns brushing so that she could do it herself and I could make sure it was done right.
Finally I decided not to fight and try to use a wet wash cloth with toothpaste. It worked! I brushed all her teeth front and back top to bottom with no problem! I wasn’t sure if it was the best thing but I couldn’t go without my daughter brushing! I talked to my mom about my problem I was having and she suggested using an electric toothbrush. She thought the only problem we might have been the bristles hitting her gums and how they might be sensitive since her teeth weren’t getting brushed correctly or because of the irritation. For 3 dollars I was willing to try it! That day we headed to the store and purchased a Diego & Dora electric toothbrush. Emery loves the characters so she was pretty excited to try it out. After her bath I turned it on and she was taken back at first with the noise and how it moved. I wasn’t sure she would let me but this moving loud thing in her mouth but she did and before i knew it that impossible top row of teeth was getting cleaned! She didn’t want to stop brushing so I let her go at it for a while.
Our next little hill to concur is spitting out the toothpaste. I’ve shown her how to spit into a little towel when her mouth it full but before I put the towel up to her mouth she swallows!
That was this weeks big issue, glad it’s solved for the most part. Tell me how the experience had been for you!

Songs for your loved one


As I sit here tired and breathing like im in labor, I can’t help to think back to my pregnancy with Emery and the new challenges of today. When Emery was a tiny little baby in my arms I would sing her a song I made up. It was nothing I planned but it came out as I tried soothing her to sleep. I still sing it to her when im being loving with her or trying to get her to calm down when shes sick. Since that moment there’s been lots of songs that I’ve sung to her, our little songs. Before she was here I created a playlist with easy going music – Fiona Apple, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sade & Coldplay to name a few artist.

I think its special to have songs your child relates to or that comforts them while growing up. Two songs I’ve dedicated to her is Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns N’ Roses and Wild Thing because shes my wild child. So when things of these songs I wonder what songs will this new baby have? Is there anything else out there or have I used the best songs for my first? I know I think this way now because I dont know what to expect but as it happened with Emery a song will come to my heart and one already out there will play a tune just perfect for him/her.

Until then I wont press the issue and feel the need to have “our song”. I’ll just try to relax until baby is here and have one on one time with my little wild child Emery.