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2016 A Year In Review

2016 A Year In Review

As with every year 2016 gave us many surprises and much growth.


January Carlos turned 3 & we celebrated in San Jose at the Children’s Museum with an old friend of mine & Carlos’ Nina.


February I celebrated turning 31 at Disneyland with Victor. Thank you Victor for the fun & the memories & thank you Mom for watching the kids!


Victor started a new job for the county in March & we are all very proud of him

After my birthday trip I decided to change my life and have been on a weight loss / healthy life plan that will continue into the new year.


Carlos started gymnastics in March


Emery had a Disney themed birthday party at home, with her kinder friends from school


Emery & Carlos loved being over at Grandma Yvette’s this summer for swimming. Carlos got braved this year and learned to jump in, sometimes before mommy could get to the side to grab him, but that brave boy jumped in with his life jacket (in the shallow end) & would pop up out of the water so happy. & I would panic about it every time.

Victor celebrated his 13th birthday with a family road trip. It was the longest we have went on & we traveled 3 states. All the kids were 100% perfect! Not one complaint from Mommy or Daddy. Now we are looking into more road trips in the future.



The Hoover Dam



The Grand Canyon



Historic Route 66


Victor started 8th grade & Emery started 1st grade

I continued volunteering at Emery’s school


Emery has decided not to further her gymnastics & wants to try Ballet or Hip Hop Dancing in 2017


Carlos has decided to grow his hair out. He says he wants it cut on his birthday but as that day approaches it doesn’t seem likely. Mommy & Daddy love his long hair.




After trick – or – treating so not everyone is in full costume. Aunty Serenity & Aunty Destiny stopped by to have some treats with us.





Spent the day at Great Grandma Mary & Great Papa Joe’s house¬†

2016 Family photo


Meet Diego our newest pet. Not featured is our wonderful rabbit who doesn’t like to be held.

Christmas Eve was spent at Great Grandma & Grandpa’s house playing family board games and karaoke.

Christmas Day is of course and extra special event in our house hold with Victor’s birthday being the same day. We had lots of goodies and hung out with the family.

We have many wishes and goals for the up coming year!
Goodbye 2016 & hello to another year! See you all in the New Year.

Don’t forget to watch some of these adventures & many more on our YouTube




Back to school mantle

Back to school mantle

Often I make our fireplace mantle change for the season or holiday but I never blog about it. I’m going to change that and start sharing my mantle creations on here maybe to inspire others or if nothing else to share the fun I have creating my mantle master pieces.

2015-07-25 19.17.35
The school year is approaching fast and before the holiday’s catch up with us I wanted to pump up the kids for the new school year. We now have a middle schooler and a kinder kid in the house and those are two big transformations that they will have to get use to.

I went to Michaels to get loom for the crayon wreath, I needed two different size embroidery hoops that I hot glued together (the top thick wood parts with the screws) and bought two packs of 120 crayola crayons to ensure I had enough crayons for the wreath. At my discretion I spaced them out in the correct color spectrum. I ended up only getting to red, orange, yellow and green not even using blue, indigo or violet.

snap chatting my project

snap chatting my project. Hot glued the crayons to the hoops. I found it easier to place the crayon quickly on the hoop where I wanted it and then place to dots and glue it down.

Originally I had planned to add cute cut outs with my Cricut machine, but once the wreath was done I loved it the way it was.

Hung with a measuring ribbon and the rest hangs down in a bow.

Hung with a measuring ribbon and the rest hangs down in a bow.

I had an idea of how I wanted the mantle to turn out, I just needed to find a few accessories at the stores if I could. To my surprise I didn’t find what I needed at Michaels, and now that I think about it I might have been too early in the season for back to school supplies who knows. Next door I made a Target run and “glanced” in the dollar aisle (its my weakness), to my absolute surprise and utter joy¬†Target had a few great back to school decorating items. I’m sure I looked like a kid in a candy store with a million dollars to spend. Each find made me happier than the next. My at home ideas went out the door and my cart was full of new ideas.

The kids and I grabbed a world map and I used this as an opportunity to illustrate the path that their Dad traveled while he was in the Navy on his deployments.

Dad has been around the world twice.

Dad has been around the world twice.

The glass jars were filled with stamps and scissors and the book ends held some children books, while on the other end an apple chalk board counts the days until school starts.

20150725_142733 (1)

And last but not least the garland has a positive message for the kids to read daily and absorb before the school year begins.

Stay focus!

Stay focused!